Deep Sleep: Is it time to Change that Old Bed?

Sleep is important, but how important is what you are sleeping on? Most people wash and change their sheets frequently but how many of us consider replacing our beds? And when should we do it?


What are the risks?

There are 2 major risks that instantly spring to mind, your mattress itself and the structure of your bed frame.

1. Bed bugs

I believe that you have probably heard about them already. Bed bugs are a type of insect that love to feast on human blood and they usually bite us at night time. What do these bites do to our bodies? Bed bug bites can cause a variety of health problems like skin rash, allergic reactions and mental health problems as well. Bed bug bites usually appear as a small area of redness or even a blister. Unfortunately, it takes a couple of days to get rid of the itchiness and you can also feel tired and have a fever. The good thing (if we can say that) about bed bugs is that they do not transmit any diseases. They usually like to bite our legs, arms, feet and shoulders. Check your bed regularly to avoid bed bugs.

2. Bacteria’s

So, my dear sleep lovers, there are four main strains of bacteria that really like to spend time with us in between the sheets! The first and the most common bacteria is called gram-negative rods. Gram-negative rod causes pneumonia and other commonly known infections. Unfortunately, not everybody knows that gram-negative rods are very dangerous and can have an antibiotic resistance. It means that we should wash our sheets at least a couple of times per month. Other bacteria that are in our sheets are called bacilli. Bacilli love not only our bed but also our food – they the usual suspects when it comes to food poisoning, but gram-positive rods aren’t as harmful as gram-negative ones. The forth and the last bacteria is called gram-positive Cocci. After a week of using the same sheets, our bed has almost 5 million bacteria…but after 4 weeks there is almost 12 million. It is very important to change the bed sheets. Why are there so many bacteria in our beds? Because we lose some skin at night, we sweat etc. Tip: try to have a shower before going to bed, not only in the morning. Then your bed will be fresher and a little bit cleaner!


3. Back pain

First of all, you need to take care of your posture. The best position to sleep is on your right hand side, with your knees bent up slightly. This is the best option for blood flow, as you have the smaller and lighter left lung that rests on the heart in this position, maximising blood flow. Remember to sleep on the pillow because the pillow fills the gap between the shoulders, neck and head so the spine and neck remain in good alignment. Do you know how much work our necks do every single day when we sit or stand? That is why it is so important to take care of our posture also at night.

4. Bed frame risks

The best thing that you can do for your back health is to invest proper money into a new bed. The mattress is the most important thing but the bed frame is also a part of it. What risks does the bed frame have? The quality of the bed frame is the key point. Is it wooden? Metal? To be honest, the best ones are wooden – because they are natural. You need to check if the bed frame is durable and well-designed. Every single bed slat needs to be checked as well as every single joining pin. A good sturdy bed is a recipe for a great night’s sleep.

So how much sleep should you be getting on average?

9 hours? 6 hours? It’s not just the number of hours you need to sleep but there is something more important – the quality of your sleep. If you sleep a lot of hours but still have trouble waking up in the morning and feel drained, the quality of your sleep is not good enough. We know the 2 different stages of sleep – deep sleep and REM. Deep sleep is the time when our body repairs itself and builds up energy for the next day, while REM sleep takes care of our mental health. If you want to sleep better you have to avoid avoiding alcohol, nicotine, and noises at night. Try to use ear plugs – even if we sleep our ears still listen to everything around us.

Normally, we need about 8 hours of sleep, but it does depend on the individual person.


How often should I change my mattress?

The life of a mattress depends on… the quality of the mattress. It depends on how you take care of your mattress, our posture during sleeping in it and how often you change the sheets. If you want to get the best quality sleep so your body can relax and regenerate – you will need a good mattress. There are three types of mattresses. Soft mattresses – conform to your shape but do not support across the entire body. Medium firm mattresses – comfortable, support and alleviate pressure point pain in most people. Very firm mattresses – very good support but no conformability, which can lead to pressure point pain. If you see that your mattress has changed its shape and you feel a change in your sleep quality it means that it is time to change the mattress.

How often should I change my bed frame?

What are the main signs that say it’s time to change the bed frame? It’s cracking or creaking when you get in or out, the mattress does not sit well, split wood, bent screws or other hardware issues, bad quality of sleep and bent slats. Remember, whenever you buy a new mattress it is also a good idea to consider the age and performance of the bed frame. An old bed frame changes the quality of your sleep, even if you have a new mattress.

Sleep is extremely important to living a healthy balanced lifestyle, if you want to read more about this subject, you can click here.

Sexual Health Week 2019: Facts about Masturbation

When we think about sexual satisfaction, immediately our thoughts turn to those who are in a couple and enjoying a happy, healthy sex life. However, it is very easy to forget that sexual satisfaction is something that is equally as achievable for those who are happily single too. Masturbation is usually a solo experience that is enjoyed by lots of different people at all stages of life. In fact, a little self-love goes a long way in helping us to achieve sexual fulfilment.

Why is masturbation important?

Masturbation involves touching yourself for sexual pleasure and it is a perfectly normal part of life. People often masturbate using their hands or using sex toys such as a vibrator or a textured penis sleeve. Lots of people enjoy masturbation, but very rarely do people talk about it, because the topic is deemed to be taboo. This may be because of myths that were created many years ago which suggested that people who masturbate will go to hell, they will go blind, this will become infertile, their genitals will shrink, or their palms will become hairy. However, none of these statements have ever proved to be true.

masturbation facts

However, what the science does say, is that masturbation plays an important part in improving our overall physical and mental health. Not only does is help us to discover our likes and dislikes in the bedroom, but when you have an orgasm your body releases a rush of endorphins which are hormones that make you feel good. This can happen during masturbation or when having sex with your partner. There are lots of other benefits to masturbation too, but more about those later.

Can anyone masturbate?

Anyone can masturbate regardless of age, sex, gender or their sexuality. It is perfectly normal and healthy. People masturbate for lots of different reasons, but the main reasons are that masturbation feels good, it relieves stress, it can help someone to feel more relaxed, they may want to understand their own sexual needs more or that they simply want to release a little sexual tension. However, it is important to remember that masturbation is usually an act that is done in private so although anyone can masturbate, you cannot masturbate wherever you want.

Is masturbation when you are in a relationship cheating?

