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Alcohol – Too much of a good thing?

We all love a little tipple on the weekend to help us relax and wind down after a long week. One glass of wine never harmed anyone, right? Well what if that one turns into two and before you know it – the whole bottle has magically disappeared? When does that little relaxing drink become a problem and a real risk to our health?

Firstly, is there any benefit to drinking alcohol? With conflicting reports in the media we thought we would do a little digging so you don’t have too.

There are benefits to certain alcohols such as antioxidants in small amounts.

How many units of alcohol can i drink?

Red wine

The best alcohol to drink is red wine. It contains an antioxidant called resveratrol – it is an ingredient that helps prevent damage to blood vessels, reduces low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, also known as bad cholesterol, and prevents blood clots. Moreover, resveratrol is also connected to a lower risk of inflammation and blood clotting that cause heart diseases.


Tequila contains the natural sugars called agavins that are not digestible, so it means that it doesn’t raise blood sugar levels (agavins behave as fibre in our body). Moreover as mentioned, these sugars help lowering cholesterol and losing weight.


How about whisky? Have you heard that whisky is a healthy option? OK – Why?

Whisky has the same amount anti-oxidants as wine that we mentioned above. First of all, Whisky Contains ellagic acid that helps rogue cells to be absorbed in our body. What else?

Whisky has no sugar, fat, carbohydrates, and helps you with losing weight. Boom! That means that whisky is also good for diabetics. Moreover, for the diabetics, whisky is said to protect against type-2 diabetes. You can say that some whisky has a very sweet taste. This is because the taste comes from certain oils and compounds but it’s definitely not sugar.

Bloody Mary

What’s that? It’s an alcoholic drink that consists of vodka and tomato juice, sometimes Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco and salt. Why is it a healthy drink? Tomato juice has antioxidants, lycopene, C and potassium. That is why it’s one of the healthiest drink for you and your body.


Another alcohol is champagne. Champagne contains high levels of polyphenols. Those antioxidants can lower blood pressure and prevent heart problems. Champagne can also prevent you from getting dementia, makes your skin look better and helps your memory to be sharper.

How many units of alcohol can i drink?

Ok, so from now on we know what kind of alcohol is the best but how about units? How much is too much? Is there any difference between women and men?

Women weigh less than men in general. The threshold for safe alcohol consumption is closely linked to body weight. That means that women have smaller tissue to absorb alcohol as well as women having less water in their bodies than men. Women’s alcohol dehydrogenase level is lower than in males. It means that alcohol stays in the female body longer and builds up quickly. One of the most important issues are hormonal factors. Female hormones make women more susceptible to the effects of alcohol.

How about units?

One unit (10ml) is the equivalent of:

A single measure of spirits (ABV 37.5%), half a pint of average-strength (4%) lager, two-thirds of a 125ml glass of average-strength (12%) wine, half a 175ml glass of average-strength (12%) wine, a third of a 250ml glass of average-strength (12%) wine.

How much is 14 units? And why 14?

14 units it’s a maximum level of alcohol for both man and woman per WEEK. Yes, WEEK.
14 single measures of spirits (ABV 37.5%), seven pints of average-strength (4%) lager, nine and one-third 125ml glasses of average-strength (12%) wine, seven 175ml glasses of average-strength (12%) wine, four and two-thirds 250ml glasses of average-strength (12%) wine.

They also estimate around 10 days a year is lost to people partying a little too hard and having to call in sick, it is also estimated that alcohol related incidents cost the NHS £3.5bn per year that means that every taxpayer has to pay 120 pounds. To sum up, treating alcohol-related conditions costs the NHS about 3.6% of its annual budget.

So, in terms of your health how much of a good thing is too much? Alcohol can affect a number of things from your perception, judgement and also your liver, kidneys and brain. So understanding your limits is imperative when it comes to drinking alcohol.

How many units of alcohol can i drink?

What are the disadvantages of drinking alcohol?

Some of the well-known cancers e.g. liver cancer, including breast cancer and cancers of the mouth, throat, oesophagus, pancreatitis, sudden death if you already have cardiovascular disease, heart muscle damage (alcoholic cardiomyopathy) leading to heart failure, stroke, also high blood pressure, brain damage.

Exceeding the daily or weekly recommendations can have a disastrous effect on your health and the cycle can be difficult to break. Consider reaching out for help if you think your alcohol intake has become a problem and you are struggling to control it. When do you HAVE to quit drinking? Obviously, if you are pregnant, you are an alcoholic or you have a strong family history of alcoholism, when you had a haemorrhagic stroke, when you have problems with your liver, when you have problems with your heart and when you take prescription or over-the-counter medications that can interact with alcohol badly.

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The Top 3 Health Benefits from taking a Sauna and Steam

The benefits of enjoying a Sauna and steam are incredible! Of course, most people know that it helps you with relaxing but that is not the only benefit you will get from a sauna steam room. A sound mind dwells in a sound body. Trust me, spending some time in sauna will give your mind a boost and a breath of well needed fresh air. What are the rest of the advantages?

If something feels good, we should keep doing it, right? In this instance – yes! Just remember to adhere to best practices and stay safe! Too much of a good thing and all that! There are some pretty remarkable health benefits to taking a regular sauna and steam – let’s take a look at some below…

health benefits of a steam room

Here we have:

SKIN: taking a steam or sauna clears our skin and after a while – it can also help you with getting rid of troublesome acne. One of the most important facts is that a sauna can improve your overall body circulation. It makes your skin glow and look better, younger and healthier. Your skin will be smoother and have better colour and complexion. What else?

