Pubic Hair: Don’t Beat around the Bush

Followers of fashion may have noticed a recent change of events surrounding the nether regions of catwalk fashionistas! No, I am not talking about those high-waisted body suits, but something a little more personal and lot less revealing. I am talking about pubic hair.

The revival of pubic hair

Over the last 17 years, the Brazilian wax achieved something that was almost unheard of in the fashion world, it lasted! For those who haven’t heard of the style, the Brazilian wax is either the full removal of pubic hair or a very small landing strip on the groin area. Thus enabling both men and women to wear all types of underwear without anything sticking embarrassingly out of the sides… yes, that is a thing too! The Brazilian wax gathered further momentum by featuring in episodes of Sex and the City and The Only Way is Essex. This style became so popular, that public lice were at risk of becoming extinct because they were unable to thrive… but for me, that’s a good thing, isn’t it?

Pubic Hair

However, a recent announcement from fashion bible Vogue declared that the long loved Brazilian wax was falling out of fashion in favour of a more natural, fuller bush. This isn’t a new trend though; pubic hair has been ‘growing’ in popularity since 2013 due to a number of celebrity endorsements. Miley Cyrus famously dyes her pubic hair an assortment of wacky colours, whilst Gwyneth Paltrow openly admits to rocking ‘that 70’s vibe’. Other champions of the full bush are Ashley Jacobs, Cameron Diaz and Emma Watson.

The revival of pubic hair isn’t just a fashion issue. Waxing your pubic hair can be really painful for both men and women. A University of Californian study revealed that over the years, there has been a five fold increase in visits to Accident and Emergency departments caused by pubic hair grooming accidents. However, clinics such as DHI Global, the hair transplant clinic, have spoken about an increase women self-referring to the clinic to have their pubic hair restored after undergoing laser hair removal.

So, what are the health benefits of pubic hair?

Believe it or not, the reason that we have pubic hair is because it is supposed to be there. Although no one ca be sure of the exact reason why we have it, there are some reported benefits to having a full set of short and curlies.

Pubic hair acts as a cushion to protect the genitals

According to experts, pubic hair has a cushioning effect which protects the groin against bumps and bangs that may occur during sexual intercourse, bike riding or any other activity which places pressure on the genitals.

Pubic hair helps to prevent infections

Your pubic hair acts as a natural sponge and this can help to prevent bacteria and infection from entering the membranes of your genitals. Your pubes also help to regulate moisture which for females, can help to reduce those pesky yeast infections.

Pubic hair contains pheromones

Pheromones are a chemical that we naturally release to attract members of the opposite sex. Because of its location, your pubic hair is loaded with the pheromones you need to attract your ideal mate.

Pubic hair can help to lower your risk of contracting a sexually transmitted infection

Whatever you do, don’t throw away your condoms yet! Condoms are by far the most effective method of reducing your chances of contracting an STI. However, a recent study by the US library of medicine found that those without pubic hair had higher rates of STI’s than those who don’t. Perhaps pubes have magical qualities, or perhaps, like bacteria, your pubic hair acts as the first defence against sexually transmitted infections?

Pubic Hair

Your hair follicles have sensory qualities

For those who find it relaxing to have their hair stroked, having someone stroke and caress your pubic hair is a sensory delight! This is because your hair follicles contain nerve endings which send ‘feel good’ sensations to the brain. The removal of your pubic hair reduces this sensation.

Pubic hair absorbs sweat

The genitals are already at risk of becoming too sweaty and moist, particularly as the groin holds onto more warmth than the rest of your body. The sponge-like qualities of your pubic hair help to absorb sweat and reduce odour so your privates remain fresh and smelling sweet. As men require the testicles to remain at certain temperatures for reproduction, pubic hair plays a huge part in regulating those temperatures.

Pubic hair helps to reduce skin irritation

Because pubic hair is coarser and tougher than anywhere else on your body, it is much more difficult to remove. Therefore, the delicate skin is more susceptible to irritation and skin damage during the removal process.

Keeping your pubic hair trim

If you’re a follower of fashion, or you simply want to keep your pubic hair trim and tidy, investing in a decent pubic hair trimmer is a must! The Bathmate Trim is a pubic hair grooming kit which contains everything you need to keep your nether regions trim and tidy. A selection of razor heads enables you to choose exactly how short you’d like to groom whilst a precision trimmer tidies up those visible areas. A rechargeable razor ensures that you can pack up this grooming kit and take it with you wherever you go, so it’s perfect for travel.

Your body, your choice

However you choose to groom your groin, it is important to remember that having pubic hair or not having pubic hair is a personal preference. Pubes may be making their way into the fashion mags but this is a trend that may not be to everybody’s taste. It’s your body and how you choose to look is completely up to you.

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