6 Superfoods for Superhumans

Some foods are convenient, some are good for our health and some possess certain qualities that set them apart. We class superfoods as nutrient rich foods that are extremely good for our health and overall well-being. We hear it quite often that another celebrity has picked up on the latest trending superfood and it seems to be the number one topic of dietary discussion until the hype dies down.

So is there anything to it or are they just encouraging us to pick up on the latest faddy diet with a tenuous celebrity endorsement. It turns out there is some truth to it all, we’ve done the research so you don’t have to. Want to feel superhuman? Read on to get the lowdown on the top 6 Superfoods and how they can benefit you.

Superfood is a term branded about by clever marketing agents who want to push the latest food craze onto the unsuspecting public but once we get passed this it’s quite clear that some foods are actually way better for us than others. Now that may seem obvious to some but we’re not comparing a cheeseburger to a salad, we’re basing this on almost like for like. So healthy foods which possess those extra qualities to be considered a superfood.

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To take the hassle out of your lives we thought we would provide you with this specialist list of foods that meet the criteria. Some of these possess long term health giving properties and have been known to help in fighting of a number of debilitating diseases. Some boost brain power and some will help give you that extra boost before a gym class to push you over the line in record time.

Before we get into it, it’s worth noting that if you are undertaking any kind of dietary changes you must maintain a balanced diet of food and drink and try to get your 5 a day where possible. If you are making large changes to your diet it would be worth contacting a specialist or a nutritionist before doing anything that could potentially damage your health. Your health is very important so it’s better to check and be safe, than do more harm than good.

Green tea

Green tea is an amazing superfood. You can get varying qualities and flavours depending on your budget, so this superfood is truly accessible to the masses. Green tea itself is packed full of life giving anti-oxidants and has incredible anti-inflammatory properties. Did you know that green tea can also help prevent some chronic diseases including heart disease, diabetes and cancer. For those of you who are about to undertake a diet or join a gym green tea has also been linked with assisting with weight loss and detoxing your system. Great news for anybody in need of a health kick.

what is a superfood?


Ginger is a root plant that is really well known as not only a great flavour enhancer but for its incredible medicinal qualities. Ginger has been known to work wonders on the symptoms of nausea, motion sickness, lack of appetite and even pain. Another amazing thing about ginger is that it can be eaten fresh, powdered, dried or as an oil or juice. Gingerol is the main bioactive compound responsible for its medicinal qualities.

Dark chocolate

If you buy a good quality dark chocolate that has a high cocoa content it’s actually surprisingly good for you and can be quite nutritious. Chocolate also releases feel good chemicals in the brain and tastes amazing. It contains stimulants such as theobromine and small doses of caffeine so it’s unlikely to keep you awake on a night. So in moderation, dark chocolate is actually really good for you! Surprising, right?

what is a superfood?


Certain fish are more than worthy of the title superfood than others, were talking fish that is naturally high in omega-3 fatty acids and natural fish oils. Salmon and tuna are particularly good because they are packed full of protein, zinc and selenium. They are also full of vitamins A, D and B. Fish is great tasting too so why not pick some up the next time you are in the supermarket!


Probably one of the first well known superfoods is blueberries. Packed with anti-oxidants and what are called phytoflavanoids these super berries are full of vitamin C and potassium. Did you know blueberries are an anti-inflammatory and can also help to lower the risk of cancer and heart disease? Those little berries certainly do pack a healthy punch.

what is a superfood?


Kale is relatively new in terms of the superfood world, so new in fact that we are still finding out all the incredible ways this food can help us. What we do know is it’s a great accompaniment to most meals and is absolutely jam packed full of nutrients and vitamins. It can help improve your cholesterol profile and is full of good fat and fibre! Add some to your smoothie or salad next time if you really want a boost.

So, how many of these superfoods will you be picking up next time you do your weekly shop? Cooking your own healthy meals is a great way to ensure you are getting a nutrient rich, balanced diet. Add some of these superfoods to your next meal and start to reap the benefits from these naturally healthy resources.

Super humans deserve super foods, now go out here and save the World!


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