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Taboo or Not Taboo? That is the Question

Is shopping for sex toys with your partner something you do or have considered doing? Years ago sex toys were not something that was talked about openly and if they were it was mainly by women, amongst friends.

Thankfully attitudes have begun to change and more and more guys and girls are talking frequently about their purchases and what their favourite toys are.

We sell sex toy products to both men and women but what about shopping for adult toys together? Taboo or not taboo – that is the question!

shopping for sex toys together

We have found that those who play together, stay together. Now when considering something like a cock pump you will need a certain level of discretion and to approach the conversation in the correct manner especially if you are suggesting one for your partner. It’s easy to be caught up in the whole conversation over the size of his manhood, truth is, penis pumps are way more than just enlargement devices. The entire range of Bathmate cock pumps can be used in both air and water, they are the safest and most powerful pumps on the market. A penis pump is used to increase blood flow and circulation giving the user harder, stronger erections that last for longer. This is great news for the both of you! The Bathmate routine will also look after your overall penile health and help with sexual dysfunctions such as erectile dysfunction. Whilst buying something like a penis pump may not be the number 1 thing on your Christmas list, once tried it will certainly become the number 1 toy in your sex life.

Sex toys can be enjoyed during solo play or with a partner, for the guys – enhancing what you already have in a safe, controlled and natural way can set you apart from the crowd. We have pumps and potions designed especially for you. Jelqing with Max Out Jelqing enhancement serum alongside your pumping routine will maximise those gains so you get everything out of your Bathmate products.

You Jelq by forming an ok grip and massaging the penis in a stroking motion. It’s a great exercise to do from beginners to intermediates, it’s free and can be done whenever you have a few spare moments to yourself. Enhancing what you have in a fast and effective manner will boost erection strength and give you a huge boost in self-esteem. You can view our guide to Jelqing here or alternatively see how you measure up against other guys here.

shopping for sex toys together

Having an open dialogue with your partner and shopping together with make your relationship stronger as you explore and fulfil each other’s sexual desires, when it comes to the ladies our world’s first fully waterproof IPX7 rated bullet vibrator is definitely the one, the next time you run your partner a romantic candlelit bubble bath have the USB rechargeable bullet vibe on hand. Watch her go wild as waves of orgasmic pleasure take over her body as you play together. Pleasing your woman should please you and introducing the Bathmate bullet vibe is a sure fire way to fulfil her needs.

If you are shopping together you may want to turn your attentions to toys that you can both enjoy at the same time, something like the Bathmate tickle ticks all the boxes. It’s designed to hit the desired spot every time and can be worn facing upwards or downwards depending on whether you would like to stimulate the testicles or the clitoris. With a small but powerful 3 speed bullet you’ll never have mundane sex ever again.

shopping for sex toys together

Buying sex toys together is one way to ensure you get exactly what you want, why not go for a few drinks or a romantic meal together before hitting the shops or doing some online research? It’s fun, exciting and will get even the stalest relationship feeling fresh and ultimately back on track!

You may feel that bringing up the whole subject of sex toys might be difficult – Fellas why not ease into the topic it by discussing your favourite lingerie your lady wears for you? Ladies, why not bring up the fact that more and more options are available for guys meaning more pleasure for the both of you!

Why not visit the official website and take a look around we have a toy for everyone. For those of you considering one of our award winning hydropumps but are unsure on which model would best suit your needs we have a handy size calculator which will point you in the right direction, alternatively you can email our support team here

Christmas Shipping Information

With the festive period in full swing and Christmas shopping at the top of our priority list we thought we would take a second to let you know about our shipping dates and availability over the Christmas period and into the new year.

If you would like to receive your goods in time for Christmas day you will need to order by the 17th of December, our last day of shipping will be the 21st of December. Normal service will resume on the 2nd of January 2019.

christmas shipping dates

Christmas is a time that should be spent with families and loved ones giving gifts and having fun. If you are thinking of purchasing one of our incredible products for a loved one we thought we would break down some of the features and benefits to our hottest selling products to help you make up your mind.

The Hydromax penis pump

Our mid-range penis pump is the gift that keeps on giving, got a special guy in your life? Then this will change his life for the better, forever. Complete with a removable comfort pad and super flow latch valve system this water based penis pump will give its user bigger, harder erections that last longer. A fantastic male enhancement pump that will keep the penis in tip top shape. A win win for both you and your partner.

The HydroVibe

An absolute game changer in the world of penis enlargement and hydrotherapy techniques. This changes a comfortable pumping experience into a sexual one, waves of pleasure will pass through the nerve endings in the tip of the penis right through your body as you take your Bathmate routine to the next level. With 2 waterproof vibrating bullets attached to your Hydropump it’s an experience you will want to last forever.

Vibe rings

One for you both to enjoy, with 4 to choose from the Bathmate vibe ring redefines everything you thought you knew about cock rings. With a USB rechargeable 3 speed vibrating unit and 4 ground breaking designs to choose from there really is a ring for every user. Designed to make sex last longer and feel more pleasurable this is a sure fire way to ignite the spark in the bedroom over the festive period.

christmas shipping dates

Vibe bullet

For the ladies we have the world’s first IPX7 rated fully waterproof vibrating bullet. This means you can introduce water to your sexual play. Whether solo play or with your partner having waves of pleasure wash over your body as you get closer and closer to climax will change the way you masturbate forever. Quiet, waterproof and rechargeable – Bathmate have reinvented the bullet vibrator into everything it can be. Users have hailed the Bathmate bullet vibe as the best on the market and its easy to see why.

