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Are Men Dying of Embarrassment?

When it comes to men’s health we pride ourselves on being advocates of charity’s, support networks and movements that promote various issues from mental to physical health in men. We recognise that men may find it more difficult to visit a doctor or health professional because they are expected to “man up” or just “get on with things.”

When it comes to physical health they may even be guilty of ignoring early warning signs or just expecting whatever it is to go away in its own time.

prostate cancer symptoms

Are men dying of embarrassment?

One of the largest killers of men worldwide is prostate cancer, it is thought one of the reasons for this is men feel embarrassed when it comes to getting checked out. A prostate check can feel pretty intrusive but we can guarantee you that the health professionals performing these checks will have done it countless times in the past and most certainly won’t be judging you. It’s very important threats to your health like prostate cancer are caught early. Spotting the signs early can be difficult so let’s take a look at some potential symptoms of prostate cancer…

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms and signs it would be a good idea to book an appointment at your GP and discuss them with your Dr to rule out any possibility of prostate cancer.

Frequent urination

Weak or interrupted urine flow or the need to strain to empty the bladder

The urge to urinate frequently at night

Blood in the urine

Blood in the seminal fluid

New onset of erectile dysfunction

Pain or burning during urination, which is much less common

Discomfort or pain when sitting, caused by an enlarged prostate

This information was taken from which includes doctor approved patient information and can be found in full here

prostate cancer symptoms

What next?

Having one or more of these symptoms does not automatically mean you have prostate cancer, try not to panic. The first thing you need to do is talk to a medical professional who will run a few simple tests and you’ll be able to take it from there.

When it comes to the prostate it’s easy to understand why men would get a little embarrassed but as with anything of this nature it is better to be safe than sorry. Your doctor will have done countless prostate examinations and it really is nothing to worry about. The quicker a diagnosis the better your chances of survival.

It’s ok to have some apprehensions but please try to understand that your GP will have no issues discussing your health with you as it is what they are qualified to do and ultimately what they are passionate about.

A healthy prostate should be roughly walnut sized, it is located between the bladder and the penis and did you know the prostate is sometimes called the p spot? It is an incredible part of the male anatomy. It is responsible for helping men to reproduce and is also used to increase the power of the male orgasm when stimulated during sexual intercourse.

Prostate play is not all about pleasure, when you milk the prostate you are actually helping to maintain the health of your prostate gland. Milking the prostate helps flush harmful toxins from your body and can go towards helping prevent prostate cancer along with good diet and exercise.

prostate cancer symptoms

How do you find the prostate?

It will actually be easier to find the prostate when you are aroused, so wait until the time is right. Try squatting or lying on your back with your legs raised. Apply some lubricant to your finger and begin to relax yourself by massaging the sphincter. When you feel the time is right the prostate is around 2 inches in and up towards your naval.

Once located check the prostate feels to be normal and around the size of a walnut. You will also notice that massaging the prostate will provide pleasure.

If you are worried about your prostate health it is important for you to contact your doctor and try not to worry too much, men are very good at hiding their emotions and ignoring their overall health needs – this is something that needs to change, Men’s health matters – prostate care is nothing to be embarrassed about and can be checked in a number of ways – there is no single test and your GP will be able to discuss what options are available to find a method that suits you best.


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