Morning Glory – The Importance of Morning Wood

Morning glory, when more than the sun has risen. What are we talking about? Morning wood, or morning erections. Do you realise how important they are and what they say about your overall health? Waking up with an erection is the sign of a healthy body. It’s telling you that everything down there is in perfect working order.

Did you know you have multiple erections throughout the night? You’ll most likely only be aware of the one you wake up with. The exact reason, or purpose for these erections is not totally known. What we do know is that it is thought that the purpose of these multiple erections throughout the night is to flush the body of toxins. Over time harmful toxins can build up the penis and groin area and over time this can damage the blood vessels in the penis and effect erection strength and over all sexual functionality.

morning erections

Waking up with an erection is a fantastic sign, did you know it is a great indicator of your penile health and a great way of knowing how your penile health will be in years to come. They do have the saying use it or lose it – essentially by training and working out you can maintain or even enhance what you already have. This is great news for guys just like you.

Do you have an erection every morning?

If not you may be suffering from erectile dysfunction issues when trying to have sex or masturbate. For those of you who have no sexual dysfunction issues whatsoever stick around. This information is valuable to everybody.

By understanding the way the penis works we can help work on any issues you may be experiencing. For those of you suffering with erectile dysfunction or those of you looking to protect your penile health for years to come the approach and techniques are much the same. Introducing jelqing techniques and a water based penis pumps you will essentially mimic the natural actions the body does to take care of itself. By flushing nutrient rich blood into the penile chambers and surrounding tissue you will be protecting your sexual health for many years.

Both jelqing and using a water based penis pump will mimic the erections you experience through the night in a safe and controlled manner. This is going to flush harmful toxins from the body and keep things ticking over just nicely.

If you are wanting to increase the strength of your erections and the size along with the amount of time you can stay erect for then you have come to the right place. We are World leaders in our field and our results speak for themselves. With have won countless adult industry awards over the years and our range is constantly expanding.

morning erections

Using one of our award winning hydropumps is one of the best things you can do when it comes to erection strength. Jelqing, using a power ring and diet will all play a part in your ability to gain and maintain an erection. By paying attention to all of these things you can go from being an average lover to somebody who leaves both themselves and their sexual partner completely satisfied every time.

Penis pumps

Water based penis pumps work by harnessing the power of water. By using a penis pump to exercise your penis in a natural way you can enhance what you already have. The same way we can go to a gym and work on our fitness levels and overall strength we can do daily penile health exercises the keep us on the best of form. It is what can set you apart from the next guy. The entire Bathmate range of pumps can be used effectively in less than 15 minutes and fit right into your daily hygiene routine.


Jelqing can be done without using any props, its handy to have some lubricant laying around if you aren’t performing your jelqing exercises in the shower or bath. The less friction between your hand and the shaft of the penis the better – this ensures a fluid stroking motion as you perform each jelq. From an ok grip and work your hand from the base of your penis (towards your pubic bone) to the glans. Don’t jelq with a full erection and for maximum results use a specialist serum like Max Out.

morning erections

An erection can happen involuntary when you are asleep, an erection occurs when there is a sudden increase in blood into the penile chambers causing your flaccid penis to become erect – there is thought to be a link between these erections and REM sleep. Waking up with an erection is a good sign of high testosterone levels, good blood supply and circulation. By using natural therapy techniques you can take it to the next level and work towards ensuring your penile health for years to come.

If you are using any of these techniques to gain and maintain an erection, drinking this natural juice can work wonders on your ability to perform. Your diet can have multiple effects on your body and plays a part in overall penile health. When using a penis pump roll a power ring onto the base of the penis after you have exercised to keep all that nutrient rich blood exactly where you need it, remember to take off cock rings at regular intervals during sexual play.

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