MUSCLES & WEIGHT LOSS: After working out, we usually feel a bit tired and feel pain in our muscles. They need recovery after a long training session. Taking a Sauna helps your nerve endings to relax and takes care of your muscles, muscle gain can be quicker than training without taking a sauna afterwards, it is thought this is because it aids muscle repair and helps growth. Another key benefit is not only your muscles but also your joints get to relax in the sauna. This is very helpful information for people who suffer from arthritis, problems with sinuses and migraine. How can i get rid of headaches and migraines in a sauna? Because sauna releases endorphins in your body helps get rid of stress.

The same as people who suffer from headaches because of sinuses. High temperatures and humidity in sauna open up mucus membranes in your body. After couple of regular sessions in the sauna you will notice that breathing is easier than it was! That is why you feel relaxed and peaceful after a session in the sauna.

TIP: the best option after a sauna is having a short cold shower. It’s very good for your skin, blood flow and boosts metabolism too.

health benefits of a steam room

If you visit a sauna quite regularly, you can expect to see some weight loss as well. Why? Because all of that sweating in a high temperature environment and your body loses fluids and toxins. When you sweat – you also get rid of weight via harmful toxins leaving your body. That is why you feel fresher, lighter, your skin looks better and generally people who visit a sauna also look younger.

HEART: A sauna is the best option for people who want to take care of their heart. If you visit a sauna regularly, you will minimize the possibility of death from heart diseases like cardiac death, fatal coronary heart disease and fatal cardiovascular disease.

Why is a sauna good for my brain and mind?

Let’s start from the basic benefit of a sauna and steam that helps your mind. The sauna helps your brain with producing new brain cells. Yes, that’s right – new brain cells. If you exercise and visit sauna in the same visit, the sauna helps to increase the expression of brain- derived neurotrophic factor and that helps you with memorizing things and reduces anxiety and depression. Having a sauna will also increase norepinephrine levels and helps people with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). The more you sit in a sauna, the better you will feel.

So – not only does it relax you but taking a sauna and steam will also have lasting effects on your overall health! Incorporating this into your health regime will maximise the benefits and leave you feeling absolutely amazing.

health benefits of a steam room

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hydroxtreme 9

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Post Work-Out Foods that Maximise Potential

Diets and work outs tend to go hand in hand for fitness fanatics, for some – a work out is just a great way to stay on top of things whilst they eat what they want but for others, diet can be the most important part of their health regime.

We have talked about various diets in the past focusing on making healthy changes in your lifestyle to give you a better quality of life you can read about the diet that increases erection strength here and the military diet here.

post work out meals

Diet will affect everything, even the taste of your semen! Sound interesting? Click here to find out how and why! Food can affect your libido, weight and mood. So as you can see, not only is it important in terms of weight management but also in terms of your overall health and performance. Now as you will be aware, in terms of fuel – some foods are far more beneficial to you than others, but what about after care? What can you eat to maximise those gains after smashing your gym session?

Why do we need proper food after work out? During training, your muscles use whole bunch of glycogen. The same as proteins – while working out, your muscles lose some of the vital nutrients it needs to rebuild and repair. Food that you eat after training is very important because you help your muscles to rebuild quicker, you feel better, and you will look better in shorter period of time! Your post work out food should consist of proteins, fats and carbs. Why?

Carbs help you with quicker recovery, proteins rebuild your muscles and repair them and the right kind of fats help with promoting muscle growth.

post work out meals

The King of the post-work out diet is……..EGG!

Eggs will help you get shredded. 3 egg whites post work out give you approx. 18 grams of proteins. Do not just eat the whites though…..the absorption of proteins from egg is more effective when you eat them whole, with yolks. Yolk contains a lot of vitamins, healthy fats and minerals.


Cottage cheese has more proteins that Greek yoghurt and yoghurt in general. Cottage cheese is pure protein and also has healthy fats that will help you with recovery.


Salmon, cod, mackerel. Whatever you choose – your body will thank you. Fish, especially the naturally fatty ones they are full of proteins and healthy omega fats that boost your energy up and give you the necessary proteins to rebuild and repair. Omega-3 will help your muscle cells and reduce the exercise-induced damage that causes painful inflammation.


Simple yet effective – add some banana, oats, milk and almonds. This gives you everything you need after the gym – fats, proteins and carbs that give you energy and help recover your body. After eating you will feel fulfilled and satisfied.


It is very good to invest in good whey protein that gives you pure proteins and vitamins. It is a very nice option for those you do not have a lot of time to cook after gym. Cooking can take up valuable relaxation time, so for those of you who have a busy schedule – grab a shake.


These two options give you healthy carbs and energy for the rest of the day after your gruelling work out. Also, as a wholegrain product – they are very healthy in general and give you the necessary minerals and vitamins.


Nuts are not only healthy for your nails, skin and hair but also give you healthy fats, proteins and carbs. You can mix them with cottage cheese for example and have a very nice, simple to prepare, post work out meal.

post work out meals

As you can see, there are multiple options available. These foods not only assist in faster recovery but also in overall diet, you won’t put on extra weight and it can fit right into your fitness regime. Find a diet plan that works for you, the quicker you recover the further into your fitness regime you can go. Recovery is almost as important as the training itself so make sure you eat right, stretch and get plenty of rest.