Masturbation when you are in a relationship is not cheating and lots of people in relationships do enjoy a little self-love now and again. I would go as far to say that masturbation can actually help to improve your sex life with your partner because you are more in tune with your own sexual needs and therefore, can express to your partner the different things that turn you on. This can be as simple as a little extra pressure ’here’ and a little more focus ‘over there’ to create a little more va va voom between the sheets. If you want to enjoy intimacy with your partner without having sex, you can masturbate each other or masturbate whilst your partner watches. It’s a great way to share intimacy without the risks of pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections.

masturbation facts

What are the health benefits of masturbation?

Masturbation helps to relieve

Although we are warned not to over-rely on masturbation to relieve stress. Masturbation can help you to relax. Often, masturbation takes place when you are alone and therefore taking some time out from your busy schedule or hectic family life. When you start to feel aroused a chemical called dopamine is released and gives us a feeling of pleasure. When we orgasm, the rush of endorphins provides a feel good factor which keeps us glowing with pleasure for hours afterwards. Alongside the feeling of pleasure, is also a sleepy relaxed feeling which is great for those who need a little me time.

Masturbation can ease period pains

For women, that time of the month can bring a barrage of nasty painful cramps as well as a poor complexion and low mood. Whilst many women don’t feel at their sexiest during their period, there are some perks to masturbating during this time. The hormones that your body releases during sex and masturbation act as natural painkillers and this can help to ease painful period pains. However, this may not be the case for everyone so take some time to listen to your body and experiment with the sensations.

Masturbation puts your in touch with your sexuality

Taking some time to touch yourself in a safe, controlled environment is a great way for people to get in touch with their sexuality and explore sexual pleasure. Many adults have had sexual relationships for years but experience very little sexual fulfilment. Spending some time pleasuring yourself and learning about your individual needs can help you to understand what your body needs sexually to orgasm and encourage the confidence to say what you want in the bedroom.

masturbation facts

Masturbation can help to improve your sleep

It’s no secret that men usually fall asleep straight after sex, but the same goes for women too. In addition to the other hormones we have spoken about, the release of prolactin and oxytocin during climax help you to feel nice, sleepy and relaxed. Instead of a glass of warm milk to get you off at night, why not reach for your favourite sex toy and try actually getting off?
You’ll sleep like a baby! A good night’s sleep also helps to boost the libido too, so it’s a winning formula.

When masturbation becomes a problem

An over-reliance on masturbation can be an indicator of an addiction. Whilst regular masturbation is perfectly normal, particularly amongst adolescents, if it is impacting negatively on your day to day life, or you are concerned about your increased reliance on masturbation, you can get help. Speak to your GP about a referral to a specialist counselling programme or seek help from a charitable organisation such as No Fap who send out a free Ebook to all their new subscribers.

Sexual Health Week 2019: Making Sexual Health more Inclusive

After the sad liquidation of the Family Planning Association, Sexual Health Week will now be organised by the young peoples Sexual Health Charity, The Brook. For those who haven’t heard of Sexual Health week, in 2019 this week will run from Monday the 16th September to Friday 22nd September and the theme of this year’s campaign is making sexual health more inclusive, with much of the focus on normalising sex and relationship education for those with disabilities.

sexual health week

At Bathmate, we have a very popular range of sexual health products such as our world famous Bathmate Hydro pumps, Bathmate Power Rings, Anal training plugs and bedroom essentials. One of the factors that is hugely important to our brand is ensuring that our products are inclusive to everyone and continuously striving to improve our working methods so that our high standards continue.

With this in mind, we decided to look at the different ways in which sex toys can be used by those who have different sexual needs to other people. Although we won’t be able to cover all the individual needs that people may have, we do hope that we can provide a little inspiration for those looking for a sex toy that suits them.

Bathmate Hydropumps

Bathmate Hydropumps have lots of great benefits in that they can help to increase the length and girth of your penis. But did you know that for lots of people, using a Bathmate penis pump can also enable them to enjoy a healthy and happy sex life too?

Those suffering with erectile dysfunction, this usually means that they cannot achieve an erection, or that their erections are too weak for sexual intercourse. For couples, this often means that they struggle with a loss of intimacy and a reduced sex life. There are medications that can be tried, such as Viagra. However, this treatment is not always suitable for people taking other medications.

A hydropump is a safe and easy alternative to traditional air penis pumps. As the water encourages blood flow to the penis, this helps to create a strong erection. For many people, using a penis pumps means that they can continue to enjoy a healthy sex life with their partner.

sexual health week

Bullet vibrators

Vaginismus is a condition in which the vagina contracts and closes when you try to insert something such as a penis or vibrator. For sufferers, it can be very painful, confusing and distressing. Vaginismus can occur without warning, even when you have previously enjoyed regular sexual intercourse. Sufferers have no control over the condition, and it does not diminish feelings of arousal. Because vaginismus is a psychological condition, treatment often involves therapy to talk through issues involving penetration and exercises which help to encourage relaxation during penetration.

One of the biggest misconceptions of vaginismus is that those who have the condition experience low libido. However, there is no evidence to suggest that this is the case at all. Some of the therapies involved in the treatment of vaginismus include rediscovering sexuality and building confidence. Bullet vibrators such as the Bathmate VIBE bullet are non-penetrative sex toys. Therefore, they focus on other parts of the body which provide sexual pleasure such as the clitoris. Using clitoral vibrators during masturbation or foreplay with a partner can help those with vaginismus to enjoy sexual exploration and enjoy an orgasm without penetration.

Premature Ejaculation

Cock rings such as the Rhythm Rings, Power Rings and Vibe Rings offer an excellent solution for those who struggle with premature ejaculation. Premature ejaculation occurs when a male ejaculates before or very soon after penetration. Usually the male has little control over this, but it can cause frustration s for those trying to enjoy an active sex life.

A cock ring works by gently preventing the flow of blood from leaving the penis after ejaculation so that his erection is stronger, lasts longer and can withstand longer lasting sexual intercourse. With the right cock ring, some men who struggle with premature ejaculation have reported enjoying multiple orgasms. A vibrating cock ring that also stimulates the clitoris during sex can help to speed up the female orgasm and lessen an orgasm gap that a couple may be experiencing. Also, choosing a cock ring that restricts the penis and the testicles can also help to prolong and intensify the male orgasm.

