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What is the P Spot and Why does it feel so Good?

What is the p spot? Like the g spot – with a little twist. What if we told you there was a way to improve your health and derive pleasure at the same time? Guy’s just like you are all over the worlds are discovering the amazing benefits of prostate massage.

Do you know what the prostate is? So, the prostate is a gland located between the bladder and the penis and it is roughly the size of a walnut. The Prostate sits just in front of the rectum. The Prostate is also one of the most important parts of the male body.

prostate care


The centre of the prostate is responsible for transferring urethra from the bladder to the penis and letting urine flow out of your body. That little fella has more responsibilities than you can imagine. First of all, it produces prostatic fluid (alkaline – a miracle juice full of vitamins, minerals and protein), helps with fertility – mixes its fluids (with seminal vesicles) which is designed to transport the sperm made in the testicles. The final journey of the fluid ends in the urethra during ejaculation.

Another feature – it is a type of pump. Yes. A pump that helps semen travel through the penis. When it comes to pleasure, the prostate is sometimes referred to as the male g-spot or sometimes even the p-spot. Prostate stimulation can give you unforgettable orgasms as well as help you with stronger erections. Amazing, right? Well it doesn’t stop there – another feature is that the prostate filters toxins already in your body. This is one of its most important functions. It removes toxins and protects the sperm! And the last one, it helps produce testosterone. This wallnut-sized gland produces 5-alpha-reductase, the enzyme that converts the hormone testosterone in the body to DHT (dihydrotestosterone), which is at least ten times more powerful than simple testosterone. So, to sum up, prostate is one of the most important things in your body fellas!

How can we take care of our prostate gland? The answer is simple – by massaging it, you can also call it prostate stimulation or prostate milking. Nowadays, this kind of massage is very popular amongst men of all ages.

prostate care

What are the advantages of prostate massage?

It will help you with any erectile dysfunctions you may suffer with – Erections are the result of good blood flow and circulation. The more massaging, the better the boner.

It can help you with prostatitis

Prostatitis is a common disease of the prostate gland, which can be caused by a bacterial infection. Do not worry. A quick check up with your Dr is all it takes to stay on top of your prostate health.

It feels very good!

As we stated above, the prostate gland is sometimes known as the male g-spot. While massaging it during sexual play you will get a more intense orgasm. Prostate massage will ultimately give you a better sexual experience when performed correctly.

OK guys. How do you massage it?

You or your partner have to do it properly – now this may take a little patience at the beginning (and lots of lube!).Try and go to the toilet in advance, it may be a little messy until you get the hang of it but don’t worry we have cleaners available that can deal with faecal matter. You can use your fingers, but we also recommend the use of a proper anal toy that is designed to give you anal pleasure. Prostate massaging is not only for pleasure but also for your health too so buy a high quality toy. The quality and chemicals used in the manufacture of sex toys is very important. These toys are designed to match you or your partners shape. Normally, the length is about 4 to 5 inches. Of course, you can find many different ones it just depends on your needs – they come in a wide range of shapes and sizes.

prostate care

Put a condom on your massager to ensure cleanliness (especially when sharing sex toys) and use water-based lubricants. Hold onto the handle or base and slowly insert your toy inside. The end of the toy should gently touch your sweet g-spot. Touching your prostate can cause a very strong erection! This is totally normal. The rest depends on you – you can rub it, pull it out and insert the toy once again. It’s up to you. Start slow, explore your limits and get to know what works best for your body, more importantly – have fun!!

Is your Job Killing you?

Without a doubt, you will need to go to work if you want to survive. Some of us like their work, some of us don’t – that’s life. Some people choose to work in an office, whereas some people choose to do more manual and physical work.

If you do not like your job it may be time to try and find another job. But what if you like your job but your job is slowly killing you? Yes, you read that right – killing you! I am not talking about the pain in your back or constantly being tired but actual risks in everyday life that we just don’t pay attention to. Here at Bathmate we have some handy tips that will help you with staying healthy and safe at work.

worlds most dangerous jobs

First of all if you feel that your work is really affecting your life and ultimately your health it may be time for you to make, or begin planning a new career path. Sometimes we must consider our health and there is no other option.

When you work in an office and sit down for the whole day – remember to try and take an occasional break to get some of your blood circulating. It is necessary to stretch your legs and back every single hour when you work in an office or in any type of work environment where you sit down for sustained periods of time. Try to invest some of your personal time in working out, it will make you feel better. You can walk to walk to the shop, have a nice walk with your dog, go jogging, do yoga or go to the gym. Your brain will release little hormones of happiness – feel good chemicals! This will do a number of things – it will ease depression, anxiety or panic attacks. Sport can also help with your sleep. Trust us, you will feel more relaxed. Next thing to consider is your eyes. Staring at a screen all day long, then your phone all night long can seriously damage them – look at filters, have regular eye tests and try to spend less time on social media on an evening (no matter how difficult that may seem!)

worlds most dangerous jobs

Health and Safety

Try to get used to sitting in the proper position, if you work in manual labour pay attention to health and safety legislations as they are there to protect you. If you sit at an office desk all day your arms should be supported using either your chair arms or desk, do not “crane” your head and try to use the lumbar support of your chair. Your computer should stand in the front of you in a central position but do not place it too close to your eyes (this can cause serious problems), try to carry things using your arms and not force your back to do all the work – lift from your legs! These are some simple things you can do but will help you with taking care of your health at work. Your health is very important!

For those of you who just can’t get enough of work – Turn off your phone and PC. Do not check your email and messages all the time. Your phone and other devices stress you out and you cannot relax properly, remember – its about balance – we all need to unwind every once in while even you workaholic’s. Try to unplug yourself from the matrix and focus on something different. Do not take work home every evening. Managing your time after work is very important. Your mental health also. Everybody deserves free time to focus on themselves and truly recharge.