Max out

Max out is the world’s first jelqing enhancement serum, new to jelqing? We have a full guide on how to jelq for beginners here. Jelqing has been around for hundreds of years and involves the man massaging nutrient rich blood around the shaft of the penis using an ok grip. It is thought these Exercises can help with erectile dysfunction, size, erection strength and more. Max out was specially formulated with this is mind and includes natural ingredients with incredible health benefits.

christmas shipping dates

Hopefully this bite size information makes your decision to buy a Bathmate product easier. Full information on all our products are available from the official website here. When it comes to sex toys we strive to provide you with the best quality products at affordable prices. Using skin safe materials our state of the art FDA inspected factory sits right here in the UK. We pride ourselves on being specialists when it comes to sexual health and pleasure, why not give someone the gift of a lifetime this year?

Your health is everything and a good sex life will benefit your overall health. Sex releases feel good chemicals and is a great way to stay in shape, sleep better and release stress. Bathmate products enhance what you already have in a safe and natural way.

Life in confidence, just add water.

8 Orgasmic Sexual Positions you Need to Try

Being male enhancement specialists and makers of the world’s first IPX7 rated fully waterproof and USB rechargeable vibrating bullet we are well aware of how important an incredible sex life is to you.

Sex is a healthy part adult of life and lots of wonderful benefits, from the calories you burn during your pleasure fuelled workout to the overall sense of well-being sex can be a great way to not only stay in shape but to de-stress from the day to day hassles in everyday life.


We have looked at the best positions based on performance, penis shape and size before but with the romantic nature of the festive season we find ourselves in we thought we would bring you a definitive list including some of the best known and more familiar positions to the downright and well quite frankly kinky, more experimental positions. Why not tally up how many of the top 8 sex positions you have already tried and see how your friends score.

1 Missionary – one point each! Missionary sex will be well known to most of you, the man places himself on top of the woman whilst they engage in vaginal sexual intercourse. Whilst pretty mild when it comes to getting it on the intimacy provided whilst facing each other may heighten the sensation for both of you.

missionary position image

2 Doggystyle – the Doggystyle position will provide the guy with the ultimate view whilst having the potential to provide more pleasure to the woman, especially when she engages with men who have a slightly curved penis. Doggystyle involves the female facing away on all fours whilst the male penetrates from behind.

doggy style image bathmate blog

3 The spoon – a great way to enjoy morning sex aaand avoid morning breathe! Waking up with an erection is a great sign of a healthy body with good blood flow and circulation – so why waste it? With both partners laying on their side in the spooning position you can engage in wonderful morning sex and start the day off in the best possible way.

4 Capricorn – No, we’re not talking star signs or tarot cards! To perform this position the guy sits down with his legs apart and the girl gets on all fours facing away, the guy can grab the girl’s buttocks and guide them both towards earth shattering orgasms. A great experimental position for those of you who wanting to up the ante ever so slightly.

5 The lotus flower – Now this may sound new – but you have probably already tried it, if you haven’t we’ll explain how you can participate in the lotus positon now, have the guy sit cross legged on the floor – now lower yourself onto the guy wrapping your legs around his pelvic region and your arms around his chest. It’s exciting and intimate – plus a little experimental for anyone wanting to try something new.


6 The waterfall – total head rush! Stimulating because not only will the nutrient rich blood rush to the tip of your penis keeping your guy super hard it will also hit your head too, this will alter the sensations you feel at climax giving you incredible orgasms. Probably a position for the healthier and more nimble guys it involves the guy moving his back towards the edge of the bed before leaning totally back off the edge, the woman can then straddle the midriff of the guy that remains on the bed. Very experimental and very naughty!

7 The love seat – the love seat can provide extra stimulation to the G spot, so a great position for the ladies – it’s like Doggystyle but for the women, it gives them complete control over the situation. The guy sits upright on the bed or on a chair allowing the woman to face away and back up, arch her back and push her buttocks into the guys groin area. A great way for the guy to give up control during sexual interactions.

8 Get a leg over – great for outdoors sex or general quickies – you both stand up and the girl raises one leg and wraps it around the guy’s buttocks and pulls him close. Can get pretty tiring pretty quickly but done right it will hit the spot for both of you every time. It’s an amazing position for the ladies as she will have control over angle and thrusting – great for the guys as they support their woman in her leading role. Pros – ease of penetration, cons – takes skill and lots of energy!

Are you thinking of introducing any of these positions into your sex life? Experimenting with toys together is also a brilliant way to bring you closer to each other as you explore your bodies in a totally new away. Pleasure is everything and can help form the strongest bond between couples.

With a healthy sex life you will most probably have a happy home. Do something romantic – Christmas is just around the corner so there is no time like the present. Show each other how much you care and give them the time of their life, pick one of the positons off the list and have some fun together!

Make time for each other, set the scene and try cooking your partner’s favourite meal. Finish a perfect evening together in the best possible way, in the bedroom…


Taking part in Decembeard is very simple, on the 30th November enjoy a nice clean shave. Throughout the whole month of December, let the facial fuzz grow free and fundraise for research into the treatment of bowel cancer. For those who already have a beard, you can join the fun by changing the shape, length, style or colour of your beard.

The campaign has been organised by Bowel Cancer UK, a leading charity who provide expert information, support and funding into ground breaking treatments and research.

what is decembeard

Why should I fundraise for Bowel Cancer UK?