Sex Toys for low motility

Recently, we added the extremely powerful Doxy Wand Massager to our selection of pleasure products. The Doxy massager is body massager that can be used on any part of the body. However, this product is ideal for sexual stimulation due to the powerful rumbling vibrations and comfortable padded head. Due to the vast size and the power of this wand vibrator, the Doxy is an ideal pleasure product for those who struggle with poor co-ordination or low motility. The wand is extremely simple to use whilst the large buttons are very easy to navigate. The large, rounded head covers a decent surface area which means that you can still use the product effectively, even if you struggle to hold a vibrator in place. For those with weakness in the hands, the Doxy can be held in place with your legs, or by resting it on a pillow and kneeling over it.

sexual health week

Lubricants for vaginal dryness

Vaginal dryness is a common problem faced by lots of women at some point in their lives. Factors which increase the chance of experience vaginal dryness are certain medications, breastfeeding, the menopause or a hysterectomy. Whilst there are no definitive treatments to cure this problem, experts do recommend a good water-based lubricant during sex to help you feel more comfortable.
The Bathmate Pleasure Lube is a water-based lubricant that is suitable for all skin types and compatible with condoms and all kind of sex toys. An easy application bottle allows for fuss free application, whilst the kind formula promises to be gentle on those ever so delicate areas.

Promoting Inclusivity

Whilst many of the conditions that we have mentioned above will vary in their severity and each person will experience different issues. We hope that we are at least moving in the right direction to help ensure that our products can be enjoyed by people of all different shapes, sizes and individual needs. However, if you would like to offer any suggestions about the ways that we can make Bathmate Pleasure products more accessible and inclusive, we would love to hear it!

Something you Ate? 8 Great Nutritional Tips you Need to Know

Having a healthy balanced lifestyle is the best way to enjoy your best life, the desire to maintain our health can be met with myths, faddy diets that don’t work or dodgy online pills, patches and potions. The thing is, you can maintain a great balance, naturally. Providing you educate yourself – that in itself can seem a mammoth task but fear not, Bathmate have got your back.

The key to unlocking your inner potential is to understand that you don’t need to starve yourself or go to crazy lengths to meet your goals and expectations. You actually need to eat the right amount of calories for how active you are. It’s that simple! For those of you wanting to lose weight it can be a little more complicated, especially if you are an over eater.

Nutritional advice is helpful in every way, so let’s take a look at these bite sized tips and get you on the road to a successful, more confident you, today!


It is not necessarily true that you have to eat a set amount of meals a day. Everything is about calories. Focus on how many calories you need per day and then remember to eat your last meal around two to three hours before going to bed. If you are a person who is always busy, you would be probably satisfied with two meals a day. To make your life a little bit easier you can download one of the health based apps that can help you with counting calories.


Check the labels! Checking the labels on your food at the shop is a very sensible and helpful habit to teach yourself. One the most important things that you have to check is on the sugar content. Unfortunately, sugar is used usually frequently and is in almost every single food product, especially in highly processed food. Sugar in the form of fruits or veggies is healthier for you than in the form of cakes, sweets, pastries and candies. Sugar appears not only in foods only but also in drinks. Did you know that a can of Pepsi contains 35.1 grams of white sugar?? So now imagine how easy it to even drink too many calories a day. If you want to lose excess weight – cut out sugar from your diet and start with not adding it to your cereals, tea or coffee!


Go food shopping when you are full. Why? When you are full, you crave less food – you won’t make decisions based on hunger – but on what you actually need, you will buy healthier foods because you are thinking clearer. Secondly, you can always try to make a list of products that you need at home, after a meal. It will make your shopping trip easier as it is well- organised. It is not only good for your health but also for your wallet!

Nutritional tips


Water helps us with losing weight and our body to work better in general as well. Water gets rid of toxins from your body and when you drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, your body will not retain water and you will avoid the feeling of swelling. If you feel that you want to eat something unnecessary – drink a glass of water with lemon or lime. Lemon water is very refreshing and prepares your digestive system for the day ahead. Lemon water also has some interesting effects on your sex life – intrigued? Click here to find out more!
TIP: do not drink half an hour before and after a meal, acids in your stomach are diluted so the process of digestion is slower.


Learn about good and bad calories. 2000 kcal that comes from proteins, healthy fats and carbohydrates are not equal to 2000 kcal from junk food and highly processed food. When you eat healthy products and your diet is balanced – your body takes all the best bits from that food and transforms it into fuel – microelements, macro elements, amino acids and vitamins. In the case of eating unhealthy foods, these are just empty calories that do not nourish your body at all. A well balanced diet contains proteins, carbs and healthy fats. Do not exclude any of those three components because every single one is important for your body to function to its full potential.


Eating soup can reduce your calorie intake up to 20 percent. The base of almost every soup is water and vegetables. You can create wide range of soups that you like that give you everything you need. Did you know that you can also eat a bowl of hot soup for breakfast? That is right, breakfast. It warms your body up and you feel full of energy. For example, chicken broth gives you energy and is good for those who have caught a cold, broccoli and vegetable soup gives you a lot of vitamins etc.
TIP: Try to use smaller bowls, smaller portions aid weight loss.

Nutritional tips


Spice up your food. Spices like black pepper, cinnamon, anise seeds, cardamom, cayenne pepper, cumin, garlic, ginger and turmeric warm up your body and boost your metabolism too (this process is called thermogenesis). You can add them to your meals, shakes or drinks. Ginger tastes great with lemon water, cardamom and cinnamon tastes nice in coffee and tea, and the rest of the spices you can add to your meals. Moreover, your healthy meals will taste better with those spices. Many people come back to their old eating habits because they find “healthy” foods tasteless. If you spice up your food, you will never go back to those unhealthy old habits again!


Try to use less salt. Ok, it boosts the taste of your meal but eating too much salt can cause a sodium level imbalance and as a result – your body will cumulate and store more water than it should.

Lube Glorious Lube: 5 Amazing effects of Water Based Lube on Sexual Pleasure

Lube glorious lube! Fantastic stuff isn’t it. Whether for solo or couple play there is something for everyone. Flavoured, water based, silicone based and anal lube – we could go on! As a brand that promotes sexual health and pleasure based products lube is very important to us. Are you aware of the two main types of sexual lubricants?

Water based

Water based lubes are the most popular ones, versatile, and the most natural option. Water based lubes can have different structures from thick to extremely watery (depending on your intended use). Everyone can find something tailored exactly for them. Water based lube is great stuff, especially when it comes to sex toys – they won’t be damaged and broken down over time (like in case of silicone based lubes). You can use water based lube with condoms, toys (as stated), You can apply water based lube as often as you like or in some cases add a little water to “re-activate” it!

why is water based lube so good?