If you started to feel any of these warning symptoms it may be time to take a moment to step back and assess your overall health – symptoms including – stomach ache, migraines, head aches, anxiety, depression, negativity, tired of being tired, fatigue, sleeping problems. If you suspect you may have a health issue its time to go to the doctor. Have a blood test and other necessary examinations they may recommend.

worlds most dangerous jobs

Here is a list of very high risk jobs

Waiting tables, logging workers, fishing jobs, flight engineers, roofers, steel workers, truck drivers, agricultural workers, electrician, fireman, painters, heavy machinery workers and working with power tools.

What are the most common injuries?

The most common accidents at work are slips, falls, trips, exertion, burning, struck by object, stress, tiredness and electric shocks.

Now usually when it comes to risks at work we only focus on physical injuries but there are also mental ones too which are just as important, things like like depression, anxiety, mental break downs and sadness can all have a disastrous effect on our overall health both short and long term.

What we are trying to get at is there is a risk to everything we do, sometimes we calculate this risk and sometimes we remain blissfully unaware until the damage has already been done. You only have one body, try and look after it the best way you can – work is not everything and sometimes we can get caught up in trying to be a successful as we possibly can be to the detriment of our overall health.

Sex Toys and Tourism

Some of us become more sexually active on vacation than in our day to day life. With this is mind – are there any special considerations when it comes to travelling with sex toys?. Do we know how to travel with them? Are there any restrictions? Is it legal?

We are here to help you out and will tell you how to avoid any embarrassing situations at crowded airports full of people!

First of all, what is a sex toy? It is device that gives us sexual pleasure. Essentially, they are dildos, vibrators, bullets etc. They can be made from many different materials, including glass, silicone and metal – some include batteries, liquids, cables that may require you to declare at the airport.

can i take sex toys abroad

The Law

Check first! Before travelling make sure you are aware of legalities in the country you are visiting – what countries have their own restrictions in case of sex toys? US state Alabama (Sex toys there are criminalized. Thank to the 1998 Anti-Obscenity Enforcement Act that says “any device designed or marketed as useful for the stimulation of human genital organs.”), Iran, UAE (The United Arab Emirates), Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Vietnam, and Thailand consider sex toys illegal. A major part of the countries that ban travelling with sex toys are those which follow strict Islamic laws. It is also worth mentioning that not only sex toys are banned by these countries but also female contraceptive pills as well. Viagra is not regulated by the same laws…. You can google information and keep yourself safe and your travel little more care free. When you travel domestically, check your country’s law. When you travel around the world you have to check both your country’s law and the country you are travelling to.

When we go on holiday, we want our luggage to be as light as possible – it is not only about the weight and costs involved by carrying additional items, but also about the fact that you will have too many things, which you probably won’t even use!, When it comes to sex toys, you will want to take something powerful yet compact.


If your sex toy has batteries, just take them out before journey – you do not want it to buzz while security check you in or when you are on the plane! Do not take any sharp or liquid-filled items.

can i take sex toys abroad


Some sex toys are electric devices. Since July 2014, if your electronic device is placed in your hand luggage and does not turn on at the security gate, you will not be allowed to take it on the plane. This is to make our lives safer and works against terrorism. Every UK airport follows this rule. Following UK law, you should put it in a plastic bag. It makes your travel safer and you will not have to take it out while checking in. Having sex toys is a common thing, not only you want to have nice journey. The same as you are considering taking some lube. You need to be careful – do not to take more that 100ml of any lube you want. Normally, a tourist can bring up to 1 litre of any liquid but in 100 ml bottles. Bear this in mind.

TIP. If you are afraid that your sex toys could be confiscated, you can send them to the destination address and put your name on the box. Remember to send a parcel that requires an adult signature upon delivery.

IF SECURITY asks you about the item, just explain it politely. Sex toys are a lot more common than you think. We know that it is an awkward situation to be in and you may feel embarrassed but the airport staff really won’t care and are just doing their job. They have to work under many different terms and conditions and ask any tourist about electric devices, liquids and sharp items they have found in your hand luggage, it is nothing to be concerned about.

can i take sex toys abroad

Here we are for you, Bathmate has a wide range of small sex toy that will make your travel easy and full of pleasure.

1. VIBE BULLET VIBRATOR – Perfect travel companion, small but powerful – contains batteries so check with airport staff.

2. POWER RINGS – Made from skin safe material you will not need to declare a power ring (just be sure to check the law in your destination)

3. HYDROVIBE – A new way to give you even more pleasure when pumping – contains 2 vibrating bullets with rechargeable batteries – check with airport staff.

4. PENIS PUMP – Travelling with a penis pump should be completely fine (depending on destination) but as they don’t have any batteries or circuit boards to operate they tend to go through airport security with no issues.

To make your travel even easier, you can travel with the following without making any special arrangements MAX OUT (100ml) and BATHMATE CONTROL (7ml). Check our website and find your travel sex toys and lube!

Sun, Sea & Sex: A Guide to Holiday Romance

Believe it or not but everybody – OK maybe not everybody but most people, once in his or her life time, has experienced an amazing travel romance, a summer fling that you will never forget.

When we are on holiday it’s like things feel different, we lose our inhibitions. We are more talkative, open to socialising with new people and friendlier. Just because it is a new environment, nobody knows us, we feel like a brand new person. This new found confidence doesn’t come without risk though…

holiday fling

Safety First

So, first of all, think about safety when you are going out on holiday. Instead of taking everything with you just take some money and your ID. We recommend taking TWO evidences of your identity, like passport, driving licence or ID. Why? One you can take with you when you are going out for a beer, and one you can leave in your hotel room. It is very safe and even if you lose your ID in the town – you still can get back home.

TIP. The identity evidence you use to travel by plane should be left at the hotel room. You will have to come back home one day. Usually by plane. You know what we mean!

Next thing is to tell your friends BEFORE your journey, tell them where you are going to travel to, the hotel address and contact number this is to safeguard you in the case on an emergency.

If you want to be even safer, you can use Smart Traveller Enrolment Program to make sure that your friends will find you in case of any problems, you can also find proper information about every foreign country you want to visit.

Want to meet new people?

Where is the best place to meet new people and your potential new love on the road?