Bowel cancer is a term for cancer that originates in the large bowel. Depending on where it starts, bowel cancer can sometimes be referred to as colon or rectal cancer. Bowel cancer is one of the most third most common cancer diagnosed in men and affects approximately 40,000 people a year in the United Kingdom. Most people diagnosed with bowel cancer are over the age of 60. However, this also affects people who are younger.

Because bowel cancer symptoms are centred around the back passage, or your bottom, this can prevent people from seeking treatment. However, the earlier you seek treatment, the greater your chances of survival. By taking part in Decembeard and fundraising for charities like Bowel Cancer UK, the money goes to helping educate people about the symptoms of bowel cancer, funding research into better treatments and saving lives.

What are the causes of bowel cancer?

The causes of bowel cancer aren’t exactly known. However, there are some factors that may increase your risk of getting the disease. There are:

• Age – Most bowels cancers occur in people over the age of 60.
• Diet – A low fibre diet which is high in red or processed meat can increase your risk of developing bowel cancer.
• Weight – People who are overweight have a higher risk of developing bowel cancer.
• Inactivity – Lack of exercise increases your risk of developing bowel cancer.
• Drinking and smoking can increase your risk of developing bowel cancer.
• Family history – Having an immediate relative such as a mother, father, brother or sister who developed bowel cancer under the age of 50 may mean that you have a higher chance of developing the cancer. However, genetic screening may be offered to you to help manage this risk, so please speak to your GP.

What are the symptoms of bowel cancer?

The symptoms of bowel cancer can be embarrassing and this may stop people for seeking help sooner. Similarly, not all rectal cancer symptoms actually mean cancer and may be a symptom of something a little less sinister. For ease of reference, the symptoms may include:

• Blood in your poo
• Narrow stools
• Going for a poo more often
• Looser or harder poos
• Straining or feeling like you still need to ‘go’ after having a poo
• Stomach pain or bloating
• Unexplained weight loss or nausea
• Unexplained fatigue

If the symptoms persist over three weeks, you should contact your doctor. If you see blood in your poo, you should always contact your doctor and make an appointment to see him.

what is decembeard

Diagnosing Bowel cancer

It is important to seek help with rectal cancer symptoms as quickly as possible to ensure that you have the best chances of survival. Furthermore, please bear in mind that having symptoms doesn’t always mean that you do have cancer, but this will need to be ruled out. You GP will conduct further investigations to establish the cause of your symptoms and ensure that you receive the best treatment.

Firstly, your GP will ask about the symptoms that you are experiencing, your medical history and may need to conduct an examination. A rectal examination involves your GP gently inserting a gloved finger into your rectum to feel or any swellings or lumps.

You may be asked to have a blood test to check your general health and provide a sample of your poo. The sample will be sent off to a laboratory and tested for any ‘hidden’ blood that you may have missed. If your GP shares your concerns about bowel cancer, they will refer to a consultant who specialises in diseases of the large bowel for further tests, and if required, treatment.

Can I prevent bowel cancer?

Some people also have an increased risk of bowel cancer because they have another condition, such as extensive ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s disease. There are other risks that cannot be changed such as a person’s age or family history of bowel cancer. However, research has shown that there are several ways that you can lower your chances of developing the condition. These are:

• Eating a high fibre diet with lots of fruit and vegetables. Experts recommend eating at least two servings of fruit, five servings of
vegetables and lots of wholegrain foods every day.
• Reduce saturated fats and eat less red meat. Charred food can also increase the risk of developing bowel cancer so enjoy barbecues in
• Regular exercise has been shown to lower the risk of developing bowel cancer. Experts recommend at least thirty minutes’ exercise for
at least five days a week.
• Giving up smoking can also help to reduce your chances of developing bowel cancer. Smokers are also more likely to die from bowel
cancer too.
• Reduce your alcohol intake. Experts recommend having two alcohol free days a week and sticking to one drink a day for women and two
drinks a day for men.

what is decembeard?

Getting involved with Decembeard

For those hoping to get involved with Decembeard and help to raise month for this very worthy cause. Bowel Cancer UK are urging participants to sign up on their website and receive a free fundraising pack. Each pack contains fundraising tips, beard growing styles and posters to help your friends and family to get involved.

Happy fundraising!

World AIDS Day

As the film Bohemian Rhapsody gathers critical acclaim, it is hard to forget that last week saw the 27th year since the death of Freddie Mercury. The legendary musician passed away after a bravely fought battle with HIV and AIDS. Freddie Mercury wasn’t alone either.

AIDs has reportedly been around since the 1920’s. However, acquired immune deficiency syndrome was first recognised in 1982 after a series of unusual deaths. When the AIDS epidemic first began in the 1980’s, almost all of the people diagnosed with the condition died. Whilst this is no longer the case, people around the world are still dying from the disease at an alarming rate.

world aids day

What is AIDS?

Sometimes known as ‘the last stage of HIV,’ AIDS is a set of symptoms caused by the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). A person is said to have contacted AIDS when their immune system is left too weak to fight off infection. A set of symptoms and illnesses make up AIDS which if left untreated, usually leads to death.

However, it is important to note that with the correct treatment, people living with HIV can live relatively normal lives. Therefore, it is important to have regular HIV and STI tests, especially if you have had unprotected sex. The government estimates that there may be up to 11,000 undiagnosed cases of HIV in the United Kingdom, which if left untreated, can lead to AIDS.

What are the symptoms of HIV and AIDS?

