Does Size really Matter: What to do if You have a Small Penis

Having a small penis is not a laughing matter for some people. However, it is important to remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder! For example, did you know that a micro penis is the perfect size for G Spot stimulation during penetrative sex? That’s right, a small penis is perfect for reaching all those hard to access hotspots.

But what exactly is a small dick?

Believe it or not, the average penis size differs according to what part of the world that you originate from. For example, African men have on average the largest size penis in the world with an excess of between 6 and 7 inches when erect. The United Kingdom, Australia, Norway, Mexico and Italy also measure on the larger size, with averages of 5.8-6.3 inches when standing to attention. Asian countries such as Thailand, South Korea and India have an average size of between 3.6-4.3 when erect which although smaller, is no less mighty.

How to get a bigger penis

What to do when you have a small penis?

As men, we are taught that the size of our dick is very important. We brag about our dicks, we boast about the things that we do with them and we are told that the bigger our dicks are, the more of a man we are. This can cause a lot of confidence issues for men, especially of you don’t quite measure up to these unrealistic expectations. If you think about it, our dicks cause us almost as much anxiety as they do pleasure:

Our dicks are meant to look a certain way – many of them don’t.

Our tackle is meant to be a certain size – most of them aren’t.

Our cock is supposed to be thick and girthy- erm, not always.

Our dicks are meant to go hard whenever we want them to – good luck with that!

Our penises are supposed to know the perfect time to ejaculate – really?

According to a recent internet survey, 45% of men are dissatisfied with the size of their manhood and 42% would like their penis to be larger. If you are one of those people who lack confidence in all things cock-related, there are things that you can do to boost your self-esteem. If you’re one of the lucky ones who feel completely at ease with your trouser department, the best advice we can offer you is ‘just because you have a large weapon’ don’t use it to make other people feel small. Mocking men about having a small penis is a standard insult, but it is body shaming to those who can’t help it.

Learn to love your small penis

A lot of men get their sex education from pornography where the expectations on men are unrealistic. These men are usually very large in size, become aroused quickly and ejaculate after prolonged periods of extremely acrobatic sex. So, it’s no wonder we are so paranoid about our peckers! Around 68% of men questioned in a recent survey measured between 4.5- 6 inches when erect, so pornography doesn’t really offer a fair comparison does it?

When it comes to pleasuring a partner, penis size is only important if you think of sex as just penetrative sex. Those who have a smaller penis may find penetration difficult. But on the other hand, those with a larger penis may also find that they struggle to enjoy penetrative sex. Focusing solely on penetrative sex means that you forget about all the other aspects of sexual intercourse that make it fun. It may help to remember that up to 70% of women struggle to orgasm through penetrative sex. Therefore, foreplay plays a very important factor in a healthy and mutually satisfying sex life. Learning to love your small dick also involves remembering that your pleasure is also important. So, take some time to communicate with your partner and let them know what works for you, and what isn’t working so well!

How to get a bigger penis

Some of the best sex positions for a small dick include:

Doggy-style is a great sex position for a small penis because it offers deep penetration and the opportunity to reach around and stimulate the clitoris too.

Reverse cowgirl also facilitates deep penetration for you. But adding a cushion underneath your pelvis will elevate your hips so it feels deeper for your partner.

Side saddle involves sitting on a couch with your legs open whilst your lover lowers themselves onto your penis. Again, this offers a deeper penetration and easy access to your partners erogenous zones.

Missionary anal provides the intimacy of face to face sex and combines it with deep penetration. This position is similar to missionary but with the legs over the shoulder, so the anus is within easy reach. This is also a great position from vaginal penetration.

How to get a bigger penis

How to increase the size of your dick

If you’re one of the 42% of men who would like to permanently increase penis size but without risky operations, dick fillers or creams, we may have a solution for you. The Bathmate Hydromax is an award winning water-based penis pump that naturally increases the size of your penis so that you feel more confident about your manhood. However, the Bathmate Hydromax isn’t just a penis pump for small dicks, this pump is available in several different sizes from less than 3 inches in erect length up to 9 inches.

Whilst we still think that it’s important to love what nature gave you, there is nothing wrong with making the most of what you have. The Bathmate Hydromax uses water to draw blood into the penis so that the penis becomes engorged. As a result, your cock is thicker, longer and your erection is rock hard. We recently conducted a study in which 70% of Bathmate customers experienced an increase in the length and girth of their penis after regular usage.

To ensure that you experience a permanent increase in size, Bathmate recommended that you use the Hydromax between three to five times a week. Whilst results will vary from person to person, you should start seeing permanent results within months.

Happy Pumping!

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