Hotel bar. Why? Because you can meet people who are like minded and looking for the same thing as you. When you go for a party outside the hotel zone, remember to just take the necessary things like your hotel key, some money and one of your IDs. The less you have with you at the party, the less potential risk there is for something to go wrong if you have one too many.

Visiting foreign country gives you also opportunity to get to know another culture. You need to remember, that sometimes you will not be able to read somebody’s behaviour not only because of the language barrier but also because of the different customs, manners and culture. Things that are funny in your country may not be funny for another one, as well as gestures that are different in other countries.

holiday fling

A new person can be cute, nice, talkative open, but you do not know somebody’s real morals and values. You need to be careful, try not to get into any situations that leave you vulnerable to harm. You do not want to wake up with no money and no phone in an unfamiliar place. It is not only about your personal stuff but also about the risk to life. Not to come across as too extreme but I bet you have heard about the many different ‘mysterious’ disappearances of people all around the world. Sometimes staying in public is better than going with someone you don’t know to his or her private apartment. Be very careful, do not drink anything a stranger has bought for you. Love and desire can be very strong sometimes and the prospect of having wild sex may seem appealing at the time but you will thank yourself for being sensible later. Trust us.


ALWAYS remember condoms. Always bring your own condoms and then you can be sure that they are not broken or damaged on purpose and are in date! Without them, you can catch wide range of sexual diseases:
• gonorrhoea
• hepatitis B
• herpes
• chlamydia
• syphilis
• warts
• Human papilloma viruses can also be transmitted through ORAL SEX!

………and get tested regularly, just in case.

When you travel abroad, you need to be aware of the laws in the country you are visiting. For example in the Middle East if you cuddling in the street, or enjoying a quick kiss on the beach and you can actually be arrested. If you are going abroad – respect other people’s culture and their customs.

Unless you are in a country where paying for sex is legal do not sleep with prostitutes or any person you have to pay for sex. First of all, you can have legal problems, secondly, a lot of people can be victims of the illegal sex trade. You are also putting your sexual health at risk, you may even get into a position where you are robbed and assaulted.

holiday fling

Summarising, the most important thing in your journey is the journey itself and getting to explore new, fabulous places. Sex is an addition, a supplement, a travel romance. If you meet someone and spend the night with them remember to enjoy yourself but take precautions to make sure you are safe – it may be an adventure or it could be the start of a new chapter in your life. You never know. The most important thing is to not promise yourself too much.

If you meet someone on holiday and end up sharing a night of passion good for you, it is a natural thing that you feel completely different on holiday. You may feel liberated, confident and ready for anything. Maybe you want to fulfil your deepest dreams and fantasies – including the sexual ones, just remember to stay safe and look after yourselves – you will need to return to reality one day, make sure it is with memories of a fantastic holiday and not the need to take a trip to the nearest clinic.

Singleton’s Survival Guide to Valentines Day

Let’s make it clear – it is not the end of the world that you do not have a partner on Valentine’s Day. Nowadays, many people are single and they are happier because of it. Maybe you can take this special time to take care of yourself and look after your health? You know – focus on what really matters – you!

So how can you survive Valentine ’s Day as a singleton?

First of all, treat yourself. Buy yourself something sensible, or not so sensible – the decision is entirely yours! Maybe you have been looking at something since Christmas but didn’t go for it, well now’s your chance to spalsh the cash totally guilt free! Maybe a book, a game, a bottle of a nice wine, some clothes? Whatever you choose, this is all about you. After that, write yourself a little message, this can be something positive, something you are proud of or something you have achieved! This self-reassurance goes a long way to making you feel comfortable with yourself and happy that your life is going exactly how it should be.

valentines day

Do not make yourself feel bad by judging yourself on other people’s ideals. This is your life, no one else’s – do things when you want, how you want. Imagine how many people are unhappy in their relationships? You do not have that problem. Another innovative option is: if you want to treat yourself on Valentine’s Day you can invest in something like Birchbox! Never heard of it?

Single Swag is a box full of different gifts for singles, from books to wooden art. It is designed to uplift and make you feel special.

Secondly, stay at home and chill – run a bath, cook a meal and pour yourself a glass of your favourite tipple. Truly pamper yourself, take care of your skin, and watch your favourite series. There is no need to feel sad or guilty just because you are single.

Alternatively, if you want to go out, try looking for parties or club events that are designed for single people – some of them are amazing, you can meet interesting people who share the same ideas, thoughts and feelings – Maybe it will be the start of a new chapter in your life?

If you and your friends are single, bonus! You can arrange a nice date with your girls or hang out in a nice pub with the boys. It will be a fun and very uplifting experience. You can share stories of all the disastrous dates you have been on! Having a glass of wine, a beer or sharing some nice food will be the perfect way to spend the day.

valentines day

Spend less time on social media

Why? The answer is simple. Valentines day is the day of those cringey couples sharing pictures, comments, memories, engagements even! People like to over-share.They want you to see just how happy and perfect their lives are (even when for the most part, they actually aren’t) If you are a bit sad and disappointed that you are alone on valentine’s day, it is better for you just to cut off yourself for a day or two. Trust us, there is nothing important to see here!

Maybe it is time to make some life changes? Change your diet, detox and take care of your body? Try to exercise or buy a gym membership. It will motivate you to look better and it could even be your new hobby? Who knows – maybe you might even meet that special person you’ve been searching for?

Go for a walk, stretch in the morning before you go to work – Hit the swimming pool and do a few lengths or ask in your gym about group classes? Have you ever wanted to change something in your life? Maybe this is the best time to embrace those desires and make it happen! Think also about your diet, how much alcohol you drink, do you smoke and are you sleeping enough? Take care of yourself, there is nobody in this world who should love you more than you love yourself. Diet and exercise play huge roles in uplifting our moods, improving our health and giving us an all-round sense of good well-being. Exercise also releases feel good chemicals and today of all days, it may be the boost you really need.

valentines day


How about…..masturbation? There are many advantages to masturbation and self-love. First of all it relaxes you, there are many health benefits to masturbation. It may even help towards preventing some degenerate diseases and well… it makes you smile and it will flood your body with endorphins! The Second thing to consider is that the stress hormone, also called cortisol, gets released when you ejaculate! This is sounding like a pretty good Valentine’s Day so far, right? For those of you who simply cant be bothered to cook on valentine’s day, order your favourite food and as we said before pick your favourite series or movie to watch and kick back. That is why, masturbation and chilling out on Valentine’s day is for you.

