The Secret to Sweet tasting Semen

Did you know that what you consume on a daily basis has a dramatic effect on the way your semen tastes? Research has shown a number of foods can actually make your semen taste better and some can make it a whole lot worse.

Do you have a hot date approaching? Maybe an anniversary or maybe you just want to make these few simple dietary changes because, well, it is just the right thing to do! Stick with us as we give you the industry insiders scoop on foods you should definitely avoid and which ones you should add to your weekend shopping list right away! Remember the quicker you get started the quicker your man juice will be the sweetest it’s ever been.

how to make semen taste better

What is semen?

Semen or seminal fluid as its sometimes known is the organic fluid secreted by the gonads or sexual glands of a man. Now it is important to know that this seminal fluid is made up of several different components including spermatozoa. Other different enzymes such as fructose are elements of seminal fluid which are there to promote the survival of spermatozoa, they are also there to promote an environment in which they can swim.

Normal human sperm has a volume of 2ml or greater and a pH balance of between 7.2 and 8.0.

What does sperm taste like?

Normal semen tends to taste warm, salty and bitter – obviously there will be slight variations from man to man due to the nature of all the compounds that make up the seminal fluid and the fact that every human is unique in some way. Diet will also have a massive effect as it does in many other human body fluids such as breast milk, sweat and even your saliva.

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Which foods should you avoid at all costs?

So which foods are going to put your partner off your nectar for good? There are a number of different foods that are renowned for making your semen taste terrible. Men seem to be totally obsessed with the whole spit or swallow scenario. Whilst nobody should ever feel intimidated or pressured into swallowing it is seen as a mark of acceptance if you do, others see it as a massive turn on and more intimate. The number one thing to remember is whether you spit or swallow it is totally your choice and no one else’s.

Here is a list of foods you really want to avoid as according to the Kinsey institute are responsible for the worst tasting semen; Onions, garlic, red meats such as beef, lamb and pork, asparagus and cabbage.


Onions – Now whilst we don’t think twice about adding onions to a multitude of recipes for their flavour enhancing properties ad ease of use it does make us wonder. When you chop them up they make you cry, maybe this is how your partner feels after giving you head once you’ve had one too many.

Garlic – Again, something we readily add to compliment most meals. Even though garlic has incredible health benefits it does nothing good for the taste of your semen. This results in very, very bitter seminal fluid.

Red Meats – Red Meat is said to be responsible for the worst tasting semen. Kind of ruins steak and blow job day doesn’t it, lads. Although all that protein maybe good for your gym routine it doesn’t help you in the bedroom department in the slightest.

Asparagus – This one seems pretty obvious as it makes for very pungent urine. The one confusing thing is due to the high amounts of vitamin b6 and its phallic shape asparagus is actually an amazing natural aphrodisiac. Just use it at your own risk!

Cabbage – Renowned for its cancer fighting properties and a staple of many peoples diet for its nutrient rich leaves and total versatility it is something you should steer clear of if you want sweeter tasting semen.

I taste just like candy

So! We made it, on to the good stuff! Which foods should you be eating more of to make your semen taste the best it possibly can?

Citrus fruit – Citrus fruits such as sweet oranges and mandarins are extremely popular. Maybe this is why! Not only very good for you over all and part of your 5 a day they have an amazing effect on the taste of your cum. Very versatile too! You can blend them into a smoothie or eat them whole as they are.

Bananas – Now these gems of a fruit may be one of the best to make your semen taste amazing for various reasons. Packed full of a variety of vitamins and nutrients not only do they help you out but they may also provide you a little extra stamina should things progress from a blow job to full sex. Not to mention the phallic shape! Pro tip: never make full eye contact with another man whilst eating a banana as things can get pretty weird, pretty quickly.

Cinnamon – Cinnamon is loaded full of antioxidants and has amazing anti-inflammatory properties – This is one of the most amazing spices out there with incredible medicinal qualities. Add this to your diet and reap the benefits in more than one way – it will turn your jizz into miracle juice!

Pineapple – This list simply would not be complete without the addition of pineapple. Versatile and great tasting this can be added to food and drinks, eaten in chunks or blended. Probably the best known food for making semen taste better. The benefits to eating pineapple when it comes to the flavour of your semen are endless.

We hope you found this list useful, hopefully making things just that little bit sweeter for the both of you. Remember to give back guys it’s not all about receiving. Nobody likes a selfish lover! If you enjoyed this article make sure you subscribe and we`ll send you more interesting and informative articles directly to your inbox.

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