Silicone based

Silicone based lubricants are the best when you want to spend some personal time in the bath or shower. Silicone based lubes are almost water proof so depending on your intentions this can be a great idea, or when it comes to cleaning – an absolute nightmare. Unfortunately, if you like to use sex toys, silicone based lube is very bad because it damages the surface of the toys causing infections and damaging your prized possession! Because of its thick consistency and the fact that it lasts for a long time – it is good for anal sex also. In the case of wanting a longer lasting lube – silicone based lubricants are better.

Water based lubricants are natural, won’t damage any toys and don’t cause a mess. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why water based lube is so amazing.

why is water based lube so good?


Water based pleasure lube does exactly what it should – increases pleasure. It is a natural lubricant that will help you to achieve during sex or solo play. It is the best for people who may have sensitive parts and will allow you to enjoy sex. Water based lubes are the safest on the market and do not give you any negative genital symptoms, such as pain, burning or infection. Also, a water-based lubricant is more effective in reducing negative symptoms during sex like entry pain or discomfort.

Great for solo or couple play

Lube isn’t just for sexual intercourse! Water based lube is a good option for those who like to play alone. A lot of people think that lube is just for those who need it because “something wrong with them” This is not the case! Lube is for anyone who wants to experience the best pleasure. Why is water based lube so good for solo sex? Because this kind of lube is not very sticky and does not leave any marks on your bed sheets or clothes. Next time you masturbate – add a little lube and you’ll never look back!


Let’s face it: foreplay is one of the most important things in our sex life. Especially for women it is very hard for woman to be “ready” instantly. They need some time and proper stimulation to be ready for the main game. Foreplay with water based lube is better, quicker and nicer. Water based lube and its structure will help you guys to get to the point of no return together!

why is water based lube so good?


Water based lubricants are pH balanced to maintain the typical vaginal environment. Dryness is complicated, there are many different reasons for its cause and everybody who suffers from it – understands this. Dryness can spoil your pleasure and this is no one’s fault. Some people are just dryer inside than others and they need to use lube. Water based lube is the best for people who suffer from dryness because of it mimics the natural lubrication of the vagina.


Here we have another incredible benefit of water based lubes. Massage is the just best for getting ready for foreplay. When somebody touches you in a sexual manner, it sends signal to the brain and helps you to get ready for intercourse. Water based lubes are not sticky and are perfect for a back massage or even a slightly more sexual massage. Water-based lubricants are perfectly safe to use for massage and for sexual activities, but they can dry out fast. It is not a problem, just use a little bit more lube or add some water. Water based lubes are the best for those who have sensitive skin as silicone based lubes could damage their skin.

Bathmate recommends using good quality, water based lube because of its incredible all-round advantages. Give it a try!

Bittersweet: How much sugar is too much?

Do you have a sweet tooth? Maybe 2 sugars in your coffee? Fizzy pop and a pudding with your meals? If so this is the article for you. Having too much sugar in your diet can have a huge impact on everything from your physical health to mental health, in some instances having too much sugar can even effect your sex life.

The first thing we need to understand is the different types of sugar and what they do to our body.

How much sugar is too much?

Naturally occurring sugars

Natural sugars are those that occur naturally in food and are not manufactured in any way. Natural sugars are found in fruit (fructose that is in fruits and in dairy products like milk, cheese, known as lactose). Foods that contain natural sugar are one of the most important kind of foods in our diet not only because of that fact that when you eat that kind of food reasonably – you do not crave any sweets but also because it is not manufactured and is pure and natural. When it comes to sugar, this is the best option for you.

Processed sugars

Processed sugar comes from sugar cane or sugar beets. Sugar is extracted from the beets in factories. The most common name for processed sugar is sucrose. This is the combination of glucose and fructose. As most of you know, we add white or brown sugar to coffee, tea, cereal, yoghurt, cakes, buns, etc. Processed food uses high-fructose corn syrup which is added to almost everything: hot beverages, tea, cakes, food (even if the food does not need any sugar!), yogurt, ready to go meals, salads, ice creams. The most important thing is that food called “low-fat” can be the most dangerous for your health. Without fat in food, factories add sugar to make the taste better. That is why something like fat free yoghurt tastes so good.


Saccharine is also known as white crystalline powder. Why is it so bad for our health? Because saccharine is almost 300 times sweeter than popular sugar and has no decent calorific value! This is the most common artificial sweetener out there. Where can we find it? Almost everywhere. If there is said that juices are “natural” you can be almost sure that saccharine is lurking inside. It is also found in chewing gums, tomato juice, mouthwash, and toothpaste. It is even in products that you would not expect that sugar would be added to! Did you know that saccharin was one of the most carcinogenic products that a human has ever produced? It was put on the list of the most carcinogenic products but unfortunately it was later removed.

How much sugar is too much?


Aspartame is an artificial non-saccharide sweetener that is almost 200 times sweeter than sucrose. Can you believe that something can be even sweeter than sugar??? Aspartame is used as a sugar substitute in foods and beverages, for example in most if not all sugar free drinks you can find aspartame. It is one of the most dangerous sweeteners on the market now and can seriously harm your health.

So how much sugar is too much?

Unfortunately, nobody knows how much sugar is too much. As we are all different the effects will change from person to person – one thing to be sure of though, too much of anything can damage your health irreversibly. Some people eat sugar all the time without any harm and they do not gain any weight and do not suffer from that many health problems. It is said that on average men can eat 9 teaspoons of sugar per day and women – 6 teaspoons. The best thing to do is to be more health conscious – read the label and be aware of what you are putting into your body, just because something is sugar free doesn’t automatically make it good for you.

How much sugar is too much?

Is sugar addictive?

Yes, it works like a drug and stimulates the same areas in the brain as certain drugs do. We like eating sweets when we are sad, happy, miserable or feeling bad. We do not think about sugar as a danger but as something that will make us happy and solve the problem short term. Suddenly, we realise that we cannot live without sugar. Yes, there is a syndrome called “sugar addiction” but it is not so hard to overcome this addiction, especially when compared to others.

You can easily check if you are addicted to sugar by trying to not eat it. If you said to yourself that you would not be eating sugar but you constantly do… it means that sugar may have become a problem in your life. There is no other option – you just need to cut out sugar and do your best to stick to this rule. You can start by not putting sugar in your coffee or tea. The next step is to avoid high sugary products like jams, marmalade, sweets, sugary pops etc.