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Have Sex, live Longer: The Health Benefits of Sex

A great sex life contributes to your overall health. In fact, it is well documented that sex is good for you when practised consensually and in a safe manner.

From the morning quickie, marathon session or late night sex we’ll take it any which way it comes bit did you know each type has it’s own health benefits?

the health benefits of sex

Health benefits of sex

So is sex healthy? Yes! Let’s go in deep and take a look at the overall health benefits of sex.

Why sex is good?

If you have sex regularly, your body produces enzymes that help protect against germs, viruses, and other intruders. Makes your body stronger and better. People who have sex twice a week have higher levels of an antibodies than those who don’t.

Libido – it means that the more sex you have, the hornier you are. Especially for women….it makes the blood flow better.

Another thing to consider is that having sex makes your blood pressure lower! It makes you feel calm and this also takes care of your heart health! Not only of your heart but also of your body. Having sex makes you feel like you are younger and in trun this will make you feel happier.

The more often you make love, the better quality your sperm is. An interesting fact for anyone wanting to try for children. The best option for everyone is to have sex a minimum of twice a week. It will keep your semen at the optimum level. Moreover, sex balances a women’s hormones and regulate their periods.

Sex is amazing for a number of reasons. One of these reasons is that studies found that if you make love regularly, you have almost 50% lower chance of dying prematurely of a debilitating disease or condition, which is very encouraging to say the least!

Additionally, if you have sex twice a week, it is though you are up to 30% less likely to have heart attack.

the health benefits of sex

What are the benefits of having sex before going to sleep?

Having sex before you go to sleep is the perfect way to end your day. You will feel calm, relaxed and ready for the land of nod. The exercise itself will release feel good chemicals into the body and help prepare your body and brain to shut down and recuperate. When we sleep our bodies are able to repair and recharge themselves and sex before sleep encourages a more natural deep sleep which will optimise this process.

So sex not only feels good but also makes you healthier, how about improving the quality of sex we are having?

Penis pumps increase blood flow and circulation giving you harder erections that last longer. This means more pleasure or both you and your partner. By harnessing the power of water you can achieve real results in a safe and natural way.

Did you know most women don’t orgasm from penetrative sex alone? One way to ensure she’d satisfied and keep her coming back for more is to introduce a vibe bullet into sexual play. Our IPX7 Rated bullet vibes are total game changers. They are even usb rechargeable so no need to worry about those annoying little batteries running out mid sesh!

the health benefits of sex

We believe everyone should enjoy amazing sex and all the benefits that come with it.
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Lose 10 Pounds a week on the Military Diet

When it comes to weight loss you will need to find a diet plan that works for you. Not necessarily the faddy new diet you just discovered that promises results, but a diet that facilitates you rather than the other way around.

What works for one person might not work or another but by understanding certain aspects of a diet can help you make an informed decision on whether or not it suits your lifestyle.

what is the military diet?

For instance, the military diet allows you to continue to drink your beloved coffee, in fact black coffee has less than 5 calories so if you need a little boost it can come relatively guilt free.

You have to consider the little things. Like would you really want to add caffeine withdrawal (and everything that comes with it) into the mix when you are already attempting to cut out certain foods that you desperately crave. By choosing the right type of diet you will stand a better chance of achieving results.

So what is the military diet?

The military diet is a diet plan that works with you rather than against you, you follow a set eating plan for 3 days then take 4 days off! It’s as simple as that. This cycle repeats until you have achieved your ideal weight. The reason we like this diet plan so much is because most diet plans require you too stick to them exactly, with deviation – 7 days a week. The military diet only asks you to conform for 3 and even then slight cheats, for example that extra coffee you are craving won’t knock you too far off track.

Do you think you can handle changing your diet for 3 days a week if it meant reaching your target weight? By making small lifestyle changes over time we really can reset our mind states and alter the way we live for the better. We are creatures of habit, sometimes we just need to break this process to reap the benefits.

what is the military diet?

The military diet plan

Day 1

A slice of toast with 2 tablespoons of peanut butter, half a grapefruit and a cup of coffee or tea (optional).

A slice of toast, half a cup of tuna and a cup of coffee or tea (optional).

A 3-oz (85 grams) serving of meat with a cup of green beans, a small apple, half a banana and one cup vanilla ice cream.

Day 2

A slice of toast, one hard-boiled egg, half a banana and a cup of coffee or tea (optional).

One hard-boiled egg, a cup of cottage cheese, 5 saltine crackers and a cup of coffee or tea (optional).

Two hot dogs with no bun, half a cup of carrots, half a cup of broccoli, half a banana and half a cup of vanilla ice cream.

Day 3

A 1-ounce slice of cheddar cheese, 5 saltine crackers, a small apple and cup of coffee or tea (optional).

A slice of toast, one egg, cooked however you like, and a cup of coffee or tea (optional).

A cup of tuna, half a banana, and a cup of vanilla ice cream.

what is the military diet?

So how many calories is the military diet?

For the 3 days you are taking part in the active diet phase you will be eating between 1100 to 1400 calories day, for the 4 days off you are still encouraged to eat healthily and make responsible choices when it comes to food and drink consumption. This diet is very popular and claims to strip the excess weight from you, it is thought you can lose up to 10 pounds a week.

