Post Work-Out Foods that Maximise Potential

Diets and work outs tend to go hand in hand for fitness fanatics, for some – a work out is just a great way to stay on top of things whilst they eat what they want but for others, diet can be the most important part of their health regime.

We have talked about various diets in the past focusing on making healthy changes in your lifestyle to give you a better quality of life you can read about the diet that increases erection strength here and the military diet here.

post work out meals

Diet will affect everything, even the taste of your semen! Sound interesting? Click here to find out how and why! Food can affect your libido, weight and mood. So as you can see, not only is it important in terms of weight management but also in terms of your overall health and performance. Now as you will be aware, in terms of fuel – some foods are far more beneficial to you than others, but what about after care? What can you eat to maximise those gains after smashing your gym session?

Why do we need proper food after work out? During training, your muscles use whole bunch of glycogen. The same as proteins – while working out, your muscles lose some of the vital nutrients it needs to rebuild and repair. Food that you eat after training is very important because you help your muscles to rebuild quicker, you feel better, and you will look better in shorter period of time! Your post work out food should consist of proteins, fats and carbs. Why?

Carbs help you with quicker recovery, proteins rebuild your muscles and repair them and the right kind of fats help with promoting muscle growth.

post work out meals

The King of the post-work out diet is……..EGG!

Eggs will help you get shredded. 3 egg whites post work out give you approx. 18 grams of proteins. Do not just eat the whites though…..the absorption of proteins from egg is more effective when you eat them whole, with yolks. Yolk contains a lot of vitamins, healthy fats and minerals.


Cottage cheese has more proteins that Greek yoghurt and yoghurt in general. Cottage cheese is pure protein and also has healthy fats that will help you with recovery.


Salmon, cod, mackerel. Whatever you choose – your body will thank you. Fish, especially the naturally fatty ones they are full of proteins and healthy omega fats that boost your energy up and give you the necessary proteins to rebuild and repair. Omega-3 will help your muscle cells and reduce the exercise-induced damage that causes painful inflammation.


Simple yet effective – add some banana, oats, milk and almonds. This gives you everything you need after the gym – fats, proteins and carbs that give you energy and help recover your body. After eating you will feel fulfilled and satisfied.


It is very good to invest in good whey protein that gives you pure proteins and vitamins. It is a very nice option for those you do not have a lot of time to cook after gym. Cooking can take up valuable relaxation time, so for those of you who have a busy schedule – grab a shake.


These two options give you healthy carbs and energy for the rest of the day after your gruelling work out. Also, as a wholegrain product – they are very healthy in general and give you the necessary minerals and vitamins.


Nuts are not only healthy for your nails, skin and hair but also give you healthy fats, proteins and carbs. You can mix them with cottage cheese for example and have a very nice, simple to prepare, post work out meal.

post work out meals

As you can see, there are multiple options available. These foods not only assist in faster recovery but also in overall diet, you won’t put on extra weight and it can fit right into your fitness regime. Find a diet plan that works for you, the quicker you recover the further into your fitness regime you can go. Recovery is almost as important as the training itself so make sure you eat right, stretch and get plenty of rest.

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