In the beginning it is normal that you can feel angry, weak and nervous. Why? It is the same situation with something like smoking – an addiction is an addiction and beginnings are always hard but imagine when you have been successful in cutting sugar from your diet? Your health will be much better and you can even avoid many different diseases connected with sugar.

Cutting down on sugar will improve your lifestyle, over time you will actually feel more energetic and less like to or have those dips in mood when you come down off the sugar rush. You will lose weight, look better and become a better lover in the bedroom. As you confidence grows, you will feel the ability to take on the world whether that be in your work life of social life. For those of you consuming dangerous levels of sugar make sure you discuss everything with a health professional before changing your diet as it’s imperative you get medical advice to maintain your safety throughout, after all they are the experts. In most cases a few simple lifestyle changes are all that is required to get you on track to a healthier, happier you.

No Pain No Gain: 5 Secret ways a Personal Trainer Will Transform your life

Do you feel motivated enough to hit your training goals week in, week out? If not it may be time to consider getting a personal trainer. Whilst there is a cost involved, can you put a price on your health? Personal trainers have a wealth of experience and knowledge you can learn from, from nutritional advice to correct form whilst training – they have it all. If you struggle to motivate yourself in the gym this could be the key to unlocking your full potential and smashing those gains.

Personal trainers can advise on meal plan and even design you a tailor made training schedule to ensure you stay on track and hit all the targets you set yourself. Hiring a personal trainer can give you the edge and help you to get fitter in a shorter amount of time. They can also maintain your safety throughout the session ensuring you don’t suffer any injury that could derail your routine.

should i have a personal trainer?

We are here to take a look at the benefits a personal trainer can bring to the table when it comes to your fitness routine.

Diet and nutritional advice

One of the most amazing benefits of having a personal trainer is they have enormous knowledge in the field of dieting, they can change your life forever. First of all, a personal trainer will ask you multiple questions about your health in order to get a good understanding of your needs. He or she will also ask about your disorders, illnesses, and any diseases, in an aim to prepare the best diet plan for you. One of the best benefits of having a personal trainer is that every week you will be checking the results of diet together, reviewing your work out plan and changing it to get the best results. A personal trainer will always help you if you have questions, but the most important thing is that you have to stick to the plan and give 100 percent. When you work out properly and work out exactly as your personal trainer directed, you will achieve your goals very quickly.

Tailor made training plans

Here we have another fantastic benefit from having a personal trainer! He or she prepares tailor made training plans just for you. You can tell your trainer what kind of training you like or they can explain all the different ones properly and then you make a decision together on what is the best for you. A lot of beginners want to spend their whole time at the gym on cardio machines while a personal trainer will show you how beneficial weight lifting is. A personal trainer wants to maximize your results and save you time, showing you different styles of exercises and how to do them to the best of your ability. If you are a person who does not have much spare time, Bathmate recommend a personal trainer. Why? A personal trainer is focused on your goals and can ensure a training session is effective and doesn’t last longer than needed. Another advantage of a personal trainer, he/she will take care of you during exercises and help you to avoid injuries. Lifting weights needs to be explained properly because when you use a machine without any knowledge you can damage your joints or suffer from some very painful injuries.

should i have a personal trainer?


Being motivated during your first steps of being a gym goer is easy – you think about the great results, being healthy and feeling happier. But what happens next? Hard work and long term goals are not very easy to achieve that is why we become less motivated. This is very understandable. Everybody wants to achieve fitness goals so quickly and usually with as little effort as possible! Unfortunately, without effort you are not going to achieve any of your fitness goals. Being fit, healthy and happy requires hard work. Every single failure is a lesson and that should be motivating for you moving forwards. A personal trainer will explain everything to you and will help motivate you by showing that every single step forwards takes you closer to your goal. A personal trainer explains that long term goals need small, confident and sometimes painful steps.


Let’s face it. A personal trainer is going to provide the best support possible for you. Why? Your trainer has a lot of knowledge of sport and dieting that is why that kind of support is the best for you. He or she knows what they are talking about. A personal trainer always tells you objectively what your achievements are, what you can do more of and how to do it effectively.

should i have a personal trainer?

Help you to be a better person

A personal trainer teaches you how to set goals properly and work hard for your successes in life. It is always better to work out together instead of working out alone. Exercising together with a personal trainer is easier and motivating. A personal trainer will show you how to do everything properly and will be patient. You will be a healthier person with goals set and exercise properly. Exciting isn’t it? Personal trainers can sometimes be compared to lifestyle coaches that always encourage their clients to reach new goals and achieve something new every day. It’s also good to challenge yourself, its how we become better versions of ourselves!

Water Vapour Thermal Therapy?

Men’s health issues are on the rise and one of the hot topics is prostate health. Men are becoming more aware of the issues facing them and finally, it seems, they care coming round to the idea of asking for help when they need it. When it comes to issues involving the prostate it’s vital you get checked out as soon as you notice any symptoms, problems with your prostate can mean problems with your penis. Essentially, the prostate is a vital part of your overall sexual function.

How to check my prostate

What is the prostate?

The prostate is one of the most important parts of the male reproductive system and has an integral fibromuscular band that surrounds it. This tiny but powerful part of your sexual health lays on the pelvic floor, which takes part during the ejaculatory process. Thanks to the smooth muscles that the prostate is made from your body is able to expel semen during ejaculation. What is the function of the prostate? The fundamental function of the prostate is to be a tiny container for the fluid that carries your semen. This fluid is a bit milky it some cases it can be white (it also depends on what you eat and drink), and is a bit alkaline. What is even more interesting, we actually only produce around 30% semen, the other 70% are spermatozoa and seminal vesicle fluid. To be honest, every single bit of sperm plays an important role, even the alkalinity of semen is designed so it neutralizes vaginal tract acidity, and at the same time – extends the lifespan of sperm.

What are the most common disorders of prostate?

Enlargement, inflammation, infection, and cancer. Unfortunately, it is necessary to check your prostate at the doctors because having an enlarged prostate cause’s discomfort, pain, which usually occurs during sex and urination. Research shows one of the best solutions for problems with the prostate is a technique called water vapour thermal therapy. This amazing technique not only helps to cure any dangerous symptoms of prostate disorders but also protects your sexual functions as best as possible.

How to check my prostate

What is water vapour thermal therapy?