By following a diet plan that works for you it optimises your chances of success. The military diet is quite forgiving when it comes to minor slip ups but is also great because for 4 out of 7 days you can eat what you want (within reason!)

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How to look after your Skin this Summer

Look after your skin this summer! Nowadays people focus on a healthy diet, working out, developing themselves and travelling to warmer climates.

But do we really take care of our skin? I bet you have some hand cream and body lotion or nice shower gel. Some of you will even use vegan and products free from testing on animals (which is great). More and more people want to be aware of what they use and how these products affect our bodies. Skin is an external barrier that connects us with the world outside.

Do we really take care of our skin in the way we should do? Taking care of our body starts with your diet. Moreover, summer is almost here so how can we take care of our skin during summer? For example – do you always remember about sun tan lotion before sunbathing? I bet that answer to that question is – No…..

how can i look after my skin?

So where are we at risk of doing damage?

1. Smoking & alcohol

Why does smoking and drinking make our skin looks worse and older than it is? Well, blood vessels in the outermost layers of skin are narrowed because of smoking and it decreases blood flow and makes your skin look older and can even cause wrinkles. Your skin doesn’t get enough oxygen and nutrients. You have probably heard about the mysterious collagen and elastin. Those two substances are major fibres that give your skin strength and elasticity. For example pursing your lips causes lip wrinkles around your lips that are also called smokers wrinkles. We don’t even have to mention the cancer risk. If you really want to take care of your skin, now is your time to quit.

Alcohol damages my skin? I thought it damaged my liver but my skin?!

Yes. It does damage your skin. Alcohol dehydrates your body and skin – that is your body’s largest organ. Alcohol takes away vitamins and nutrients from your skin. When you drink a lot, you can suffer from rosacea, a skin disorder that starts with a tendency to blush and flush and later leads to facial disfigurement. Moreover, drinking causes your face to look big, bloated and puffy and not only that but it can affect your stomach too. People who drink a lot also suffer from cellulite.

2. Diet

You live day by day and do not focus on drinking enough water, or you drink, but only juices, which are sugary – we won’t get on to your beloved coffee. It is said that a person should drink 2 litres of water every day. How about hot summer? The answer is – drink more. When it’s very hot outside it is obvious you have to drink more because we sweat and get rid of water very quickly.
Another tip is to drink some coconut water. It is a brilliant option especially for people whose skin is extremely dry and it’s very hot outside. Coconut water is even better than water. It hydrates your skin twice as much and gives your skin a lot of vitamins. The thing is, that in many Asian countries, when you have problems with stomach – natives will offer and recommend coconut water!

how should i care for my skin?

What kind of food is the best for skin?

The best vitamin for skin is vitamins A, C and E, so where can you find it?

Fish – salmon, mackerel, herring, full of omega-3 fatty acids, why? They reduce inflammation, which can cause redness and acne. Also, fish gives you zinc that helps your skin looks better.

Avocados – high in beneficial fats, vitamins E and C and protect your skin from sun damage.

Walnuts, sunflower seeds – good source of essential fats, zinc, vitamin E, vitamin C, selenium and protein. All that your skin needs is here.

Broccoli, red and yellow bell peppers, tomatoes and carrots – contain plenty of beta- carotene and vitamin C — a fantastic source of antioxidants for your skin.

Cocoa – contains antioxidants and that is why also protect your skin against sunburn, gets rid of wrinkles, skin thickness, helps with hydration, blood flow and skin texture.

Green tea and red wine – Resveratrol is an antioxidant that slows your skin’s aging process by impairing harmful free radicals that are damaging our skin. Green tea takes care of elasticity because of catechins that also take care of sun damage and reduce redness as well as improve its hydration.

3. Beauty sleep

First of all – while you are sleeping, your skin produces collagen. If you only sleep 5 hours a night, it leads to twice as many fine lines as sleeping 7 hours would. Your skin looks drier and older too. Lack of sleep also causes a decrease in blood flow to the skin on your face. Your skin is grey and dull. Another issue with this is puffy eyes. If you don’t sleep as long as you should, your eyes get puffy. Drink water and put with extra pillow under your head because it will reduce swelling. When we talk about skin, we also talk about your hair. If you don’t sleep enough you can easily lose hair, damage it and even growth can all be affected.

how should i care for my skin?

4. Sunscreen

Always remember – do not try to sunbathe at 12 pm! This is the most dangerous, strongest sun. you need to think about the health of your skin for years to come – not the quick fix sun tan you are after!
Sometimes, when you are by the beach – try to find some shadow and cool your skin. It is Necessary to use cream with a decent sun filter. Especially on your face, chest and hands. We should use factor 50 sunscreen on these areas where possible. The stronger the better. Why? Because the skin is at its most sensitive in those part of our body and needs special treatment. How about our eyes and head? It is necessary to have a hat or cap while sitting under the full sun and wear shades.

5. Every day hygiene

Moisturise your skin and be careful while shaving as well, do not take long hot bath and showers. Hot water damages your skin and makes it dry. In the kitchen? Use gloves while washing up the dishes and do not use strong chemicals. Try to use cosmetics that are natural.

It’s not all doom and gloom, you can enjoy the sun – just do it as responsibly as possible!

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The Mediterranean Diet and your Penis?

Diets can be extremely helpful for a number of reasons, providing you choose the right one. We use diets for a weight loss and other health reasons but did you know diets can have a huuuuge impact on our sex lives? Especially for you, fellas.