Symptoms of AIDS are caused by the deterioration of the immune system and the loss of the infection-fighting cells called the CD4 cells. As soon as HIV enters the body, the virus begins to destroy these cells.

Some common symptoms of HIV include:

• Long lasting diarrhoea (usually more than a week)
• Dry cough
• Memory loss, depression and neurological disorders
• Pneumonia
• Unexplained tiredness
• Rapid weight loss
• Recurring fever or night sweats
• Red, brown, pink or purplish blotches on or under the skin or inside the mouth, nose or eyelids.
• Swollen lymph glands in the armpits, groin or neck
• White spots or unusual blemishes on the tongue, mouth or throat

world aids day

AIDS usually occurs when a series of opportunistic infections take advantage of the hosts weakened immune system. These infections are unable to affect a healthy person, but are able to take advantage the weakened immunity of someone with HIV. As soon as HIV enters the body, it sets about attacking the CD4 cells which are key cells in the fight against infection.

Symptoms of opportunistic infections common with AIDS include the following. However, this list is not exhaustive:

• Coughing and shortness of breath
• Difficulty swallowing
• Extreme, unexplained fatigue
• Fever
• Neurological symptoms such as confusion and forgetfulness
• Nausea, stomach cramps and vomiting
• Seizures and lack of coordination
• Severe, persistent diarrhoea
• Severe headaches
• Vision loss
• Weight loss

According to UNAIDS, there were approximately 36.9 million people worldwide living with HIV/AIDS last year. Of these, 1.8 million people were under the age of fifteen. The organisation also estimated that 1.8 million individuals worldwide became newly infected with HIV in 2017. This equates to approximately 5,000 new infections every day, and it is simply unacceptable.

World AIDS Day

If you’re as shocked as we are about these figures, there are things that you can do to help. AIDS is a disease that does not discriminate, everyone is at risk whether you are man, woman, child and whatever your sexuality. In the 1980’s, people were led to believe that HIV and AIDS only affected gay men and those who shared needles. It was misleading information such as this, which cost lives.

For those who want to help, World AIDS Day began in 1988 and was the world’s first ever global health day. Taking place on the 1st December every year, this aids awareness day seeks to unite the world in the fight against HIV and AIDS whilst also commemorating those who have lost their lives. The event also seeks to end stigma by inviting people to show their support of those living with the condition by wearing a red HIV awareness ribbon on the day.

world aids day

Helping to end HIV and AIDS stigma

Elton John famously said that the biggest obstacle to curing HIV and AIDS was stigma. By this, he argues that the AIDS epidemic was fuelled by hate, misinformation, ignorance and indifference. By blaming homosexuals, people argue that their ‘immoral’ lives led to their untimely demise. However, since time has moved on, thankfully, many people know that this is certainly not the case. Since the AIDS epidemic began, around 30 million people have lost their lives, and despite incredible leaps in medication, this number is continuing to rise. I recently spoke to a man who was living with a HIV diagnosis. He lost friends, family and even work through his diagnosis. However, one of the turning points for him in the fight against HIV stigma was Princess Diana.

At a time when some medical professionals were refusing to serve meals to patients infected with HIV, Princess Diana broke boundaries in 1987 when she removed her gloves and took the hand of an AIDS patient. Today, this would hardly be considered remarkable. However, at a time of great fear, this act of compassion showed that HIV and AIDS could not be transmitted by touch. In short, Princess Diana used her public image to dispel the irrational fears that people had about the virus. She also showed that love and acceptance was the way to end the fight against this deadly virus.

‘How can I help?’ I hear you ask, ‘I am hardly Princess Diana!’

This is true. However, by showing love and acceptance to those living with HIV and AIDS, we are telling people that it is okay to talk about their diagnosis. A person’s HIV status is absolutely their business. However, those who do want to share it should feel able to do so without stigma and hate. The more people that we have talking about HIV and AIDS, the better we are to educate ourselves about the virus, the ways that we can prevent the spread of the virus and the different types of medication and treatments available.

On World AIDS Day, please wear your red ribbon with pride and let’s join together to show acceptance and love to those living with AIDS. After all, what better way to end shame, than with love.

End the spread of HIV

Scientific advances mean that those with HIV can lead relatively normal lives, and on the right medication, won’t pass the virus on to anyone else. However, these treatments can be expensive to those in countries where treatment has to be self-funded. By donating to World AIDS Day, you can help towards the cost of funding of new treatments and support those who are living with AIDS.

Show off your Package this Christmas?

With the holiday season rapidly heading in, why not treat yourself to something that really makes a difference? With completely free, discreet worldwide shipping for all of our hydropumps, you can be sure of total confidentiality and real results when you shop with Bathmate.

Whether you’re hanging out the tinsel or completely avoiding festive songs, we’re just a few weeks away from Christmas. As we get ready to wrap up presents for under the tree, it can be difficult to avoid spoiling the surprise – how do you wrap a bike without giving the game away? When it comes to more personal products, discretion is even more important.

While you might not be planning on putting it under the tree, whenever you buy from the official Bathmate website, you can be completely sure that no one except you will know what’s in your order. Absolutely everything we ship is packaged completely discreetly, while invoices are charged to a completely ordinary company name – you’re not going to see ‘Bathmate penis enlargement device’ or anything similar on your card bill.