Water vapour thermal therapy is a slightly invasive technique those men who suffer from different prostate disorders, for example prostate enlargement and urination problems. A lot of men have urinary problems but they do not want to talk about it. Urinary problems are more common in men with an enlarged prostate. Why does it happen? When the prostate swells or becomes enlarged, the pressure that is put on the urethra causes problems with urinating and during sexual activities. Of course you can try other ways and treatments like medications, procedures and surgery (it is not said that they will help). But if you are looking for a more natural and less invasive solution then maybe water vapour thermal therapy is for you.

How does the water vapour thermal therapy treatment work?

This method uses water vapour to destroy prostate cells that put pressure on the urethra. This technique is performed by an urologist. The urologist uses a special handheld device with a retractable needle at the end. You don’t need to be scared….the needle is not very big and your doctor will gently move up the urethra so that it can target prostate tissue, once performed it will help your penis with functioning properly. There is also a huge generator that the device is plugged in. The whole treatment is about radiofrequency energy, clean water goes from the generator (at the base) to the handheld device. The last part of the process involves water being converted to steam that then goes through the needle. The needle is placed towards the chosen prostate tissue and then 9-second dose of water vapour is released. The doctor can place it on the different prostate tissues that require some attention.

How to check my prostate

What are the other benefits? To be honest, vapour thermal therapy has many different benefits:

• You do not need to take any medications or worry of their side effects. It is obvious that side effects can exist with prescribed medicines as medicines are chemically produced tablets, vapour thermal therapy is safe and natural.
• The whole procedure is done at your doctor’s via an appointment (urologist), so you should feel at ease.
• Improves your sexual and urinary functions.
• you do not have to stay at the hospital and feel uncomfortable

Water vapour thermal therapy is the best option for those men who want to take care of their sexual and urinal health with as close to a non-invasive option as possible. Nowadays, technology is getting more innovative every single day. All though this technique is relatively new – you should discuss all your options with a health professional before making a decision, just because something is new – doesn’t mean it needs to carry additional risks.

5 Sexy Reasons Men should be Drinking Lemon Water

Part and parcel of a healthy lifestyle is to have a balanced diet, plenty of exercise and a fantastic sex life. The internet is full of faddy diets, new workout routines and of course libido boosting pills and potions. The more health conscious among us will know the benefits of clean healthy living, whether this be through diet choice or the decision to only use natural based supplements – with this being said, if you want to supercharge your sex drive, is there a natural solution?

The answer is yes and you are probably going to be in for a shock when you hear it.

When life gives you lemons, enjoy great sex! Yes, that’s right, lemons! Adding some freshly squeezed lemon juice to your water could be the natural solution to your low libido.

We’ve touched on the importance of staying hydrated before so you are well aware of the benefits of water on our sex life’s but what happens to our sex drive when we drink lemon water?

Lemon water and sex drive

Increased blood flow

Lemon water is the best option for your body. First off all, adding lemon water to your diet soothes the symptoms of constipation, is an anti-inflammatory and increases your overall blood flow (much like our ward winning hydropumps). Blood flow is one of the most important things when we talk about our sex drive and how well we can function in the bedroom! Amazing blood flow is linked to erection quality, stamina and pleasure.

When it comes to sex, lemon water is better than drinking just water alone. Dehydration affects your libido because it is connected with blood flow. So pay attention, your body will send signals when you are dehydrated – try not to miss them! Sometimes we do not recognise the signs that our body sends us.

Replaces sugar

Sometimes we mistake being thirsty for being hungry and this is the key stage when you should start thinking about drinking lemon water, lemon water is perfect for those of us who do not like the “taste” of water alone. Lemon water is also great for people who want to become healthier by cutting out those fizzy, sugary pop drinks. Upon waking grab your self some freshly squeezed lemon juice and water and you will start the day in the best way possible.

When you feel that you look better, your sex drive is higher. Confidence is infectious – Lemon water does a number of things to increase it – it helps your skin because of its high levels of vitamin C (which also reduces the sign of wrinkles), defends dry skin from aging and from sun damage. Drinking lemon water makes you look and feel better and that is why libido is increased!

Lemon water and sex drive

Boosts sex drive

Lemon water is great for your sex drive because it helps your mental health. Lemon has anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory functions that work against several degenerative conditions and even some brain diseases. Your libido can be fragile so you have to do your best to take care of it. Stress, depression and anxiety affect our mental health, this is turn has a disastrous effect on your libido. Drinking lemon water makes you feel calmer and happier. Your mood affects your libido because your brain is vulnerable to oxidative damage because of its high oxygen consuming metabolic rate. That is why ascorbic acid helps you with oxidative stress in the brain and is the significant and the most effective supplement to regain inner balance.

Vitamin C is the most well-known vitamin on the planet but not everybody links it to fertility. Lemon has a lot of vitamin C that is an antioxidant. Drinking lemon water helps your body cells to repair themselves. Guys have you ever thought about what makes up your sperm? The fluid that mixes with sperm is called seminal plasma and it contains a high concentration of vitamin C. The more vitamin C in your body, the better quality of your sperm.

Lemon water protects your kidneys from kidney stones and you from pain during sex and urinating.

Pain reliever

Lemons have the highest concentration of citrate. It is one of the natural inhibitors of kidney stone formation. When you suffer from pain during sex then your libido will naturally suffer. The same situation happens when you try to urinate, pain, pain, pain. Drinking lemon water twice a day decreases the rate of the stone formation. Normally, we do not connect libido with kidney health but the connection between pain and pleasure is obvious. Lemon water will help you to control your sex drive and protects you from feeling pain because of kidney stones. Your weight also affects your libido. Unnecessary stones, low metabolism, low energy – all sex drive killers.

Here we have another advantage of drinking lemon water. The drink boosts your metabolism and your body is able to burn fat quicker. Proper hydration enhances the function of mitochondria. Mitochondria are types of organelle (tiny cell structures) that help generate energy for the body. In other words, the more lemon water you drink, the more energy your body will have and the faster you lose weight! Losing weight will make you feel happier about your body, feeling sexy boosts our sex drive. Metabolism is also about thermogenesis. It is a special process in our bodies that uses calories to produces heat and energy. Lemon water helps our body to burn more fat.