You will all have heard about the magical properties of pineapple when it comes to great tasting semen but have you considered how your diet may affect your penis? The Mediterranean diet is well known for increasing blood flow and circulation, this is absolutely brilliant news when it comes to erection strength but before we get there let’s look into exactly what the Mediterranean diet is and what food it consists of.

People always connect this name with Italy and Greece but are you sure that these are the only places that we can sample Mediterranean cuisine?

what is the Mediterranean diet?

What is it? The diet comes from Mediterranean Basin Region – Greece, Southern Italy, Portugal, Morocco, Croatia, Maghrebi, Egyptian, Levantine, Ottoman (Turkish), Provincial (French), and Spain in the 1940s and 1950s. What are the main ingredients? This diet includes a lot of olive oil, legumes, unrefined cereals, different fruits, and vegetables, huge amount of fish and seafood, cheese and yoghurt, moderate wine consumption, low in meat and dairy products.

Mediterranean cuisine focuses on 3 core products: olive oil, bread & pasta, and wine. It depends on you what you prefer. Here we have some details about each of the different Mediterranean cuisines:

Greek cuisine

Core products: vegetables, olive oil, grains, fish, wine, lamb, poultry, rabbit and pork, olives, cheese, aubergine, courgette, lemon juice, vegetables, herbs, bread and yoghurt.
The most popular dishes: Tzatziki, Greek Salad, Dolmades, Moussaka and Courgette Balls.

Southern Italian

Core products: the South is known for shepherding, and lamb and goat meat, seafood, fish, olive oil, whole grain, tomatoes, cheese, wine, mozzarella, sardines.
The most popular dishes: Ossobuco, Pizza, Ribolitta.

Portuguese cuisine

Core products: fish, seafood, poultry, cured ham, potatoes, carrots, turnips, chickpeas, cabbage and rice.
The most popular dishes: Caldo Verde, Cozido a Portuguesa, Arroz de Tamboril.

Moroccan cuisine

Core products: fruits, vegetables, beef, goat, mutton and lamb, chicken, seafood, lemon pickle, argan oil, cold-pressed, unrefined olive oil and dried fruits.
The most popular dishes: Tagine, Couscous, Zaalouk, Pastilla.

Croatian cuisine (check also Yugoslav diet)

Core products: Garlic, potatoes, cabbage, ajvar, paprika, seafood, polenta, rosemary, sage, bay leaf, oregano, marjoram, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, and lemon and orange rind.
The most popular dishes: Crni rizot, Manestra, Strukli, Hobotnica Ispod Peke.

Maghrebi cuisine

Core products: wheat, couscous, fish, seafood, goat, lamb, beef, dates, almonds, olives, vegetables and fruits, fruits, halal meats, cumin, ginger, red pepper, cinnamon, saffron, peppermint, parsley, coriander, legumes, nuts, “oil-cured” olives.
The most popular dishes: Brik, Mechoui, Shakshouka, Pastilla.

Egyptian cuisine

Core products: white and black pepper, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, fish, chicken, beef, vegetables, okra, tomatoes, cumin, coriander, cured beef, salty cheese, honey, ghee butter, Hibiscus tea, Molokhia, nuts.
The most popular dishes: Ful Medammes, Falafel, Koshari, Shawarma, Macaroni Beshamel.

Levantine cuisine

Core products: paprika, pepper, cumin, cassia, cloves, coriander seed, cardamom, nutmeg, chickpeas, hummus, sesame, tomato, cucumber, parsley, mint, yoghurt, nuts, pickles, olive oil.
The most popular dishes: Kibbeh, Kafta, Kanafeh, Hummus, Rice Pilaf, Fattoush, Manakish and popular Tabbouleh salad.

Ottoman cuisine

Core products: beef, chicken, yoghurt, fish, rice, parched wheat, dried or fresh vegetables and roots, bluefish, pelamide, mullet, plaice, sole, mackerel, bream, mutton, lamb, veil, onion, garlic, eggplant, pickles, tomatoes, fried potatoes, artichoke, spinach, watermelons, melons.
The most popular dishes: Pide, Kofta, Kebab, Baked potatoe, Gozleme, Lahmacun, Menemen, Meze.

Provincial cuisine

Core products: mushrooms, truffles, beef, lamb, wine, vegetables, asparagus, broad beans, melons, strawberries, cherries, peaches, nectarines, apricots, figs, apples, pears, table grape, cheese, garlic, onion, bread, olive oil, cod, potatoes, seafood, eggs, beetroot.
The most popular dishes: Provencal minestrone, Ratatouille, Aïoli, Tapenade, Bouillabaisse, Tellines, Salade Niçoise.

Spanish cuisine

Core products: saffron, olive oil, red pepper, cured ham, sherry vinegar, garlic, seafood, potatoes, fish, chicken, bay leaves, rosemary, oregano, parsley, peppercorns, cheese, tomatoes, wine.
The most popular dishes: Patatas Bravas, Paella, Gazpacho, Jamón Ibérico, Calamari, Pulpo a la Gallega.

Ok so we have covered your wealth of options – fancy cooking up a storm this weekend? Lets take a look at a quick recipe, that you can set your hand to-

Farfalle con Salmone

Take a sauce pan, add some butter and olive oil, fry salmon, garlic, onion and parsley. Add some black pepper and salt.
Prepare a pot with water and boil some pasta, add some salt – not too much! (we recommend bow-tie pasta).
Stir the salmon and when the pasta is ready pour out the water and add pasta into the sauce pan.
Stir everything together, Put it on plates and add some more olive oil, parmesan and parsley. Bon appétit!