That’s not the only advantage you’ll get when it comes to shipping from Bathmate. Wherever you’re located in the world, from America to Zambia, delivery for your hydropump is completely free (though as a UK company, there’s certain countries we legally can’t sell to). Through our worldwide distribution centres, we make sure that your Bathmate is delivered as soon as possible, starting off your personal enhancement journey as soon as possible.

bathmate penis pumps

Not sure what a hydropump actually is, or what it means for you?

Simply put, Bathmate’s unique hydropumps are the absolute best way to improve penis size, erection quality, and sexual confidence. Yes, they really work – just ask the million-plus worldwide customers who’ve benefited from using one. A hydropump won’t give you an instant improvement (nor will any other option – don’t trust miracle treatments), but it provides a powerful, genuinely effective exercise regime for building up gains over time.

You don’t have to trust us or our fans. We offer absolutely every Bathmate customer a chance to see the effects for themselves. When you buy from the official Bathmate store, you’ll have 60 days after purchase to test your pump. If you’re not satisfied for any reason, just get in touch and send your pump back for a complete refund, no questions asked. But what results do our hydropumps actually have? We’ve explored a few of the key benefits of a Bathmate routine below:

bathmate penis pumps

Improved Length: By regularly using a Bathmate, you’ll be able to significantly increase the length of your penis. Essentially, the vacuum created by a hydropump exercises the muscles in the penis, while the gentle pressure of the warm water relaxes penile tissue, improving flexibility and resulting in major, lasting gains. While results vary based on the individual, users can expect to see significant, noticeable and lasting growth, particularly with the 92% satisfaction rate of our Hydromax collection.

Wider Girth: While many people think that length is all that matters when it comes to sex, that’s really not the case. For many, a girthier penis is far more satisfying than a long one, with the larger girth ensuring that more of the sensitive regions are stimulated. One of the most immediately apparent effects of a Bathmate routine is an enhanced girth, with a huge percentage of our users experiencing this before any other changes.

Better Erections: As part of our unique hydropump design, Bathmate pumps draw a significant amount of blood into the penis. This results in a harder and larger erection (perfect if you’re using a Bathmate before sex), while fighting back against the effects of erectile dysfunction. This improved hardness means far more intense, pleasurable sex for you and your partner.

Improved Stamina: Bathmate doesn’t stop at giving you larger, more powerful erections. The natural effects of our hydropumps help you improve sexual stamina, with erections lasting longer than ever.

Maximised Confidence: It’s a proven fact that being more comfortable with your body means being more confident in and out of bed, especially when it comes to intimate areas. By taking complete control of your penile health, you’ll see a dramatic improvement in your confidence, helping you achieve a whole lot more.

bathmate penis pumps

We don’t just sell hydropumps at Bathmate. Over the years, we’ve hugely expanded our range to include a full selection of Better Sex toys. Whether you’re looking for an ultra-powerful, totally waterproof vibrator, cock rings for heightening your pleasure (one of our best-reviewed options), or some other exciting ways to make sex unforgettable, our Better Sex collection has something for you!

Right now, our team’s putting the finishing touches on some exciting, all-new toys! While we’re keeping the details tightly under wraps for now, expect some real excitement from Bathmate early next year. To make sure you don’t miss out on powerful new products and exclusive offers, why not subscribe to our blog mailing list?

Top 4 Diets that Actually Work

Finding the right kind of diet can be quite difficult, you need to find something that works for you as an individual. We all live different types of lifestyle so finding a diet that fits in with your lifestyle will make it easier for you to succeed.

Depending on what you want from your diet will also affect the type of diet you choose and how it will work for you. We have covered healthy living before and one thing we are aware of is that not every diet will work for every person that try’s it.

We thought we would highlight a few diets based on lifestyle rather than pushing yourself to the limit and not actually enjoying yourself in the slightest. When your diet fits into your lifestyle and the way you want to live your life you will find it so much easier to succeed and become healthier.

diets that work

First you need to look at what you are wanting to get from your diet. Is this something you are doing to get fit and healthy or is it a drastic way for you to lose weight in the shortest possible time? For people undertaking diets for the latter, you will find it difficult to maintain and stick with your diet plus you are probably putting your health at risk. A diet should be something that fits into your day to day schedule and is done under controlled circumstances.

People feel under pressure more and more these days to fit in, with the images portrayed on social media it’s easy to see why people feel under so much pressure that they should have the body of a Victoria’s Secret model. For a diet to work out for you take a look at your body type, lifestyle and what you would like to achieve.

Are you looking into dieting for the right reasons and are you approaching your potential diet in the right way? Looking at body type and food types is a great way to start and incorporating exercise alongside your diet will garner the best results.

diets that work

Let’s look at some of the most popular diets

The Atkins diet – so this one is more of a nutritional approach and requires you to control the amount of carbohydrates you intake in order to control the amount of insulin you produce. This essentially allows you to eat all the protein and fat as you like whilst avoiding carbohydrates – sounds good right? Well it does come with its own risks so make sure you do thorough research and talk to a health profession before you begin a diet like this.

Ketogenic – this diet also includes lowering carbohydrate intake and upping the levels of fats that you eat. This will make your body burn fat as a fuel instead of carbohydrates by choosing to eat what is known as a healthy fat you will maintain the emphasis on fat burning. Healthy fats include foods like, coconuts, oily fish, Brazil nuts and avocado’s.

Weight watchers – weight watchers have been around for a very long time. For the older generation we will remember our mums talking about this new weight loss craze that came about in the 1960s but really took off in the late 80s early 90s. It was a diet, exercise and support network. Part of its success was down to its accessibility and you can still attend meetings either online or in person to this day.