Summing up, there are some people in relationships who feel so miserable on Valentine’s Day but you need to say to yourself: everything happens for a reason. Maybe this is the time of opening new doors, taking care of yourself, changing some bad habits, refreshing your relationship with family and friends, and doing things that you have normally not got enough time for.

Cheap Thrills

This article is about cheap sex toys that are available and the potential dangers they can pose to your health. Generally speaking, sex toys are still a taboo topic among some people – however attitudes are changing as people open themselves up to a world of pleasure they never knew existed!. Most people masturbate or plays with his or her partner. It gives us pleasure and helps us relax.

For some of us, it is better to order toys online instead of going to a sex shop and this can be down to convenience or in some cases to avoid embarrassment. So how about the price? Most of us think that sex toys should be cheap, that it is just plastic toy. Nothing could be further from the truth! Toys can be more expensive than we thought and this is down to the time it takes to research, develop and make sure the material used to manufacture them has a high quality and wont damage our health. The thing is that some sex toys are not under FDA regulation.


What is the FDA? It is the Food and Drug Administration that protects customers and consumers from drugs, biological products, medical devices, food supplies, cosmetics and products that can cause health issues. FDA checking is a very long and expensive process – so that is why a major part of all sex toy manufacturers do not have the money or interest in making sure these toys are safe for prolonged usage. Here, Bathmate have prepared a list of cheap toys that can be extremely hazardous for your health.


There is no real advantage of phthalates (other than they are cheap toys to manufacture). First of all they may cause infections, asthma, breast cancer, damage the liver, kidneys, lungs or cause neurodevelopmental issues. Secondly, if you are a pregnant woman, you really shouldn’t use any toys containing phthalates. You are exposing yourself to health issues if use sex toys that contain phthalates.

Another thing to consider is a lot of sex toy companies do not write down every material that was used to produce the toy. Chemicals like phenol, carbon disulphide, toluene timethytin chloride, and cadmium can cause neurological and central nervous system problems.



It is one of the most common materials used in sex toys (some people are allergic to latex condoms etc). Latex is usually used to make dildos. It can cause hives, itching, and a running nose. It can also cause asthmatic symptoms, chest tightness and difficulty in breathing. If you are allergic to latex, symptoms are seen after couple of minutes. You can still use a latex dildo but with a latex free condom.


Unfortunately, glass and ceramic can break easily and put your health in danger.
Moreover, these two materials can be cold and do not change in shape so they are not the most comfortable toy’s to use. Also cheap toys will break easily.


It is actually possible for these toy’s to erode over time. If your sex toy is eroding, get rid of it as soon as it is possible! It accumulates fissures and can cause allergic symptoms.


If you have some sex toys, no matter what quality they are, it would be better for you to keep them in a dry and cool place, and store it properly. Clean them after every single use. Not only does it makes your life easier your toy cleaner and, what is the most important part – you are less prone to infections or health issues caused by a cheap unhygienic sex toy. Try to buy non-porous sex toys that are very easy to clean and do not accumulate any bacteria, fungus or viruses.



Of course they do, as with many things in life you get what you pay for. More expensive toys last longer and are completely safe to use. Look for toys made from Silicone, Pyrex (borosilicate glass), ABS plastic or stainless steel.

Look for sex toys that are made from 100% silicone. Some of the sex toys companies use similar names to make us think that it is made of silicone so be careful. Silicone heats up to the body temperature, you can clean it easily, is non-reactive and better for you!

Pyrex is a kind of a tempered glass used also in laboratories. This glass is extremely hard and does not break easily. Sex toy companies that sell that kind of sex toys do drop tests to check safety levels before they sell it to their customers.

ABS plastic (another name is a medical grade plastic manufacturers who are serious about keeping their customers safe always use medical grade skin safe components in their products.

Stain less steel. Its most obvious feature is that is heavier than the rest of the products manufactured. For some of us – the heavier, the more pleasure. It can be washed easily in a dishwasher, sterilised in boiling water or cleaned with one of our amazing toy cleaners.


The key is to find a safe sex toy company that gives you high quality products and cares about your health more than their profit margins. At Bathmate, we are the king of cock pumps in the sex toy market and we use skin safe medical grade materials in all our products because we really do care about you. You can choose your favourite toy not worry about you or your partner’s health.

If you decide to buy a new sex toy, try to think about your health, not just about the price. Maybe you can spend less – but as a result, your health can be at risk and the costs of medical assistance and the cost to your overall health will be far outweigh the toy’s worth. Bathmate has a wide range of safe sex products so use our handy tips to choose the best product for you or your partner and enjoy the best sex of your life totally risk free.

Shopping for Valentine’s Day

The story behind Valentine’s Day is quite an interesting one. Apparently, St Valentine was a roman priest who broke the emperors ban on marriage by conducting wedding ceremonies in secret. When he was caught, he was sentenced to death. Whilst in prison, the priest found himself smitten with the daughter of his jailor and before his death on the 14th February, he wrote a letter proclaiming his love and signed it – From your Valentine.

These days, Valentine’s Day is celebrated in a much more civilised fashion, with cards, gifts and proclamations of love high on the agenda. But for some, choosing a Valentine’s Day gift isn’t always easy. Therefore, we have put together a handy Valentine’s Day shopping guide to help you on your way.

valentines day

Book a weekend getaway

Booking a romantic getaway during the Valentine’s weekend doesn’t just show someone how much you love them, but it allows you to enjoy quality time together as a couple too. You can enjoy romantic walks in the countryside, go out for a delicious meal or even hit the town and let your hair down! For those with a tight budget, organising childcare and having a night at home to yourselves is equally as much fun. Cook a lovely meal, watch a film together and ditch the bedtime routine in favour of a wild night of unbridled passion.