So why?

The reason we are talking about the Mediterranean diet is simple – your penis! It is well known the effect this diet has on your heart health – but the benefits to your sexual health can be just as impressive! The Mediterranean diet can increase blood flow and circulation (much like our multi award winning penis pumps) and what this means is that you will be able to achieve a stronger erection that lasts longer. You won’t see any noticeable size difference that you get from using our products, but you will notice a firmer erection. This isn’t an overnight miracle cure – you will need to change your diet and stick to it to reap the rewards, but it is possible to increase your sexual performance. If you are suffering from any sexual dysfunctions such as E.D we would recommend giving the diet a test run – we are sure you will benefit and notice the changes in your penile health. Above all – it is great food with overall health benefits that really can’t be ignored – you won’t even feel like you are on a diet.

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Loving Life with a Spring in Your Step

Spring is finally in full swing, the first bulbs have awoken from their slumber and trees are finally beginning to show signs of life.

What better time than to focus on yourself and set some goals to ensure you look and feel great this year. Health is extremely important and by making simple and effective changes in your life you will be able to walk around with a spring in your step.

From physical to mental, it is important to keep a healthy balanced so you can reach your potential and truly bloom like the beautiful flower you are! We are specialist in providing information, products and techniques that build stamina, increase your health and boost your overall confidence.

healthy living

No matter how you identify we have something for you! Firstly, do you realise how important self confidence is when it comes to your overall health and outlook on life?

Having low self esteem can have a huge impact on everything from your work life to your personal life. This can result in anxieties surrounding certain social situations and have a knock on effect that can result in poor diet choices and lack of sleep. A lot of the things we will talk about are interlinked so improving certain areas of your life will also have a positive effect on others.

Your physical and sexual health are areas that can be improved pretty easily – this will then have a knock on effect improving your mental health and overall outlook on life.

How can you improve your sexual health?

For the guys we have a number of options whether it’s stamina, size or performance you are after – we have a product to suit everyone.

Want to last longer in bed? Bathmate control is a natural solution to lasting longer in your time of need. What’s so amazing about this delay cream is that it doesn’t include any benzocaine or lidocaine, this means you will last longer naturally without losing all sensation in the penis. For men suffering with premature ejaculation this miracle product will transform your sex life, it can be applied hours before use meaning it is simple, effective and extremely convenient to use.

healthy living

Want to pack a little extra?

Our multi award winning hydropumps have the solution for you. Primarily designed to increase blood flow and circulation making for rock hard erections that last longer. As your penis is drawn into the vessel you will notice immediate effects, the penis will be fuller with an increase in both your length and girth. Consider it as a mini work put for the penis, in under 15 minutes a day you can really enhance what you have in a safe and natural way – harnessing the power of water. We are approaching 2 million units sold with a huge success rate. Not only do our cock pumps enhance what you have but they have also been responsible for reinvigorating the sex lives of men who previously suffered with erectile dysfunction, it is thought that long term use can either prevent or work towards reversing the effects of e.d.

Something a little more stimulating?

You’ve come to the right place, our vibe rings are cock rings with a twist. Whether it’s for solo play or play with your partner we have a vibe ring for you. As the name suggests – these are no regular cock rings, they have various different vibrating patterns meaning you are one touch away from earth shattering orgasms unlike anything you have ever experienced before.

What about the ladies?

We recently launched the worlds first IPX7 rated fully waterproof and USB rechargeable bullet vibrator! The world of bullet vibrators will never be the same again. You can control the sensations at the touch of a button and incorporate play into the shower and bathroom. The power of the female orgasm should be celebrated and never under estimated. The health benefits from masturbation speak for themselves and we have covered both male and female masturbation on the official blog in the past. Click here for the ladies and here for the gents.

healthy living

Having an active, fulfilling sex life is a part of a healthy balanced lifestyle. Get that spring back in your step in time for summer and truly live your best life! We pride ourselves on bringing the best quality sexual pleasure products to the market and love hearing from our core customer base, why not drop us a line on our social media accounts and let us know how we are getting on? We are @Bathmate on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. All feedback and suggestions are welcome, speak soon!

This blog has been brought to you by the team at Bathmate Direct, a world-leading brand for enhancing sexual confidence and performance. If you’re reading one of our articles for the first time, why not check out our hydropumps, a powerful way to improve penis size, lasting power and more, with results guaranteed (or your money back). Looking for a different experience? Click through to take a look at our ever-changing Pleasure Collection!

3 Killer Home Work-Out moves that Actually Work

The summer months are just around the corner and your mind is cast to some far away beach and your own portion of paradise – but wait – there’s a little bit of anxiety creeping in, how can I be beach body-ready in time? Don’t worry! No need to panic, we have compiled a list of extremely effective killer home work-outs that really do work! You will be in perfect shape in no time.

Body weight workouts

For those of us just starting out it may be extremely daunting to even consider joint the local gym with all those hardened fitness fanatics, we’ll fear not… these work outs will take place in the comfort of your own home. Another benefit of this is that you don’t have to sign up to an expensive contract which will mean more spending money on holiday!