Vegetarian – studies and research has shown that vegetarians tend to have a lower body weight and suffer from less infections and diseases – it is even thought they have a longer life expectancy than those who eat meat. Although there is a number of different categories vegetarians will fall into most will still choose to eat foods such as dairy, honey and eggs. Sounds pretty good to us!

diets that work

Your diet needs to fit into your day to day schedule and your routine, so what type of diet will best suit your needs?

Busy professionals

Your busy, like really busy – we get it, you have active lifestyles and need fuel on the go. Your body will need energy to keep up this fast pace of living, your lifestyle dictates this. Fast food is available on every corner but is it possible to eat healthy on the go? First things first. Don’t skip breakfast – you’ll be less inclined to give into temptation on the way to work! Stay hydrated – water is extremely important to overall good health. Make healthy decisions – it is possible to get a healthy alternative to burgers and pizzas at most fast food outlets nowadays and there is also a multitude of vegan and vegetarian options available for those that need to eat on the move.

Retired people

When you are retired you may have more time on your hands to take care of yourself and eat well. You may have special dietary requirements that need to be met, eating well as you get older may mean having foods such as carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables. Eating foods packed with vitamins and minerals will help you keep in tip top form alongside things like regular exercise. It would benefit you to discuss your diet with your GP if you have any concerns or notice any sudden changes in your body. Having a little more time on your hands ensures you can prep meals and make sure you are getting the right kind of fuel.

Are Men Dying of Embarrassment?

When it comes to men’s health we pride ourselves on being advocates of charity’s, support networks and movements that promote various issues from mental to physical health in men. We recognise that men may find it more difficult to visit a doctor or health professional because they are expected to “man up” or just “get on with things.”

When it comes to physical health they may even be guilty of ignoring early warning signs or just expecting whatever it is to go away in its own time.

prostate cancer symptoms

Are men dying of embarrassment?

One of the largest killers of men worldwide is prostate cancer, it is thought one of the reasons for this is men feel embarrassed when it comes to getting checked out. A prostate check can feel pretty intrusive but we can guarantee you that the health professionals performing these checks will have done it countless times in the past and most certainly won’t be judging you. It’s very important threats to your health like prostate cancer are caught early. Spotting the signs early can be difficult so let’s take a look at some potential symptoms of prostate cancer…

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms and signs it would be a good idea to book an appointment at your GP and discuss them with your Dr to rule out any possibility of prostate cancer.

Frequent urination

Weak or interrupted urine flow or the need to strain to empty the bladder

The urge to urinate frequently at night

Blood in the urine

Blood in the seminal fluid

New onset of erectile dysfunction

Pain or burning during urination, which is much less common

Discomfort or pain when sitting, caused by an enlarged prostate

This information was taken from which includes doctor approved patient information and can be found in full here

prostate cancer symptoms

What next?

Having one or more of these symptoms does not automatically mean you have prostate cancer, try not to panic. The first thing you need to do is talk to a medical professional who will run a few simple tests and you’ll be able to take it from there.

When it comes to the prostate it’s easy to understand why men would get a little embarrassed but as with anything of this nature it is better to be safe than sorry. Your doctor will have done countless prostate examinations and it really is nothing to worry about. The quicker a diagnosis the better your chances of survival.

It’s ok to have some apprehensions but please try to understand that your GP will have no issues discussing your health with you as it is what they are qualified to do and ultimately what they are passionate about.

A healthy prostate should be roughly walnut sized, it is located between the bladder and the penis and did you know the prostate is sometimes called the p spot? It is an incredible part of the male anatomy. It is responsible for helping men to reproduce and is also used to increase the power of the male orgasm when stimulated during sexual intercourse.

Prostate play is not all about pleasure, when you milk the prostate you are actually helping to maintain the health of your prostate gland. Milking the prostate helps flush harmful toxins from your body and can go towards helping prevent prostate cancer along with good diet and exercise.

prostate cancer symptoms

How do you find the prostate?

It will actually be easier to find the prostate when you are aroused, so wait until the time is right. Try squatting or lying on your back with your legs raised. Apply some lubricant to your finger and begin to relax yourself by massaging the sphincter. When you feel the time is right the prostate is around 2 inches in and up towards your naval.

Once located check the prostate feels to be normal and around the size of a walnut. You will also notice that massaging the prostate will provide pleasure.

If you are worried about your prostate health it is important for you to contact your doctor and try not to worry too much, men are very good at hiding their emotions and ignoring their overall health needs – this is something that needs to change, Men’s health matters – prostate care is nothing to be embarrassed about and can be checked in a number of ways – there is no single test and your GP will be able to discuss what options are available to find a method that suits you best.

3 Simple Ways You can Become an Overachiever

What if we told you that you could be better at everything you do in every area of your life? By utilising these life hacks you will be better prepared for anything that life throws at you.

Life is complex with lots of different challenges but with the right approach you can make sure you come out on top every time. With some focus and determination you can become better at everything.

how to concentrate better

What exactly are talking about?

Through diet, brain training and the right amount of sleep you really can become even better in all aspects of life and your memory and concentration can improve. You can learn to better manage your finances and you can find a perfect work and personal life balance. When you improve your life you’ll find things fall in to place naturally, relationship issue’s melt away and that promotion you always wanted falls into your lap.