Experiment with light bondage

Valentine’s Day is centred around the expression of feelings and declarations of love. So, nothing says I love you quite like an evening of spanking and bondage. Light bondage is a great way to add a new dimension to your sex life. An all in one bondage kit is a great choice for bondage beginners because they have a selection of light bondage items to experiment with. During a romantic evening with your Valentine, applying gentle restraints and inhibiting the sense of sight with a blindfold helps to build anticipation, whilst an array of ticklers, teasers and light spankers heighten the senses.

Sexy lingerie for Valentine’s Day

Buying sexy Valentine’s lingerie may seem like a cliché, but that’s because it works. After all, there’s no better time to seduce your lover with something sexy and spectacular than Valentine’s Day! If you’re buying lingerie for your lover, always make sure that you check their size beforehand as this can help to prevent any mishaps and if you’re not sure, purchase a ‘one size’ garment, but remember that these are usually for sizes 8-16.

If you have the chance, take a look at the items that they already wear to get a better understanding of the style and colour of lingerie. Remembering of course, to make sure that they aren’t going to walk into the room and find you rifling through their underwear drawer. Because that would be embarrassing….

valentines day

Splash out on sex toys

The thought of presenting your Valentine with a sex toy like the Glow in the Dark Bathmate Tickle may leave you feeling a little hot under the collar, but sex toys make a lovely gift for a special someone. They are fun, they offer great results and sex toys are incredibly versatile. For example, those who usually have sex in the bedroom may want to spice things up a little by having sex in the bath or shower this Valentine’s Day. Not only does this add a whole new element to bedroom play, but experimenting with the sensations of a waterproof sex toy combined with the sensory element of hot and cold water is a great way to enjoy sex that is more adventurous. For those who live in shared housing, the noise of a running shower is ideal for those times when you want to muffle your moans of pleasure.

Enjoy better sex

For those simply seeking a better thrill in the bedroom this Valentine’s Day, experimenting with sex toys and sex aids can help to increase your pleasure during sex and help sex to last longer. For example, a female partner rarely achieves orgasm with penetrate sex alone and therefore, foreplay is an extremely important tool in bridging the gap between the male and female orgasm. Taking the time to explore your partners body through massage, sex toys and light bondage can help sex to last longer whilst also increasing the intensity of orgasm. For those, this may involve experimenting with massage oils to help set the mood, using oral sex aids to improve oral sex or even experimenting with different types of lubricant can help to add a little more excitement in the bedroom this Valentine’s Day.

If you have erectile dysfunction and haven’t experienced intimacy with your partner for some time. surprise them this Valentine’s Day with a strong and powerful erection. Combining a penis pump such as the Hydromax 7 with a vibrating cock ring is guaranteed to give you both and unforgettable Valentine’s Day.

valentines day

Pay a visit to Uranus this Valentines’ Day

Joking aside, anal sex and anal foreplay is a very under explored and thrilling way to increase pleasure in the bedroom for both men and women. With the help of a decent anal lubricant and sex toys that are appropriate to your level of experimentation, you can reach dizzying new heights of pleasure. For example, did you know that the prostate (often called the male G Spot) is located within the rectum. With some gentle stimulation, this gland can bring a man to a knee trembling climax. Not only that, regular stimulation of the prostate can help to prevent certain health issues such as an enlarged prostate and prostate cancer.

For females, anal exploration is something which is rarely considered because it gets a lot of bad press. However, did you know that the anus is full of super sensitive nerve endings? Or, that using a butt plug helps to create a very intense orgasm because it pushes the vaginal wall closer together. With a little experimentation and a lot of patience, paying a visit to your anus might just be the exciting new realm that you were hoping to stumble across this Valentine’s Day.

Health benefits of Prostate Milking

According to the NHS, prostate cancer is the most common cancer amongst men, with many sufferers having cancer for many years before realising that they have the condition. According to health experts, over 47,000 men are diagnosed with this type of cancer per year in the UK alone so taking care of your prostate health is vital. Thankfully, this activity is quite often a lot of fun to, particularly as the prostate has the ability to produce some of the strongest orgasms that a man can ever experience.
But first things first, let’s look at some facts.

how to milk your prostate

What is the prostate gland?

Often referred to as the P Spot or the male G Spot, the prostate is a walnut shaped gland which helps to create the milky fluid that carries sperm when you ejaculate. The gland is very sensitive during stimulation and can lead to a very intense orgasm!

Where can I find my Prostate gland

The prostate gland is located between the bladder and penis and can usually be felt by inserting a finger gently into your bottom. Those searching for the prostate gland will feel it approximately two inches into the rectum, facing your belly button.

My prostate is enlarged and painful?

If you find that your prostate is enlarged and painful, try not to worry as an enlarged prostate can occur as you get older. However, it is important that you follow this up with an appointment with your GP to rule out conditions such as prostatitis, an enflamed prostate and prostate cancer.

Those with an enlarged prostate may find that urinating is more difficult in that you may have a weaker flow of urine, dribble after urinating or never feel that your bladder is fully empty. You may also find yourself making extra trips to the toilet, especially at night time. Treatment for an enlarged prostate can range from medication, surgery or simple lifestyle changes.

how to milk your prostate

How to keep the prostate healthy

It is possible to avoid painful conditions such as an enlarged prostate by being more mindful of your prostate health. With over 30 million people worldwide reporting issues with prostate health, getting to know your prostate and keeping it in good condition is very important.
For example, did you know that eating quercetin-rich foods such as apples, onions, leafy greens and citrus fruits can help to boost the body’s natural antioxidants and help to reduce your chances of suffering from prostate cancer. Furthermore, experts have recently discovered that eating garlic can help to improve the urine flow of those suffering from an enlarged prostate. With everything that we eat and drink playing such a huge part in prostate health, it pays to enjoy a wide and varied diet and enjoy regular exercise.

