Anal Stretching for Beginners

If you’re a beginner to anal play, you may be wondering why anyone would choose to stretch an anus. After all, it seems pretty stretchy already? There are a number of reasons that people engage in anal stretching.

Anal stretching with bathmate

For some, it could be that they enjoy the sensation of the technique, whilst for others, it could be that they have very big ambitions in terms of the sex toys that they can encompass! With more extreme anal stretching, this can lead to a form of body modification which is something that some people hope for. This isn’t a bad thing, but just means that the anus looks different to one that has never experienced this form of training. Another reason that people enjoy more extreme anal stretching is the temporary anal gape that is caused during the stretching process. The gape usually lasts less than a minute. However, it offers opportunities to experiment with the insertion of an array of sex toys.

What is anal stretching?

Anal stretching involves gradually stretching the anus so that you can insert a penis, sex toy or butt plug that you couldn’t normally accept before. For beginners, this could be as simple as working up from one finger, to a beginner’s butt plug, and then something more advanced. For the more hardcore and experienced players, this can go beyond the realms of ordinary stretching to encompass more extreme anal play such as the insertion of larger sex toys or large objects. This form of extreme anal stretching requires a lot of skill, patience and experience.

Anal stretching for beginners

Ready to practice safe anal stretching? Luckily, anal stretching is very simple to get into. All you need is some time, patience, lubricant and a sex toy. For those tempted to make things a little more comfortable with an anal numbing gel or lubricant, these are not suitable for anal stretching. This is because they prevent you from recognising any signals that you may need to stop and take a rest. If you are experiencing so much discomfort that you require these creams, you may need to take a step back and re-evaluate your experience. It could be that you are trying too much too soon and your body isn’t ready.

Anal stretching with bathmate

How to prepare for anal stretching

When you are preparing for any kind of anal activity, there is always a degree of preparation involved to make sure that things are as comfortable, safe and hygienic as possible. This can start as simply as eating a diet that is high in fibre so that things are constantly ‘on the move’ and you aren’t feeling clogged up. After a bowel movement, relax in a nice warm bath or shower to ensure that you are feeling relaxed and fresh. For those who seek a little more reassurance, using a douche or enema can help to keep things clean internally.
Safe anal stretching

There are several things to remember for safe anal stretching:


• Go to the toilet beforehand
• Use a douche or enema if you want to
• Stop if you experience pain or bleeding
• Start with a small sex toy or butt plug
• Use lots of lubricant
• Give your body time to adjust
• Give your body 2-3 days to recover between sessions


• Opt for an anal numbing cream, this can mask a harmful reaction
• Force things if you are experiencing resistance or pain
• Be too rough during thrusting, you could harm yourself
• Wear for longer than 20 minutes to start with

What are the best sex toys for anal stretching?

For anal stretching, you definitely need more than one sex toy. This is because stretching involves sizing up to something bigger once you feel more comfortable. Sizing up increases your chances of pleasure and helps you to keep an eye on your progress, so it’s a real treat! One of the most effective sex toys for anal stretching and training is the humble butt plug. This cone shaped sex toy may not look like much, but the tapered tip is perfect for comfortable insertion and ideal for gentle stretching in that you can insert a little more of the tip with every session. For the most cost effective results, look for a set of anal training butt plugs as these come in lots of different sizes. For those who want to experience a prolonged sensation of stretch, a tapered dildo is more suitable than a butt plug as the anus stretches around the dildo to create that delicious sensation!

Anal stretching with bathmate

As with all anal sex toys, it is very important that the sex toy has a flared base which is wider in diameter than the toy itself. This is to ensure that the sex toy does not travel into the body and get stuck. After all, nobody wants to have to explain their anal stretching technique at the local accident and emergency department.
With anal sex toys, it is very important to choose carefully based on your level of experience with anal sex. It is always wiser to start off smaller and work your way up to a bigger size, rather than struggle with a sex toy that is too uncomfortable and large.

How to stretch your anus

Stretching is easy if you start off slowly. Lie on your back and take some time to relax, this could involve deep breathing techniques or listening to relaxing music. Apply lubricant to your anus and finger before gently circling the anus. This helps the anus to relax and ensures that insertion is much easier and more comfortable. Slide your finger carefully into the anus. It you feel uncomfortable, stop and take a break. Once you can comfortably insert a finger, try again with a small, beginners butt plug. Again, the process is the same. However, you might experience some discomfort because the butt plug is much thicker. If you feel uncomfortable, stop and slide the butt plug out before trying again, aiming to gently go a little deeper each time. It might take some time, but soon you will be able to insert the whole plug and wear it comfortably. Once you manage this, you can move up to a more intermediate butt plug and repeat until you reach the desired level of stretch.

Happy stretching!

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