Lemon water and sex drive

Optimize testosterone

Lemon water helps optimizing your testosterone levels. Lemon contains vitamins B1, B2, B3 and B6 that affects testosterone. Low levels of testosterone (the male hormone) can cause less interest in sex and also in some cases, erection problems. Erectile problems does not only cause problems with your libido but also affects your mental health. Drinking lemon water more than once a day can optimize testosterone levels and boost your sex drive.

As we see, lemon water is an incredible drink – tastes awesome, takes care our health and most importantly increases our sex drive. So add a little lemon to your water today!

3 Penis Enlargement Apps You should be Using

What a time to be alive! Any smartphone user will by now (more than likely) familiar with the countless apps available to us online, from calorie counters to full on fitness routines there is something out there for everyone.

What about the guys wanting to complete a full body workout. From a head to a toe and everything in between. Are there any male enhancement apps on the market to help us hit our target goal? When it comes to penile enhancement you need to tread lightly, there are lots of myths online that you should avoid for the sake of your overall penile health it is also possible to take unnecessary risks with the promise of it enhancing the size of your member beyond your wildest dreams. That being said it is possible to find legitimate enlargement apps that do everything they should and more!

penis enlargement apps

Penile enhancement has been around for 100s of years so it’s nothing new, ever since the dawn of time it seems men have been preoccupied with the size of their penis and how to increase it. The most common thing to do is to use a penis pump. A water based penis pump provides it’s user with risk free gains that become permanent with time. In under 15 minutes a day you can increase both length and girth or your money back (providing you buy direct) simple as that! A penis pump works by increasing blood flow and circulation meaning harder, bigger erections that last for longer.

When it comes down to working out with your best friend, what options are there? Are some apps better than others? Let’s get in deep and pick out some of the best penile enhancement applications.

Penis Enlargement

This is one of the best apps for you if you are looking for something that will help you to get the penis of your dreams. We bet that there is a few of you out there that worry the size of your penis is smaller than it should be and does not satisfy your partner properly. This app offers the best tips and advice on how to work out your penis effectively, for example there are special penis massages which include – the backward puller, thumb stretcher, ultimate stretcher, opposite stretch, wet jelqing, rotating stretch and some useful extra tips, like what food you should eat to make your penis bigger and the best body exercises which help with enlarging your best friend to its full potential. Read the tips carefully and have fun! One of the best things about this app is that it’s free and you can even use it on your OS smart watch (just make sure it’s appropriate to do so!) In general, Wear OS is also known as Wear OS by Google, it is a version of Google Android system specially created for smartwatches.

Price: Free
System: Android

penis enlargement apps

Increase Penis of Size

Another brilliant app dedicated to enlarging your penis. The app offers penile enlargement exercises consisting of different massages and stretching techniques that naturally enlarge your penis. There is also information how to do these exercises safely and effectively, like performing it with both hands and using a lubricant on the penis. The app says that to get the proper results you have to repeat it at least 3 times a week. The main goal of the exercises is to increase the amount of blood that can flow to the penis, making your penile tissues grow. What kind of exercises can you find on this app? If you want to increase the length and thickness of your penis: jelqing exercises, this is a technique that is also called milking the penis. Penis stretching exercises that help to improve the length of the penis and kegel exercises, this is a technique used to increase blood flowing into the penis.

Price: Free
System: Android

Increase Penis Size

This app was voted one of the best free apps in 2018! People who use this app can almost guarantee to enlarge their penis.

This app is the best tool for you if you are looking for something that will help you to increase the width (or girth) of the penis, as well as your confidence. This free app will be your best friend and your very own personal development guide, you can download from the app store – on your phone, tablet or any device that is compatible with the app. The app shows several herbs that a man can use to stimulate blood flow to the penis which when used every day can help you with getting the growth you desire. The Increase Penis Size app also recommends exercises that will help you with weight loss around your abdomen which will also help you with increasing your penis size. Is it not a better idea than expensive, potentially dangerous surgical enhancement? This brilliant app also shows you the best natural solutions that you can do every day if you want to get bigger penis! For example quit smoking, drink more water, eat healthy food and stop drinking alcohol and avoid medicines that are said to make your penis bigger in a short period of time…they do not exist! Moreover, the app says that we should also use a professional penis pump. Bathmate recommends the use of one of our multi award winning penis pumps. They are very easy to use and the effects are amazing. You can view our full range here, we offer a 60 day money back guarantee if you buy direct.

Price: Free
System: Android

One size Fits all: 3 Simple Weight loss tricks Everyone should follow

Losing weight can feel like an uphill struggle but this can be largely down to us making the mistake of taking the wrong approach or doing it for the wrong reasons. Your new keep fit regime is not going to be easy so let’s face it, you are going to need all the help you can get.

People who have successfully lost weight will always tell you one thing, preparation is key. You can’t just join a gym and expect to hit your target weight by the next day, it will take time and dedication.

3 quick weight loss tips

Losing weight will improve almost every aspect of your life. You home life will improve as you feel more relaxed and confident, work life – with the added focus and concentration and your sex life will benefit massively. This new found confidence can be a real game changer!

Let’s take a look at 3 areas we can address and some quick weight loss tips now.

Diet – Cut out sugar!

Let’s talk about sugar. Sugar is in almost every single product that we consume. You can check some labels for advice but look, what you think may be healthy – for example, natural fat free yoghurt has a lot of sugar inside. Sugar consumption, especially extensive one is linked to many serious health conditions like: type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, problems with your metabolic system, “bad cholesterol problems”, inflammation and problems with your liver. Moreover, people usually say to children “don’t eat so many sweets because you will have bad teeth” – unfortunately, it is also good advice for the adults too! Eating a lot of sugar is bad for your health and teeth. When you begin to cut sugar out you may have cravings and feel irritable, once you have passed the initial stage you will start to lose weight and feel better about yourself.

3 quick weight loss tips

How can you get rid of sugar from your diet?

It is not very simple, but it is definitely worth it. You need some time to adjust and do it gradually. If you got rid of sugar very quickly, your body will go in to shock and you could end up craving foods that are even worse for you. In the beginning, you can stop eating cakes, sweets, tasty brownies and try not to add sugar to things like tea and coffee. Also, whenever you go to a restaurant or cafe, you do not need to add things like whipped cream and syrups into your coffee or shake. When you stop eating sugar gradually, you will notice that you do not need sugar anymore. Sugars hide in many different foods in the supermarket, so reading the label is an absolute must for those wanting to follow a no-sugar diet. Additionally, one of the best things is to check every single label when you do your grocery shopping.