The health benefits of prostate milking

In addition to being more mindful of diet and exercise. Another way to ensure that you keep the prostate healthy involves regular milking of the prostate gland. Prostate milking, or prostate massage as it is sometimes known helps to circulate blood around the gland whilst also flushing out bacteria and toxins.
The process involves inserting a finger into the rectum to stimulate the prostate gland. For best results, experts recommend that the prostate is milked at least once a month. However, those suffering with an enlarged prostate may benefit from more frequent milking, usually once a week to keep their prostate at optimum health.

How to milk your prostate

Milking the prostate is much easier than you think and can be done either internally or externally. To prepare for prostate massage, you must always empty your bowels and bladder. For some, enjoying a warm bath can also help to relax the you beforehand and ensure that your body is clean. If massaging the prostate manually, having some lubricant and non-latex gloves close to hand will help the process a lot.

Once you are ready, follow this simple procedure.

• Gently circle the anus to help it relax and apply a generous helping of lubricant before slipping your gloved finger into the anus.
• Gently feel for the prostate gland. Remember, it feels like a small walnut and is located a couple of inches into the rectum.
• Apply light pressure to the prostate for a few seconds and release. Continue to repeat this process on and around the prostate.
• You may find that you get an erection. This is perfectly normal. However, try to avoid penile masturbation as this will hinder the milking process.
• If it helps, apply pressure to the perineum too. This is the smooth skin located between your testicles and anus.

how to milk your prostate

Sex aids to help with prostate milking

Despite its success, prostate massage is often much easier if you use a prostate massager. For those who haven’t heard of them, a prostate stimulator is a device which has been carefully created to deliver precise prostate stimulation. For beginners to prostate play, a vibrating prostate massager can help to ease you into the process whilst simultaneously applying pressure to the perineum too. However, those who find vibration a little too intense may want to look at manual prostate massagers. These prostate stimulators use a series of curves and grooves to apply dual stimulation to the perineum and prostate.

Getting help

Prostate milking is an extremely pleasurable way of keeping your prostate healthy. However, it is very important to note that before experimenting with prostate play or making any life style changes such as diet, it is always advisable to visit your GP and seek advice. Furthermore, if you notice any discomfort during prostate massage it is very important to visit your GP and ask them to check your prostate. You never know, it might just save your life!

How to use a cock ring for better sex

A cock ring is a very simple device that slips onto an erect penis and can help you to enjoy better sex. If you haven’t already tried a cock ring for sex or masturbation, put it on your ‘to do’ list right now! Lots of people use a cock ring for better sex, or to help sex last longer. If worn during sex with a female partner, some cock rings can contain vibrating units which deliciously graze the clitoris to deliver a knee -trembling female orgasm.

How does a cock ring work?

A cock ring works by gently putting pressure on the base of the penis so that it restricts the supply of blood leaving the penis. This enables the penis stays harder for longer because the chambers of the penis still remain full. The cock ring is placed at the base of the penis and may feel a little tight, but this is quite normal. However, if the wearer begins to feel uncomfortable the ring will need to be removed.

Cock rings like the Eight fit around the base of the penis and the testicles to help delay ejaculation and intensify orgasm. For beginners, a simple stretchy cock ring such as a Power
Ring can help you to get to grips with your desired level of constriction whilst also helping you enjoy better sex.

cock rings

How to use a beginner’s cock ring

It is much better to put on a beginner’s cock ring when you have a semi erection as this gives you some manoeuvrability. Put plenty of water-based lubricant directly onto your penis and keep hold of it with one hand. With your other hand, put the cock ring on and slide it gently to the bottom of your penis. It should feel tight, but not uncomfortable. Move the cock ring into position. If it contains a vibrating unit you may want to move this around to increase the chances of the unit brushing against your partner’s clitoris during sex.

As you enjoy penetrative sex, the deeper you thrust the more likely you are to stimulate the clitoris with the vibrating unit. To increase her pleasure even further, experiment with the length and duration of your thrusts. For example, are you going to tease with a slow and long thrust with particular emphasis on longer clitoral stimulation, or make her beg for more with faster and more intense thrusts. All the while, trying to hold back and incredible full body orgasm yourself…

Please note: Cock rings should not be worn for longer than 30 minutes at a time. However, they only need to be taken off for a few moments before you continue the fun. If using a lubricant, make sure that the lubricant is condom friendly (if using with a condom) and suitable for use with your cock ring.

How to get better sex and masturbation with a cock ring

For best results, spend some alone time with your cock ring before introducing it into partnered sex. Not only does this help to avoid disappointment if it isn’t a great fit, but it also gives you the opportunity to ensure that you’re comfortable with the cock ring. After sliding the cock ring onto your penis, enjoy some experimentation with the different sensations that the cock ring delivers whilst you masturbate. As the vibration resonates through your body, explore the sensations that the different modes of vibration make you feel. Play around with the settings and get used to changing them as you play. Are they easy to use or difficult to change when the ring is in place? Getting to know how the cock ring works before you use it with a partner is the key to having a great time.

how to use a cock ring

A cock ring works better when you don’t over think things. After all, most cock rings are very small and non-threatening and using one certainly doesn’t imply anything about your prowess. For many, they are simply a fun way to add a little more excitement into the bedroom. There are lots of different variations to try if a vibrating cock ring isn’t to your taste. For example, a textured cock ring contains a series of nubs and ridges to provide a gentler form of stimulation, whilst some cock rings also have attachments which also stimulate other parts of the body during use. Whichever way you want to play is totally up to you.

Buying a cock ring

Using a cock ring for better sex is easy if you know how. But for some, it can be somewhat of a mystery. At Bathmate we have a number of different cock rings and sex aids to help spice things up in the bedroom and encourage more adventurous sex. Therefore, if you need a little help and advice, simply contact Customer Services to discuss your needs.

How to cure impotence using sex toys

Those who suffer from impotence, or erectile dysfunction will tell you exactly how difficult the condition is to talk about. Many men simply suffer in silence, with many feeling too embarrassed to speak to their GP. But they are not alone, at some point in their lives most men will experience some type of erectile dysfunction. However, if these difficulties continue, it is very important that you do seek help. After all, there are many different ways to cure erectile dysfunction and impotence.

