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3 Simple Ways You can Become an Overachiever

What if we told you that you could be better at everything you do in every area of your life? By utilising these life hacks you will be better prepared for anything that life throws at you.

Life is complex with lots of different challenges but with the right approach you can make sure you come out on top every time. With some focus and determination you can become better at everything.

how to concentrate better

What exactly are talking about?

Through diet, brain training and the right amount of sleep you really can become even better in all aspects of life and your memory and concentration can improve. You can learn to better manage your finances and you can find a perfect work and personal life balance. When you improve your life you’ll find things fall in to place naturally, relationship issue’s melt away and that promotion you always wanted falls into your lap.

Now this isn’t some sort Miracle fix, it’s about adding some structure and balance in your day to day life that will ultimately pay dividends.

how to concentrate better


Do you realise how important your diet actually is? Its one of the key factors when it comes to looking after your overall health and quality of life. One thing you need to consider is diet isn’t always about how much you weigh or losing weight. It is about understanding what we are putting in to our bodies and the impact it has on our performance, mood and health. By carefully selecting the right kind of foods we can perform better day in day out.

Here is a couple of dietary suggestions and food types that are particularly good for your brain

Fatty fish – there is a reason this is the first thing we are going to talk about, it’s incredibly good food for your brain which is essentially the control centre for your entire body. You want to choose a fish that is naturally high in omega-3 fatty acids. So fish including sardines, salmon and trout are all particularly good for you. Did you know around 60% of your brain is fat and up to half of it is of the omega-3 kind. This type of fat is responsible for providing the nutrients that enable learning and memory and your brain will also utilise it to build nerve and brain cells.

Dark chocolate – we have spoken about the benefits of dark chocolate before and it is scientifically proven to be good for you – this does depend on the amount consumed and the quality but never the less an interesting one for all you chocoholics out there. Dark chocolates that are high in cocoa content are actually jam packed with a number of brain power boosting ingredients and include what are known as flavonoids, antioxidants and caffeine.

Avocados – these green bad boys are full of monounsaturated fats which work wonders for your blood flow – having good blood flow and circulation is paramount to good brain and overall health. High blood pressure can affect the health of your brain in a bad way, avocados can naturally lower your blood pressure and will contribute to an overall sense of good well-being whilst contributing greatly to your health. They do pack some calories though…

Train your brain

Lots of people go to the gym and workout feeling like it’s the ultimate way of taking care of themselves. What most people don’t consider is working out their grey matter. You have lots of options when it comes to training your brain and basically anything that causes you to have to use a little brain power over a prolonged period time is going to benefit your health moving forward. Since the invention of mobile apps we have seen a lot of the same type of brain training applications popping up which is great news for you. You have a wealth of different challenges available and they are designed to do the same thing, exercise your mind and keep your brain ticking over just nicely. For the less tech savvy you have word searches, Sudoku books and the likes. Why not take up a hobby like chess and play against your friends? Adding a little competitiveness into the mix as a good challenge is never a bad thing.

how to concentrate better


This is very important, in fact we recently took a look into how important sleep is and you can read the full article by clicking here. Its important to get the right amount, sleep allows our bodies time to repair and rejuvenate leaving us feeling refreshed and ready for the day ahead. If you don’t get enough sleep or you get too much you will not only be unprepared for the day ahead but will leave yourself more at risk of getting life threatening and debilitating diseases. By finding the right sleep balance and getting the right quality of sleep you will see a huge improvement in your overall performance from the boardroom to the bedroom.

With a little planning and structure you really can be better at everything you do. As a health brand we recognise how important it is to provide you with content that provides you with the information and tools to take better care of yourself and excel in every area of life. If you haven’t already – subscribe to stay up to date with the latest articles on the official Bathmate blog.


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