Length or Girth: Here’s What Women REALLY prefer

Most men have looked in the mirror at some point and wondered how they measured up. It’s common to worry about penis size, and with the growing prevalence of porn, so much weight gets put on size. Men want to please their woman, and it can be nerve-racking to think that your mate wants a larger piece of equipment. Interestingly, men seem to put far more emphasis on penis size than women do. Of course, when talk of penis size comes up, people always talk about length and girth typically gets left out. Shouldn’t girth be just as important?

is length or girth more important to women

So what do women really want? If the size of the boat truly matters, do they want a long slender boat, or a short fat one, or a mix of both?

Average Penis Size

Before we can tackle this question, we must first look at what the average man is dealing with. According to a study done by the British Journal of Urology International, the average penis is just over 5 inches long, with a circumference of about 4.5 inches. That is a much smaller size than most men think is average. Many men have a distorted idea of how large his manhood should be and worry about being inadequate. According to the BJUI study, only 1 out of 20 men have a penis that is longer than 6.5 inches, so chances are you fall into the normal range for size. Notably, only 1 out of 20 men have a penis shorter than 3.9 inches, so most men fall within 2.5 inches of each other.

Penis Length Vs. Penis Girth

So is the average size good enough for women, or are they looking to get more bang for their buck? In a study that showed women 3D models of different sized penises, they were asked to choose the penis they preferred. The majority of women chose models that were only just above average. It is interesting to note that the women preferred a wider girth for a one-night-stand (5 inches) than for a long-term relationship (4.8 inches), but the preferred length did not change. The study also shows that women can more accurately identify girth over length, suggesting that they subconsciously pay more attention to it.

It is evident that girth is more important to women than length. The good news is that most women prefer a penis that is very close to the average size, squashing the notion that you have to have an enormous package to leave her satisfied. The preferred girth is only a third of an inch to a half an inch thicker than the average size.

is length or girth more important to women

Why Is Penis Girth So Important?

The clitoris is mostly internal, made up of erectile tissue that surrounds the inside of the vagina. When the woman gets aroused, the tissue fills with blood, similar to the penis. The engorged tissue surrounds the inside of the vaginal wall. When the penis applies pressure to the erectile tissue, it stimulates the clitoral nerves, pleasuring the woman. It is no wonder that women prefer girth — the wider the penis, the more stimulation her clitoral erectile tissue receives. As the penis moves in and out, the entire clitoral structure is moved and stimulated, allowing women to reach orgasm without actually touching the head of the clitoris.

The verdict is in: girth is more important. A wider penis provides more stimulation than length alone. The average vagina is only a few inches deep, elongating during arousal. But most of those nerve endings come from the clitoral tissue surrounding the vagina. Women want a larger penis for a one-night-stand than they do for a relationship, but either way, the most popular choice is a penis close to average size. So you can rest easy knowing that even if you think you’re small, you’re probably getting the job done just fine. And if your little guy is short, then hopefully he’s got some width to him.

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