What is impotence?

Impotence, or erectile dysfunction occurs when a man struggles to achieve an erection long enough or strong enough for masturbation or sexual intercourse. This may be down to a number of reasons including an underlying health condition, stress, medication or poor mental health. Impotence can be very damaging to a man’s self-confidence because quite often this leads to a feeling on inadequacy and embarrassment, with many men feeling too ashamed to discuss the condition. Many people believe that erectile dysfunction only affects older men. However, this condition can affect men of all ages.

how to cure impotence

What causes impotence?

Sexual arousal is a complex process which requires several organs such as brain, penis and nervous system to achieve. Therefore, there could be a number of different factors which contribute to the condition. However, some causes of impotence include:

• Heart disease
• High cholesterol and blood pressure
• Diabetes
• Obesity
• Certain medications
• Smoking
• Alcohol or drug use
• Depression
• Anxiety
• Stress
• Recent surgery

I think I might be impotent?

If you think that you might be suffering from erectile dysfunction, it is very important that you go to the GP and get some advice to rule out any underlying health conditions. The doctor may take some tests and provide some advice on the best type of treatment for you. These treatments may include surgery, medication, counselling or sex therapy. Whichever you choose, many of these treatments are highly successful and you have an excellent chance of enjoying a normal sex life again.

how to cure impotence

Can you have sex if you are impotent?

There is so much more to sex than putting a penis in a vagina, particularly when there are so many other erogenous zones to explore. Bringing someone to orgasm with foreplay alone is an incredible experience and it doesn’t require an erection! However, if the penetrative element of sex is important to you, a penis pump like the Hydromax 7 is a safe and comfortable method of achieving an erection if you are impotent. Better still, combine dick pumping with a cock ring will ensure that your erection lasts longer and feels stronger.

Sex aids for impotence

In addition to penis pumps, there are many other male sex aids that are suitable for men who are unable to achieve an erection. Whilst it is always better to seek treatment, some people are reluctant to use medication or surgery to cure their erectile dysfunction. Using sex toys can enable men to enjoy satisfying sex life whilst they consider other options available to them.

A cock ring, such as the Bathmate Strength works by sitting at the base of the penis and gently restricting the flow of blood leaving the penis. Thus helping you to stay harder for longer and strengthening a weak erection. If you struggle to get hard at all, combining a penis pump and cock ring can help you to achieve an erection for sex. They can be used alone during masturbation or with a partner. This product also stimulates both partners but offers more freedom in terms of the positions that you can enjoy. However, if you find vibration a little too intense, why not opt for a textured cock ring such as the Bathmate Spartan? You get the same great results in terms of erectile longevity and mutual pleasure, but without the intense sensations.

how to cure impotence

Prostate stimulators such are also a great way to experience an intense male orgasm without the need for an erection. A slimline massager is perfect for beginners because a slimline design is easy to use, whilst a series of curves and grooves apply the perfect level of pressure required for prostate stimulation. For those who want to add a little more excitement, a vibrating prostate massager teases and thrills the gland with multi-speed vibration and firm pressure. During couples play, why not combine knee trembling prostate stimulation, with a vibrating cock ring to ensure that you achieve a strong erection and a powerful climax. What could be better than that?

Getting help

Erectile dysfunction doesn’t have to be a problem. Whilst you are waiting for treatment, take the time to explore the other parts of your body that bring you sexual pleasure. Enjoy sensual massage, experiment with oral sex, or engage in a spot of mutual masturbation. At Bathmate, we have an award winning range of products available for those who want to enjoy sex whilst impotent.

How to measure for a cock ring

For those seeking a little extra va va voom in the bedroom, a cock ring offers the perfect solution. Not only can a cock ring help you to last longer during sex, but some cock rings can also help to intensify the male orgasm too. If you haven’t tried one before, cock rings are very easy to use and offer immediate results.

How does a Cock Ring Work?

A cock ring works by sliding down the shaft of the penis and applying gentle pressure to the base. This gentle application of pressure helps to restrict the flow of blood from leaving the penis, thus leaving you with an erection that is harder, stronger and lasts up to four times longer. Cock rings can be used during masturbation to help you enjoy longer lasting pleasure, or used during sex with a partner. If sex is taking place with a female partner, using a vibrating cock ring can help to stimulate the clitoris at the same time, so she enjoys an explosive orgasm.

how to measure for a cock ring

Choosing a cock ring

There are lots of different types of cock ring, each offering something different in terms of user experience. At Bathmate, we are proud of our extensive range of cock rings and have a product to suit everyone, so we highly recommend taking some time to look through our collection.

A vibrating cock ring like the Tickle Vibe Ring is often stretchy but has the same qualities as a traditional cock ring in that it can help to prolong ejaculation and intensify the male orgasm. Because these cock rings have a decent amount of stretch, they are ideal for those who require a cock ring to suit a wider girth. Also, stretchy cock rings are so easy to use, they are perfect as a beginner’s couples cock ring. As the vibrating chamber works it magic, this helps to stimulate both partners during sex and can spice up masturbation.

A double cock ring like the Eight sits around the base of the penis and behind the testicles to increase sensation and intensify climax. Because the vibrating penis ring prevents the testicles from retracting towards the body during climax to create a longer lasting and more intense orgasm.

how to measure for a cock ring

An adjustable cock ring is also very good for beginners or for those who have a larger girth. Because this cock ring is adjustable, it is ideal for those seeking to experiment with different levels of construction. Try a firmer grip for more intense results, or opt for a looser fit if you’re just playing around. Either way, this cock ring is perfect for those who prefer versatility.

A rigid cock ring is probably one of the oldest styles of cock ring available with some cock rings being crafted from materials such as stone, bone and precious metals. Usually recommended for the more advanced players, rigid cock rings offer a much firmer grip and require the wearer to be measured before the ring is purchased. Choosing a metal ring that doesn’t contain nickel or anything that irritates is also very important as this helps to improve your overall comfort. It also helps to have plenty of lubricant close to hand to help you remove the ring easier too.

How is a cock ring measured?

