Sex: The Holistic Approach

Yes. The Holistic approach. Have you ever thought about introducing a holistic approach into your lifestyle? It may have a huge impact on things in the bedroom. It is one of the most incredible and natural approaches to sex and day by day it is getting more and more popular. So let me be your guide as we start to figure out how this could help you perform even better than you already are.


The first thing that I need to explain is the word Holistic. Holistic means that every single part of something is interconnected and explainable only as a whole and not as individual component parts. The holistic philosophy term comes from Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, who stressed the enormous power of Mother Nature and her big influence on a human being’s body.

Hippocrates believed that people should include self-healing efforts into their life and medicine. There are three ancient medical traditions in holistic health: Ayurveda, herbal medicine and western herbalism. Ayurveda is known as an ancient medical tradition from India. The healing practice is based on the five great elements of the universe, the seven primary constituent elements of the body, and the three biological energies. Herbal medicine bases on holistic balance and is the oldest form of medicine.

Herbs are known for their brilliant influence over a human beings health and even ancient people used their medicinal properties to cure many of the different mental and body diseases. The last of the three ancient medical traditions is western herbalism. This tradition originated in ancient Greece and Rome, then spread throughout the rest of Europe, focusing on the medicinal attributes of plants and herbs.

holistic sex approach


From the medical point of view, a holistic approach means to think about a human being through the prism of the whole person. It means that the holistic approach is addressing not only your mental health but also your body – taking care of mental, physical, emotional health as well as your social life and also your spiritual health and diet. What is worth mentioning, is that a holistic approach is also known as an alternative medicinal approach. Holistic medicine is based on treating person as a whole because some diseases can have its roots in our mental health for example – when you suffer from erectile dysfunction you may find its source in your mental health. Things like stress, sadness, frustration and having no personal time may affect your mental and sexual health.

Basically, the first step into the holistic approach is to change your diet. Diet is not a period in your life you have to fulfil but more like a kind of a lifestyle. No deadlines. When it comes to your diet you should only eat things which will nourish your body like proteins, fats, vegetables and fruits. Try to cut down on then eventually get rid of sweets and fast foods which are only empty calories and do not give you any health benefits. You do not need to spend a lot of time on preparing your meals, the less cooking time the healthier your food can be. It means that you can spend more time on exercising or, well, sex! Healthy eating habits give you not only a healthier body but your mental health will gain overall from it too. Eating is a fundamental part of human nature so making a few dietary changes will benefit you no end.

holistic sex approach

The question is how to be better in bed? Use the holistic approach! When you eat properly and approach things holistically, have more time for exercising, you will see how using the holistic approach will enhance your overall penile health! Penile exercises like jelqing are one of the oldest holistic methods used to improve your sex life and penile health. While jelqing you can teach yourself how to last longer, gain erection strength and improve your stamina. You do not need any pills like Viagra to be better in bed. The Holistic approach gives you an opportunity to be a better sexual partner and to be more confident without any chemicals or surgeries.

Holistically speaking, there are no cons of introducing holistic approach into your life. Basically introducing a natural approach like mentioned above can give only benefit you with no apparent side effects. The libido is the reflection of yin and yang energy in your body. The best way to boost your libido is with cordyceps that increase your testosterone levels in the body. A Cordycep is a tiny fungal growth found in the Tibetan highland. It grows over insects and vegetation as it is of a parasitic nature. As an aphrodisiac, this fungus is a key for men who may suffer from forms of sexual dysfunction. The Cordyceps extract helps to enhance the erectile function of a male by increasing the libido.

holistic sex approach

Another method to help you become even better in bed is to practice yoga. I know that a lot of men will say that it is not for them but it has more benefits than you may be aware of. While practising yoga it is not only your body but your mind that is getting a work out. The mind-body practise of yoga can boost your libido and let you be the king of the bedroom my friends! Yoga improves pelvic muscle tone, releases tight hip joints and makes you happy and relaxed especially when followed by breathing exercises and relaxation techniques.

Acupuncture is also one of the holistic methods which is well worth a mention and finds its origins in China. Balancing and relaxing the body with acupuncture can be used to boost libido. It is based on a practitioner who places needles in your body to relax it. Having an acupuncture session can give you a better erection, you may last longer before ejaculation and have a better ability to orgasm.


The Holistic approach gives you numerous benefits without using chemicals or dangerous surgery. Eating and exercising in a holistic way will lead you to a better sex life and can help to get rid of stress and any penile dysfunctions in your life. It is not only a method or approach but a lifestyle. We hope that each of these tips mentioned will benefit and help you to be more satisfied in the bedroom for years to come.

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