So what type of work out can I do at home? I don’t have any expensive equipment! Bathmate have got you covered. Before you go turning your study into a home gym let’s take a look at some body weight work outs that can be done inside the comfort of your own home.

3 amazing home work-outs

1. The best separated exercises are: burpees, mountain climbers and squat jumps. You haven’t heard about them before? No problem. So the first one is burpees. This is what it looks like. Squatting to the floor, then jumping to your feet to a plank position, jumping back in, and standing up. Why should we do it? This is called “killer exercise” for a reason and it can burn 100 kcal in 10 minutes. Plus you do not need any equipment!

The Second exercise is called the mountain climber. What does it look like? From a push up position you run the knees in and out (as if jogging on the spot but from a crouch) as fast as you possibly can. Mountain climbers makes your heart rate super-fast while building strength and endurance in the core.

The third of these exercises are squat jumps. What does it look like? First of all, squat then jump. From a squat position, jump as high as you can then finish in a squat position. Here, we have some variations. Prisoner squat jumps. This variation needs your hands to be put behind your head. Remember my friend, the more sweat, the better results.

Body weight workouts

2. Have you ever heard about tabata training?

Tabata is a quick exercise that boosts your metabolism and make your health be even better. You can choose (for example) 4 exercises. Mountain climbers, squats, kickboxing and sprinting. The first round is doing every exercise for 20 seconds as quick as you can, then 30 seconds rest. Do it for 6 times in a row. Trust us there is no better exercise where you can interchange exercises and burn calories at the same time, all whilst doing it at home!

3. Satisfying quick warm up and body weight exercises.

Warm up your joints and body with some yoga moves. I bet that you can remember some warming up techniques from school! If not a quick google search will show you exactly what you need to do to warm up – some people consider the warm up to be the most important part of the work out! Then focus on the exercise, this time it will be the dreaded plank. The plank is a 5 minute work out that can make your body fitter healthier in a month!

High Plank — 40 seconds

Plank Shoulder Taps — 20 reps

Plank Up-Downs — 20 reps

Body weight workouts

Repeat the circuit as many times as you can within 5 minutes once you’ve got the hang of it – extend the duration!
After this you will feel like your whole body was being exercised! No pain, no gain – right?!

So, how does that shape up for you? As you can see, getting in shape doesn’t need to be an expensive and daunting experience. You have the ability to work out in the comfort of your own home, for free! Remember to consider other things like drinking plenty of water, eating a healthy balanced diet and cutting down on alcohol and cigarettes.

For added measure – get outside! Go for a walk around your local park, enjoy the sights and the scents that come with it. Exercise will release feel good chemicals into the body which will have you not only looking – but feeling incredible too!

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Free Love: Budget Date Ideas

They say the best things in life are free, with this sentiment in mind we thought we would take a look at how to enjoy yourself, together – on a budget.

Being in a relationship can be costly, romantic breaks, meals out, it can all add up pretty quickly. The thing is, you may be planning ahead. What if you are saving for a house? A new car? Planning to start your very own family. Money will be tight – that doesn’t mean you need to put your relationship on hold though. It is possible to love on a budget. Remember the famous lyrics “My love don’t cost a thing” and it’s true. You can have fun on a budget, it just takes a little planning.

With various options out there from discount websites to completely free activities you can date on a budget any day of the week

cheap date ideas

Discount vouchers and codes

These can be a fantastic source of cheap great value entertainment. With a multitude of options available maybe you will find your next date night on a website such as Groupon or Wowcher. Some of the fantastic options that are available include spa days, cheap weekend getaways or amazing days out – maybe you will participate in a days paintballing session or learn how to make sushi? You can choose to search by location, activities or even price. With this control you can set a budget and stick to it or search away and await inspiration. Great for people who want to save money but have fun at the same time.

Quality time

Spending time together doesn’t need to cost the world, with summer approaching why not plan a romantic day out and have a picnic. Most of us are lucky enough to be surrounded by lovely green areas that can be enjoy, on the most part for free. Should you drive there may be a small fee for parking to consider. So, take a look around – explore nature together, plan a route and find a secluded spot. This can combine exercise and your love life! Walking is a great way to work up an appetite and doing a small amount of exercise will release feel good chemicals into the body. So why not take in your surroundings, pack a hamper and be on your way! Most parks and nature reserves can be enjoyed for free, make the most of it! The added bonus of a picnic is that it feels more personal, your date will be amazed at the effort you went too to make their day and you’ll get extra brownie points when they realise how much cash you saved!

cheap date ideas

Cook something

Good food is something we all enjoy, why not cook their favourite meal and surprise them with a candle lit dinner? If you are worried about trying a new recipe you could always fall back on cooking your signature dish. Create a playlist of music you both enjoy, arrange some flowers and light the candles. Have you considered getting dressed up? Just because you aren’t leaving the house it doesn’t mean you can’t put the effort in. Your partner will be amazed and none of this will break the bank. Food brings us closer together and this will give you both the perfect reason to spend some quality time together and we’ll needed time to talk.


Why not spend the evening at the cinema? Nowadays you tend to be able to find some pretty decent deals, some services even offer 2-1 tickets which can save you a packet. It can get a little costly with add on’s so be wary of your budget. Pick a film you both enjoy and snuggle up on the the back seats together! Mission completed!