Now this isn’t some sort Miracle fix, it’s about adding some structure and balance in your day to day life that will ultimately pay dividends.

how to concentrate better


Do you realise how important your diet actually is? Its one of the key factors when it comes to looking after your overall health and quality of life. One thing you need to consider is diet isn’t always about how much you weigh or losing weight. It is about understanding what we are putting in to our bodies and the impact it has on our performance, mood and health. By carefully selecting the right kind of foods we can perform better day in day out.

Here is a couple of dietary suggestions and food types that are particularly good for your brain

Fatty fish – there is a reason this is the first thing we are going to talk about, it’s incredibly good food for your brain which is essentially the control centre for your entire body. You want to choose a fish that is naturally high in omega-3 fatty acids. So fish including sardines, salmon and trout are all particularly good for you. Did you know around 60% of your brain is fat and up to half of it is of the omega-3 kind. This type of fat is responsible for providing the nutrients that enable learning and memory and your brain will also utilise it to build nerve and brain cells.

Dark chocolate – we have spoken about the benefits of dark chocolate before and it is scientifically proven to be good for you – this does depend on the amount consumed and the quality but never the less an interesting one for all you chocoholics out there. Dark chocolates that are high in cocoa content are actually jam packed with a number of brain power boosting ingredients and include what are known as flavonoids, antioxidants and caffeine.

Avocados – these green bad boys are full of monounsaturated fats which work wonders for your blood flow – having good blood flow and circulation is paramount to good brain and overall health. High blood pressure can affect the health of your brain in a bad way, avocados can naturally lower your blood pressure and will contribute to an overall sense of good well-being whilst contributing greatly to your health. They do pack some calories though…

Train your brain

Lots of people go to the gym and workout feeling like it’s the ultimate way of taking care of themselves. What most people don’t consider is working out their grey matter. You have lots of options when it comes to training your brain and basically anything that causes you to have to use a little brain power over a prolonged period time is going to benefit your health moving forward. Since the invention of mobile apps we have seen a lot of the same type of brain training applications popping up which is great news for you. You have a wealth of different challenges available and they are designed to do the same thing, exercise your mind and keep your brain ticking over just nicely. For the less tech savvy you have word searches, Sudoku books and the likes. Why not take up a hobby like chess and play against your friends? Adding a little competitiveness into the mix as a good challenge is never a bad thing.

how to concentrate better


This is very important, in fact we recently took a look into how important sleep is and you can read the full article by clicking here. Its important to get the right amount, sleep allows our bodies time to repair and rejuvenate leaving us feeling refreshed and ready for the day ahead. If you don’t get enough sleep or you get too much you will not only be unprepared for the day ahead but will leave yourself more at risk of getting life threatening and debilitating diseases. By finding the right sleep balance and getting the right quality of sleep you will see a huge improvement in your overall performance from the boardroom to the bedroom.

With a little planning and structure you really can be better at everything you do. As a health brand we recognise how important it is to provide you with content that provides you with the information and tools to take better care of yourself and excel in every area of life. If you haven’t already – subscribe to stay up to date with the latest articles on the official Bathmate blog.

The Burning Issue: 6 Ways you can catch a STD that isn’t Sex

Let’s answer a burning question, is it possible to catch a sexually transmitted disease without actually having sex or sexual contact. You’ve probably seen enough Jeremy Kyle TV shows to know that people can come up with the most bizarre reasons for their infidelity or stumble in their cover ups as they try and explain away the STD they passed on to their partner. Is it actually possible though?

The statistics show that there may be some truth to it and you can be at higher risk of catching a STD for a number of reasons. We have taken a look at the most common ways it is possible to catch a STD that isn’t through sexual contact.

Some of this is definitely food for thought and will help you reassess what were once harmless occurrences to you. There are a lot more risks to your health than you are actually aware of, some of them are scary and some of them are totally avoidable but we’ll leave the decisions entirely up to you.

can you catch an std without having sex

Toilet seat

The problem with public toilets is the amount of germs they have on them. They are used frequently by lots of people and cleaned, let’s say – less frequently. This is bad news. See most disease causing organisms can actually survive on the surface of a toilet seat. If you have any open sores or wounds you would be more susceptible to infection – in order for you to get really sick the germ would have enter your body through your urethral or genital tract. So however unlikely it is totally plausible for this to happen.


Seems innocent enough. Problem is there are many factors that can put you more at risk of catching an STD from a simple kiss. Avoid kissing someone who has sores, if you have any cuts or abrasions in your mouth you are putting yourself at higher risk of catching something like HIV. It is possible to catch herpes from kissing someone on the mouth. You can even catch syphilis… So maybe think twice before going in for the next snog.

can you catch an std without having sex


No – not our food!!! I’m afraid it’s true, you can catch a Sexually Transmitted Disease from eating food. So do you need us to set the scene and provide you with a scenario? Image this – the waiter who brought you your menu, the chef who prepares your food – you have no idea how clean these people may be. You can catch hepatitis from contaminated food or touching a contaminated surface. All you need to do is ingest a tiny amount of faecal matter, this can be passed on from people via touch if they haven’t washed their hands thoroughly after using the bathroom.

Skin to skin contact

It’s actually possible to catch HPV from skin to skin contact which is kind of a scary thought. The risk depends on many factors including condition of skin and if there is any wounds or cuts. Before you panic too much it is worth considering that a huge amount of sexually active people contract HPV at some points during their lives and live completely normal life’s with no symptom’s presenting themselves. It’s reported that a staggering 14 million new infections occur yearly in the United States alone. There is thought to be around 79 million men and women who have HPV at any given time.