One of the most important habits you should learn is to be preparing a great, nutritious breakfast. To be honest, lots of us do not eat any breakfast or worse – we eat something that does not give us any nutritional benefit. Eggs, as a breakfast, make you feel satisfied, full, and you do not crave sugar and sweet beverages throughout the day. A breakfast should have about 450 calories, include proteins (scrambled eggs with bacon, greek yogurt with granola). When you start your day with a hearty breakfast – you do not need and crave sugar anymore and will be on your way to losing weight.


Have you ever heard of tabata? Tabata is one of the most intense exercises. Tabata boosts the metabolism even when you’ve finished your workout because during the exercise, your heart rate goes up. When tabata becomes a part of your lifestyle, the BMR (base or resting metabolic rate) increases. What actually is tabata? Its creator, Professor Izumi Tabata, conducted a study about the effects of HIIT on aerobic and anaerobic fitness. It is five sessions of steady-state training a week. The HIIT workout involved 20-second bursts of high-intensity exercise followed by 40 seconds of rest, repeated eight times for a total of four minutes. The sense of tabata is four-minutes of intense exercising, five-minute warm-up followed by a two-minute warm-down. You can do tabata style training with weights, on a bike or out jogging. The most important thing is to keep the tempo at 85RPM.

3 quick weight loss tips


In general, mentality is the key to success. For example, if you hate running, or going to the gym just don’t do that. Why do we focus so much on what exercise is said to be the best for weight loss? It doesn’t matter, if it doesn’t work for you – it never will. You need to do and choose the best exercise that suits your expectations and goals. If you do yoga, when you actually hate it, it makes you feel sad and unmotivated to stick with your diet rules. Moreover, when you socialize and work out with friends or join fitness classes, it makes you even more motivated and feels like less of a chore. Stick to positive people who are emotionally healthy and make your environment even healthier. This is an investment in yourself and in your future as well.
If you want to change your body, you have to see yourself in a positive light and think about yourself in a positive way. We, people, always expect too much at the beginning of our new chapters – we want everything now – but do not focus on what we do now and also do not notice the small changes. Small changes which happen every day are the steps to the big changes that truly affect us. Shifting your thought process is the best way to lose unnecessary weight. Patience is also crucial when you are losing weight. It is easy to lose track of how far you have come, when we don’t feel like we are seeing the results we deserve it’s easy to lose motivation, stick with it, keep moving and the rest will fall into place.

Drink it up: 8 Glasses a Day helps the Penis Play

The internet is full of schemes and scams designed to help people getting quick at the expense of the consumer, these cleverly designed marketing ploys can often target our deepest insecurities, our looks, weight, shape and size, even our mental and physical health.

And for the guys, if you asked them what they are most insecure about it often comes back to the one thing. Their penis. Whether it be shape, size or performance based. Studies have shown the average penis size to be around 5 inches and most men lasting around 6 minutes during sexual intercourse.

does water help with e.d?

When it comes to sex, erection strength and quality is everything, if you are suffering from erectile dysfunction it’s sometimes easier to do your own research online rather than talk to an actual professional. The thought of having to discuss your issues with another person face to face can be daunting, we get it. The problem is, you may be buying a placebo or worse something potentially fatal to you.

A GP or health professional will be able to begin the process of understanding why you are suffering from E.D and what to do next, they will also be able to offer natural solutions such as penis pumps or diet.

Diet plays a huge role in erectile dysfunction, before you go and buy expensive dodgy pills online consider this. Are you drinking enough water? Yes, water, most people are not aware of just how beneficial water is when it comes to sex.

So how does water help with erectile dysfunction? Read on to find out more!

Water is incredible, we’ve said it a thousand times, and well probably say it again. People normally do not appreciate benefits of drinking it but water can give you even more benefits than you thought possible. Men do not tend to link dehydration with ED. To reach orgasm, your body processes have to work hard together and function properly. If one of those processes does not work properly – Houston, we have a problem! Beginning with the nerves in your penis, blood, and mood, and culminating in hydration. Everything from the nerves around the penis to the blood pumping through the body is necessary for an erection. If one of the body’s processes does not work, erectile dysfunction may appear.

does water help with e.d?

What are the signs of ED?

Trouble getting an erection, keeping an erection, and lower libido. You can also feel anxious because of the problem or embarrassed.

Why water is connected to ED?

Drinking enough water is important for our overall health and your sexual health forms part of it. Water is a part of every single process in our bodies so naturally, water is part of the erection process. Have you ever checked how much water you drink? Probably not. So, in general, the more water you drink, the more blood cells and plasma you have, and better the blood flow through your veins, arteries, and even your penis too. Water also helps your blood to transfer oxygen and one of the reasons why ED appears in your life is that red blood cells and plasma cannot get enough oxygen and nutrient rich blood to maintain the erection. There is also an important hormone called angiotensin – it is a hormone that causes blood vessels to constrict or tighten and as a result, it can cause an increase in blood pressure, and it prevents adequate blood flow through the body (and your penis as well). Unfortunately, high blood pressure does not help but also damages your blood flow because of making your vessels and arteries harder and narrower. If our blood flow is damaged, the sensation in the penis is also reduced. This can ultimately lower sexual desire for obvious reasons.

Now, what are the signs of dehydration?

To be honest, if you feel thirsty – you are already dehydrated. What are the other important syndromes? You do not go to the toilet regularly, darker-coloured and smelly urine, dry mouth and tongue, you may feel dizzy or confused. If you do not deal with the initial signs of dehydration you are at risk of the following: heatstroke, seizure, low blood volume shock, muscle cramps, kidney stones, infections, kidney failure and urinary tract infections.

Of course there are other causes of erectile dysfunction beginning with clogged blood vessels and high blood pressure, heart disease, high cholesterol, obesity, as well as, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, sclerosis, medicines, smoking, drinking, drugs, scar tissue around pelvic area, sleeping disorder, prostate cancer or its enlargement, depression, anxiety, stress and other emotional or mental health problems.

does water help with e.d?

What can you do if ED occurred once and you are scared?

Ok let’s not panic. If it happened once, it doesn’t mean that it is a SERIOUS problem. Sometimes it can be down to tiredness, stress or as discussed – dehydration. Unfortunately, some of us experience ED as a sign of an underlying condition like heart disease. The best option for you is to get information from your doctor who will diagnose any symptoms properly. A trained medical professional will be able to discuss any issues, advise you moving forwards and offer various solutions.


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