How To Quit Masturbation

If you’re like most men, chances are you bash the bishop on a regular basis. With the rise of free internet porn at everyone’s fingertips and more free time than ever before, choking the chicken has become the champion of all male hobbies — and unfortunately, many find themselves in the grips of masturbation addiction.

How much masturbation is too much?

While clearing the pipes on occasion keeps your plumbing in working order, it starts to become a problem when you:

  • Have difficulty controlling the urge to masturbate
  • Plan your day around when you’ll be able to masturbate
  • Skip school, work, or other social functions so you can masturbate

What are the benefits of quitting masturbation?

  • Your testosterone levels increase within the first seven days and continue increasing the longer you abstain
  • Increased testosterone leads to more confidence, more energy, better sexual performance and a higher sex drive
  • Bonus: women are subconsciously more attracted to men with higher testosterone levels
  • By not getting your daily dopamine fix from wanking, you’ll have more energy and motivation to make something of yourself

Man struggles with masturbation addiction

If you’re thinking of quitting masturbation, here are seven tips to help you do just that.

1. Keep a busy schedule.

The old saying “Idle hands are the devil’s playground” is just as true today as it ever was. When people have lots of spare time on their hands, their hands tend to make their way down their trousers.

The easiest way to stick to a “hands-off” approach is to fill up your calendar with plans that get you up and out of your house. Give yourself things you can look forward to in the coming days or weeks, no matter how small. Make plans with friends to go out to dinner or the pub, have lunch in a cafe, or even browse the shops.

Learning something new is also a fulfilling way to refocus your brain as you fill your time. Working on a new skill or hobby like cooking, music, drawing or gardening gives you a purpose in life that will help you avoid the urge to stroke the salami out of boredom.

But whatever you do with your free time, make sure you avoid staring at screens. Your TV and phone are designed to keep you hooked (and horny) with titillating content.

2. Get moving.

Next time you get the urge to flog the dolphin, busy your hands with tying your shoelaces instead, and head out for a brisk walk or jog. Any form of exercise gets your heart racing and your blood pumping throughout your entire body — not just your nether regions. You’ll get the same tension relief and dopamine boost, only you’ll look and feel better about yourself afterward.

Many men find the discipline of playing sports like tennis, golf, football, and even pool or darts gives them a healthy focus and a positive outlet without involving their penis, so consider joining a local club or team to up your game.

3. Clean up your diet.

Your body is a temple, and when you treat it right by fuelling it with the proper nutrition, you have less of a desire to “desecrate” it. Being more mindful of what you’re putting in your mouth will not only make you feel better, but you’ll look better too. A healthier diet can also provide you with a new set of goals to focus your energy and efforts on.

(If you want to get serious about avoiding temptation, you might also want to avoid known aphrodisiacs like oysters, chocolate, ginkgo Biloba, fenugreek, and spicy chilies.)

Man cant perform in bed anymore

4. Watch what you’re watching.

Quitting porn is the very first step toward putting the brakes on grabbing your gear stick. But certain films and TV shows have erotic scenes that can quickly send your mind (and your hands) wandering south in the privacy of your bedroom. You’re better off enjoying post-watershed programming in a shared space, preferably with a friend or two.

5. Avoid too much alone time.

When you’re trying to quit masturbation, being alone with your “thoughts” can get you into trouble. Having too much privacy makes it all too tempting to do private things. Now is the time to break the mental connection you have with solitude and spanking the monkey.

When you know nobody else will be home, consider watching your favorite team play from a sports bar instead of your bed. If the latest episode of your favorite TV show is premiering, invite some friends over or head to their place. If you work from home, bring your laptop to the cafe so you’re around others.

6. Learn how not to pull your lever in “emergencies.”

Baseball. Cold showers. Danny DeVito naked on a cold day.

Sometimes certain lustful thoughts can send your carnal urges into overdrive. In these instances, redirecting your thoughts to something as unsexy as possible is crucial. You can also harness the power of “shrinkage” and hop in an icy cold shower. Not only will this calm your mind (and other things) down fast, you’ll get an instant energy boost.

7. Don’t be too hard on yourself.

Quitting masturbation isn’t supposed to feel like a punishment for “moral failings.” Despite the long-standing stigma surrounding it, self-pleasure is 100% natural, and surveys have shown that almost 100% of men (and women) admit to doing it. But while it’s true a little of what you fancy does you no harm, sometimes it becomes a bad habit that leads you down a dark path to addiction. (Even water is toxic is in large enough doses!)

Taking a break from beating off can bring balance back into your life, but it requires considerable commitment. Set goals and reward yourself when you reach them, but start small to avoid setbacks.

The biggest struggle you’ll have is perseverance, but like most things, it will get much easier as time goes on.

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