Fabric fibres

Certain bacteria’s like to hang around in damp clothing and towels, crabs can also hang around on bed sheets so it is important to wash your clothes and your bed linen regularly. The risk of catching a STD from fabric is minimal but still possible.

can you catch an std without having sex

A close shave

Anything that can pierce or cut the skin heightens the risk of catching a STD from someone through an act that is not sexual. It is highly unlikely you will catch it from something like sharing a razor with your friend but it is much more possible when it comes to things like sharing needles, be it when you get a tattoo in some dodgy back street parlour on a lads holiday or when someone is injecting drugs.

So as you can see – it is possible however small that possibility may be – to catch a STD without actually having sex. It can be avoidable by not putting yourself at any more risk than you already are and raising your awareness to the chances of catching STD’s through various acts. It is scary to think which bugs and germs lurk around the corner! Which one of these ways surprised you the most? We will definitely be thinking twice next time we order food from the local takeaway that’s for sure! Who would have thought you could catch something so serious from a dirty menu or contaminated food…

Get Pumped for Black Friday

Ready for a completely unmatched Black Friday deal? We’ve got a fantastic, one-time-only offer for our hydropumps – take a look through to find out just how much you can save today.

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black friday deals

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How to lose Weight Having Fun

When it comes to exercise most of us just want to get it over and done with. Burn the most calories in the shortest space of time and whether you like to admit it or not sometimes with the least effort. We don’t blame you, for some people exercise just isn’t an enjoyable activity. For those of you that enjoy exercise we salute you! Keep it going! Staying in shape is a perfect way to take care of your health and look after your body.

Can you lose weight having fun?

By looking at your diet you can pretty much lose weight and get healthier doing any kind of activity, which is good news to most of us. Diet is very important when it comes to losing weight and getting fitter but it’s not the whole battle. You need to introduce exercise over time in order to see a real improvement in your over all state. Pick a fun activity that involves movement and engages your brain or join a gym and pick a class – whichever approach is best for you.

Your diet, calorie intake and the amount of exercise will all effect the amount of calories you burn, a quick search online will come up with multiple calorie intake based diets to help you lose weight. Some can be pretty drastic and we wouldn’t advise any sudden change in diet without discussing it with a health professional first.

how to burn calories

So what is the best way to burn calories?

We will take a look at 4 different ways to burn calories so you can take your pick and get to work! From the serious to the sexy I’m sure you’ll find at least one way to burn calories whilst enjoying yourself at the same time.


Yes, that’s right! So the average person will burn around 45 calories for every ten minutes spent bouncing on a trampoline, 120 per 30 minutes. That’s if you’re on one of those trampolines that you go to have fun with your mates. If you were to undertake what is known as a trampoline workout which is essentially a bouncing gym session they claim you can burn up to 1000 calories in an hour. That’s huge. It will obviously depend on the individual but that’s definitely not your average work out.

Tough Mudder

This looks brutal! Could be incredible fun too though. We have taken this snippet from the Tough Mudder wikipedia page to best explain what it’s all about…

Tough Mudder is an endurance event series in which participants attempt 10–12 mile-long (16–19 km) obstacle courses that test mental as well as physical strength. It was co-founded by Will Dean, a former British counter terrorism officer, and Guy Livingstone, a former corporate lawyer. The obstacles often play on common human fears, such as fire, water, electricity and heights. The main principle of the Tough Mudder revolves around teamwork. The Tough Mudder organization values camaraderie throughout the course, designing obstacles that encourage group participation. Participants must commit to helping others complete the course, putting teammates before themselves, and overcoming fears. An average 78% of entrants successfully complete the course.

This is not one for the faint of heart – if you were brave enough to take part you could expect to burn within the region of 2200 to 3000 calories throughout the event.

how to burn calories

The gym

For most people the most accessible form of structured exercise is available in the local gym. You have multiple options right there in front of you – of course what you choose to do will have an impact of the calories you burn during your work out. Let’s take a look at a few different ways to burn calories in the gym

1. Treadmill – running on a treadmill for 10 minutes at a steady pace will burn approximately 97 calories although we would suggest running outside where possible because the scenery
allows you to take your mind off things momentarily.
2. Weight training – according to Harvard medical school an average strength training session burns around 90 calories in 30 minutes (180 per hour) not bad, not bad.
3. HIIT class – High intensity interval training – if you’ve done one of these classes you’ll know about it. You will burn around 12 – 16 calories per minute. You will be very aware of

how to burn calories


Glad to have you back in the room! See, we knew you’d find one that interested you. Let’s talk about sex, baby and let’s talk about ca-lor-ies. Ok, I’ll stop. So how many calories is the average sex session gunna burn? It’s around 100 for men and 69 for women, on average both parties burning around 3.6 calories a minute.


So which positions are going to be the best for your health? If you are going to have sex you might as well burn the most calories right? You know – for health!

1. Spooning – this will see both you and your partner burn around the same amount of calories, for something that doesn’t even feel like a workout this is pretty good. A guy will burn 113
calories on average and a woman will burn 103.
2. Doggystyle – one of the classics, this will see the woman burn 98 calories as she uses multiple muscle groups to hold her position.
3. Missionary – one for the guys really. By taking the lead role they can burn up to 143 calories during this…erm work out while the ladies will only burn 44 calories on average.

It is possible to burn calories whilst having fun, be mindful of the food you eat and seek out activities you enjoy and your overall health will benefit. Exercise doesn’t need to be daunting – pick something new and see where the journey takes you. Or just pick the sex one.


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