Love doesn’t need to bankrupt you or put you in a financial position that makes you uncomfortable – Enjoy each other, create memories that will last you a lifetime – don’t concentrate on the material things, possessions come and go. Working on yourself and your relationship takes time and patience, be sure to set a little time aside each week to really focus on enjoying each other.

cheap date ideas

This blog has been brought to you by the team at Bathmate Direct, a world-leading brand for enhancing sexual confidence and performance. If you’re reading one of our articles for the first time, why not check out our hydropumps, a powerful way to improve penis size, lasting power and more, with results guaranteed (or your money back). Looking for a different experience? Click through to take a look at our ever-changing Pleasure Collection!

Why arent Guys using Condoms Anymore?

Sex is amazing isn’t it, we strive for more pleasure, longer lasting great sex. In this pursuit of pleasure it seems more and more people are putting their sexual health at risk by practising unsafe sex.

So why aren’t people wearing condoms anymore?

It is thought this can be down to a number of things. Allergic reactions – some people are allergic to the chemicals used in condoms but with latex free options and even vegan condoms available there really is no reason to risk it all for one night of passion. Embarrassment – we’ve all been there, when we first become sexually active we think and feel everyone is staring at us when we purchase condoms, this could also be down to finances. Some people aren’t embarrassed to purchase condoms they simply can’t afford them – most sexual health clinics will provide free contraceptives so if this is the case, book an appointment. Don’t take the risk, it’s really not worth it. Lastly but not least, porn. Yes, porn… with the wide availability or porn within the mainstream it seems more and more young people are re-enacting what they see on the screen and risking it all by practising the “pull out method” to read more about this worrying phenomena click here.

the pull out method

What is the worst that can happen?

STDs and STIs

Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), or sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Both are generally acquired and known as sexual diseases. The most important fact is that infections can be also transmitted through no sexual contact! For example it can be transmitted from mother to baby while woman is pregnant, blood transfusions or people who have shared needles. You need to be aware that people who are your friends and seem to be healthy can also have a disease you are not aware of

What are the symptoms of STDs or STIs?

Problems with the genitals and also around the oral or rectal area, feeling pain while urinating, problems with the penis, weird vaginal smell or bleeding, painful sex, lower abdominal pain and even a fever. When you feel ill or have some of these symptoms you have to contact the doctor, it is time for a check up!
What are the causes?

It can be bacteria (gonorrhoea, syphilis and chlamydia), parasites (trichomonas’s), viruses (human papillomavirus, genital herpes, HIV).

What are the risk factors?

Anyone who has any form of sexual contact is exposed to the risk of getting a STD or STI.

• Using NO protection….nowadays everybody should use at least a condom! This is the best form of protection and let’s be clear this is not only for vaginal sex but also anal and oral sex as it can be dangerous and transmit sexual diseases.

• Having sex with multiple partners. Consider the fact that the person you are sleeping with may also have multiple sexual partners they are actively engaging with.

• Parties with alcohol or drugs. Your judgement is not clear and you are more likely to participate in sex with a stranger, inhibitions are lowered, the drinks are flowing everyone is having a good time – you know the rest.
How can I prevent this?

First of all, you have to go to your doctor or sexual health clinic and discuss the symptoms. To avoid the embarrassing scenario you are playing out in your head – use a condom!

HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus)

It is a human immunodeficiency virus. HIV damages the immune system and your body is not able to fight off infections. Your body starts to become fragile and very. It can be also transmitted by infected blood or from mother to child during pregnancy, tattooing, piercing, childbirth or breast-feeding. If you take medication, you will feel better and extend the duration of your life.

the pull out method


Primary infection

A month or two after the virus, you will feel like having flu (this last for about couple of weeks). You can also suffer a headache, muscle pain, joint pain and problems with your mouth. The sad thing is that usually we do not even notice those symptoms and assume that it is something harmless like a common cold.

Clinical latent infection

Also called Chronic HIV. Symptoms are persistent, you will have swelling of lymph nodes during this stage and HIV will affect your blood cells. Unfortunately, there are no specific signs and symptoms. If you do not take any medication, this stage can last up to 10 years or even more.

Symptomatic HIV infection

While HIV destroys your body and immunological system, you may catch more infections or chronic signs and symptoms like diarrhoea, weight loss, fatigue, swollen lymph nodes, feeling depressed, thrush, herpes zoster. Fortunately, nowadays, people have antiviral treatments and do not progress into AIDS. If a person does not have any medication, HIV turns into AIDS in around 10 years.

AIDS damages your immune system. Even a slight fever can be even dangerous to you. Symptoms like night sweat, fever, cold, flu, diarrhoea, spots, fatigue, weight loss, bumps will become prevalent.

the pull out method

Unwanted Pregnancy

An unwanted pregnancy can turn your world upside down. Whilst becoming pregnant is supposed to be a magical time full of promise and hope an unwanted pregnancy particularly between two people who don’t want children together can put huge amounts of stress onto both parties. The time and financial implications plus the gravity of the situation could have a disastrous effect on someone’s mental health. If you are not ready to have children or are not actively trying to conceive with your partner – please be responsible and protect yourself.

To sum up, use a condom and protect yourself no matter what, No amount of pleasure is worth risking your health for.

This blog has been brought to you by the team at Bathmate Direct, a world-leading brand for enhancing sexual confidence and performance. If you’re reading one of our articles for the first time, why not check out our hydropumps, a powerful way to improve penis size, lasting power and more, with results guaranteed (or your money back). Looking for a different experience? Click through to take a look at our ever-changing Pleasure Collection!


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