Rigid cock rings are measured by diameter, which is the figure that you get by measuring across the centre of the cock ring. The achieve the level of constriction that suits your size, you need a cock ring that is a little smaller than your measurements. For beginners, it is worth noting that you may find yourself getting into difficulties if you go too small. Therefore, it is much better to go a little bit smaller and decrease further in size as your confidence and experience grows.

How to measure yourself for a cock ring

Measuring for a cock ring is much easier than you think, but it is important that you are precise. Therefore, it is advisable to measure a few times to ensure that you get the correct result. For best results, have a soft measuring tape or a piece of string and a rule close to hand.

Firstly, allow your penis to become erect and wrap the measuring tape around the base of your shaft. It is important to ensure that the tape is wrapped around the thickest part of the penis so that you have the most accurate measurement in millimetres. This is the circumference of your penis. If you don’t have a tape measure to hand, use a piece of string and check the measurement against a ruler.

Once you have the circumference, divide your circumference by 3.14 to get the diameter.

how to measure for a cock ring

Buying a cock ring

Once you have measured your penis for a cock ring and you’re happy that your measurements are accurate, it’s time to start shopping! Remember to check the product specifications of each product to find the correct diameter. Thicker rings are usually heavier and offer added weight to the user which in turn, helps to increase stimulation, whereas some shoppers prefer the weightless sensation of a thin metal cock ring. It’s just a matter of personal taste.

Those who love the intensity of a double cock ring will be thrilled to hear that you can pick up rigid cock rings that encompass both the penis and testicles. Therefore, you can still enjoy a prolonged and more intense ejaculation, with the increased intensity of a firmer grip.

Staying safe with a rigid cock ring

It’s important to remember that as with all cock rings, the ring must be removed at least once every half an hour to give the penis a break and enable blood to circulate. Furthermore, it is advisable to always keep a suitable lubricant close to hand. This this can help to safely remove the cock ring and stops the metal dragging painfully across your delicate skin.

Bigger, Better, Bathmate

Opinions on whether you can permanently increase the size of your penis are pretty mixed. After all, wouldn’t all men be walking around with a ten-inch penis if that were the case? However, there are ways that you can increase the size of your penis without resorting to dangerous operations or risky medication.

According to an independent study, 70% of Bathmate users experienced an increase in the length and girth of their penis after using the penis pump. Not only that, with regular usage these results can become permanent! Our users also reported a stronger and longer lasting erections too.

can i get a bigger penis

What is a Penis Pump?

A basic penis pump consists of a cylindrical chamber and a hand or electrical pump mechanism. The chamber is placed over the penis to create a seal, whilst air or water is used to create a vacuum which gently draws blood into the penis and creates an erection. Once the desired level of thickness and length has been achieved, a cock ring is placed onto the penis to ensure that the erection remains firm and strong.

Penis pumps are a great way to strengthen a weak erection or increase the size of your penis. Also, because a pump encourages blood flow into the penis, regular usage of a cock pump is a great way to keep your penis healthy. For those who prefer a little titillation as they pump, the vacuity of the pump has been reported to mimic the sucking sensations of oral sex, so why not have a fun as you as you play?

Different Types of Penis Pump

Despite offering similar results, there are a variety of penis pump to choose from, with offering a different experience in terms the way that they operate. The best penis pump to buy is a pump that is completely safe to use, but has a working method which suits you best. Water based penis pumps are said to be the most powerful and safest pumps on the market.
A manual pump is pumped by the user, either using a handball pump, a grip handle pump or by manually pumping up and down. Automatic pumps use an electric pump to create a vacuum. However, despite offering more efficient results, many users have reported that they prefer the control that they have during manual pumping.

Hydropumps such as the Bathmate Hydromax are pumped manually and use water instead of air to draw blood into the penis. This type of dick pump is thought to be safer than a dry pump because the water acts as a cushion to protect the penis during pumping. On the other hand, Dry pumps use air to create a vacuum during pumping. The vacuity can be created using a hand pump or electrically pumped.

can i get a bigger penis

How to use a penis pump safely

In order to use a penis pump safely, it is very important that you read the manufacturer’s instructions before you start. Every product works a little differently and therefore, there may be different safety aspects to bear in mind. Furthermore, if you suffer from erectile dysfunction or take medication, it is always advisable to seek advice from your GP before you start pumping regularly.

Check that you have the correct size of dick pump for your personal needs. If you aren’t sure what size you require, you can contact our customer service team for more information. Some pumps like the Bathmate HydroXtreme contain a measuring gauge so you can upgrade to a larger pump if you outgrow the one that you are using. Therefore, it is very important to keep track of your gains.

You must never use a penis pump if you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol as this may lead to injury. Furthermore, before you use the take a few minutes to relax. If you’re using a hydro pump this is used in the water so enjoy a relaxing bath first. Before beginning to pump, ensure that you have both hands free so that they can remove the pump when you achieve the desired erection.

can i get a bigger penis

You may need to trim your pubic hair and apply lubricant to ensure that you can create a seal but this depends on the type of pump that you are using. For example, a hydro pump uses water to create the seal so you don’t need a lubricant. However, usage information can usually be found on the manufacturer’s instructions, so ensure that you read them carefully.
Before using the dick pump, sit with your legs open so that your testicles hang lower that your penis. If they become trapped, it could cause a serious injury. Check that the vacuum valve is closed, and that you are able to access the valve. Pump slowly, taking a short break between each pump to check that the pressure is comfortable. This also gives your penis time to adjust to the pressure.

After pumping for 2 minutes, open the valve to release the vacuity and remove your penis from the chamber. Take short break to massage your penis as this encourages the blood to circulate. Once you feel ready, repeat the process for a further 2-3 cycles. Once you have completed pumping, apply a cock ring to prolong your erection.
If you experience any pain or abnormal discolouration, seek medical assistance immediately.
How often should you use a penis pump to increase the size of your penis

To increase the size of your penis permanently, it is recommended that you use a penis pump between three to five times a week. However, it is important to remember that everyone is different and results will vary from person to person.


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