4 Freaky Facts about Sex you really Should Know

Sex can be an incredible thing, fiery, passionate, fast or slow it really is an amazing act. The reason why it is such an amazing thing is down to all the different body shapes and styles of those taking part, from the wacky to the weird and the wonderful – no two bodies or experiences will ever be the same. Whether it be friends with benefits, a long term loving partner or solo play there is a multitude of different factors at play. Our minds and bodies are one of the most fascinating things in Nature.

From the curious to the most outrageously kinky it got us thinking what is the weirdest and wildest thing you know about sex? Maybe you guys have some crazy stories of your own!! I mean we’ve all seen these tinder style one night stand horror stories but what about facts? Turns out there’s some pretty incredible people out there and some little known sex facts we think you really deserve to know!


What is sexual intercourse?

Look, were all adults, but let’s break it down. Sexual intercourse in principle in the insertion of an erect penis into the vagina or anus. When done wrong it feels good, when done right it feels incredible, actually it feels amazing! Whether done for pleasure or the sole purpose of reproduction sexual intercourse can be absolutely mind blowing. Do you know what else can be mind blowing? Yes, you guessed right – these little known gems of information we are about to bless you with. Before we move on let’s give an honorary shout out to the other forms of penetrative sex that we all derive pleasure from. Oral sex which includes the penetration of the mouth with the penis or the vagina with the tongue and also penetration of the vagina using the fingers or a sex toy. If you are looking to up your masturbation game then you can view our guides on male and female masturbation respectively.

So are you ready? We thought so…

Largest member! As reported recently the latest actual accredited largest penis in the world belongs to a guy called Jonah Falcon. He’s actually an actor and television presenter. This guy came into the spotlight sometime around 1999 and holds the current world record for the largest cock on the planet. Now the reason we say accredited is because in 2017 a man by the name of Robert Esquivel Carbera from Mexico totally blew Jonah’s record away with a penis measuring a whopping 18.9 inches! However it was since proven that this was all down to a technique of stretching the foreskin. Carbrera was said to have weighted down his manhood frequently, eventually stretching his foreskin but if you rolled back the skin his penis did not extend quite so far. Jonah Falcon had called him out on this and was eventually proven correct and his record re-instated.

worlds largest penis

The World’s smallest penis For everything in life there tends to be an opposite, right? sometime around 2016 the Guinness book of world records actually recognised a Miami man by the name of Mike Carson as having the world’s smallest penis. According to doctors his fully functioning penis is measured at 1/16th of an inch. Contrary to what you may believe Carson even claims he’s had women come up to him demanding to try it out and he seems to have fully embraced his penis size. He went as far to say he can’t count the amount of women he’s been with because of it. There is actually a medical term for extremely small penises, they are called a micro penis.

worlds smallest penis

The world’s largest vagina Measured in at an incredible 19 inches which is around 48 cm it belong to an amazing woman called Anna Swan who lived in the 1800’s. By the age of 19 Anna was already 7 foot 8 inches tall, deciding to make the most of her size she joined a travelling circus where she met and fell in love with her future husband who was also of giant sized proportions. They actually ended up being the tallest married couple ever and one of their babies that was born was recorded as the largest ever baby to be born.

worlds largest vagina

Get a load of this! Now we’ve all watched porn, yes, even you! You have probably seen those pretty impressive cumshot compilations – well even the professionals have nothing on this man. Horst Shultz actually holds quite a few records. The first one is for world’s biggest distance travelled for a jet of semen at a staggering 18 foot 9 inches! Now that could’ve had someone’s eye out! He also holds the record for the greatest speed and height of ejaculation. Some talent!

worlds fastest cum

So that was 4 of the weirdest sex facts known to man, think you can out do the last one fellas? Feel free to give it a try who knows you may even make it on to our list next time, something to brag about down the pub with your mates!

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