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It’s Getting a little Steamy!

Things are getting a little steamy, aren’t they! Now before we get ahead of ourselves and dive right in so to speak you are going to need to know a few things before you recreate your favourite kinky scene from that movie/TV show you just watched.

Safety first

Two things to consider when it comes to making love in the shower, there is a pretty much unavoidable slip and trip hazard, especially if you are lathered up or using lube. The second thing and potentially as important if not more – contraception. It should be a pill or IUD because, unfortunately, condoms do not work well with water.

shower sex

Discuss your options with your partner bit it is very important to protect yourself from diseases and any unwanted pregnancies. Let’s face it – you want to enjoy yourself but nobody wants to slip and break a bone or have to deal with the potential of an unwanted pregnancy that could be avoidable.

Minimise as many risks as possible by ensuring the shower is clean and tidy and you are using a water based lube, if lube is an absolute necessity.

Sometimes you soap can get where you don’t want it to. Let’s be honest if you have a female partner you need to remember that vaginas are self-cleaning. So it means that she does not need any soap inside her (but it can happen when you have sex in the shower and many ingredients in soaps and shower gels can lead to vaginal infection. That is why you should not put anything on your penis before you penetrate. TIP: first of all why not get nice shower and clean your selves first – and then you can have sex in the shower.

Another issue – People think that having sex in the shower will make you wet enough. Water reduces natural vaginal lubrication that is why silicone based lube will be brilliant! Forget about water-based lube because it washes away very quickly (especially while having a shower).

Sex in the shower is fantastic for quickies. Consider warming up with your partner before having a big finale under the running water. You can treat the shower as a setting for after-play! Our bodies are very sensitive after having orgasm so maybe it is a good idea to have a nice encounter after, in the shower together.

So what about the fellas?

Why not warm up prior to your partner joining you? By using one of our water based penis pumps you will achieve an erection unlike any you have had before. Give your partner the orgasm of their lives with your harder, stronger erection. How does it work? Our multi award winning hydropumps increase blood flow and circulation, consider it a mini work out for your penis. More blood flow and circulation results in a larger penis and a harder erection that sticks around when you need it most, lasting longer in bed is something most men crave – being able to give your partner the best sex of their lives will boost your confidence and make you feel like the alpha of the pack.

shower sex

And for the ladies?

We recently redefined everything you thought you knew about the humble vibrator, now we hear you. Vibrator? Shower? Electricity? Water? Nooooo thanks! Well think again. We designed the worlds first full waterproof IPX7 rated bullet vibrator, so to get you fully in the mood before your steamy sex session why not hop in the shower and get yourself revved up before the main event!

What are the main benefits of having sex in the shower?

First of all, it is fun! Sharing your love under the hot water in the shower gives you a lot of things, pleasure, relaxation and sexual happiness. Try it in the morning – it will give you an amazing natural energy kick for the rest of the day. It also adds a sparkle in your relationship because sex in the shower is… well, a little bit naughty! You can drive each other totally crazy especially if you give your partner a blow job whilst they enjoy the water as it trickles into those hard to reach spots! It means that oral intercourse under the shower is a must-have, you just have to try it! TIP: invest your money in non-stick mat, it will save your life and nobody will break their leg whilst in the throws of passion! Plus it would take some explaining to the ambulance crew!

Having sex in the shower can be fantastic – provided it is done right so remember to be safe but above all – enjoy yourselves!

shower sex

This blog has been brought to you by the team at Bathmate Direct, a world-leading brand for enhancing sexual confidence and performance. If you’re reading one of our articles for the first time, why not check out our hydropumps, a powerful way to improve penis size, lasting power and more, with results guaranteed (or your money back). Looking for a different experience? Click through to take a look at our ever-changing Pleasure Collection!


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