Good Vibes For Hydropump users!

Traditionally, vibrators were products that were aimed solely at women. After all, the first very first vibrator was a tool that cured women of ‘hysteria’ and stimulated the clitoris. Over the years, men were quite happy to let women enjoy their vibrators and continued to plod along in a happy, ignorant bliss. That was until the sexual revolution of the noughties when the use of vibrators became more openly discussed outside the home. Men began to wonder what all the fuss was about… and boom, a new generation of guybrators were created!


Whilst using a penis pump, adding vibration into the fray might be something that hasn’t really crossed your mind before. But, including some sexual titillation is a great way to make dick pumping more fun, whilst also increasing blood flow to the penis so it stays nice and healthy between work outs. With this in mind, we decided to look at some good vibes for pump users.

Bathmate Hydrovibe

Anyone who uses a Bathmate Hydro Pump knows all the features of these best-selling penis pumps. They help to increase the firmness and girth of a penis, whilst also helping to create long lasting erections. However, now that the science behind pumping had been perfected, the design team behind the world best selling penis pump wanted to explore the element of pleasurable pumping too.

The Bathmate Hydrovibe is a vibrating attachment that connects to your Bathmate pump and uses two powerful vibrating bullets to turn your Hydro Pump into an instant jacuzzi. As the bubbles stroke and massage the penis, the powerful vibrations create toe curling sensations. As your arousal increases, the powerful massage also helps to distribute blood flow around the penis, resulting in a thicker, stronger and healthier penis.

The Bathmate Prostate Vibe

Once full arousal has been achieved, experience the extreme satisfaction of a dual orgasm by combining intense prostate massage with external pleasure. The Bathmate Prostate Vibe’s ergonomic curves are shaped to fit the unique contours of your body, whilst ten speeds of vibration stimulate the prostate and perineum simultaneously. The design of the Bathmate Prostate Vibe enables you to enjoy it wherever you like, and because it’s waterproof, its perfect for the bath or shower. As you rock your way to an explosive finale, firmly stroke your erection for the perfect combination of external and internal stimulation. The results are guaranteed to be explosive!

Bathmate vibe rings

Bathmate Vibe Rings

If you’re pumping to boost an erection before sex, maintaining that erection is very important. Using a cock ring after pumping helps to keep your erection firm, hard and longer lasting. A cock ring can also help to maintain an erection after orgasm, so you can experience multiple orgasms. The Bathmate Vibe Rings are a range of vibrating cock rings that help to add exciting new elements to penetrative sex or masturbation after pumping.

The Bathmate Tickle works by stimulating yourself and a female partner during sex, so it helps to increase her pleasure and shorted the male and female orgasm gap.

The Bathmate Strength uses two bands, so it has a firmer grip, thus creating a more powerful erection.

The Bathmate 8 Vibe is worn around the penis and the testicles, so it is a double whammy of pleasure. Insert a flaccid penis through the top hole and your testicles through the bottom. You benefit from the firmness of the cock ring, but as you climax the testicle ring prevents the natural restriction of the testicles, so orgasms are more intense and longer lasting.

The Bathmate Stretch can be worn on the penis or around the testicles. On the penis the wearer will experience powerful vibration to the base of your cock. On the scrotum, the firm grip prevents the scrotum from retracting to create an intense climax, whilst powerful vibration adds the icing on the cake.

Vibrating Masturbation Stroker

After a pumping workout, it might seem a shame to see such a strong erection go to waste! Therefore, you could always work on your edging skills using a vibrating masturbating stroker. A masturbation stroker usually consists of a textured sleeve in which the penis is inserted. Those who want to increase their stamina in the bedroom can use the stroker to practice techniques in which they bring themselves close to the brink of orgasm, and then work towards delaying or preventing climax until they are ready to orgasm. This is called edging and is a very effective technique for those who struggle with premature ejaculation or who simply want to last longer in bed.

Bathmate anal training plugs

Vibe Anal Training Plugs

After a dick pump workout, there’s no need to put your feet up and have a rest. Bring up the rear with an anal training session and keep up the momentum. The Vibe Anal Training Plugs come in three different sizes for graduated enjoyment whilst a powerful vibrating bullet delivers ten speeds of pure pleasure. Wide loops at the base of the plug prevent travel and the tapered tip enables comfortable insertion. Once you become accustomed to the smaller sizes, graduate to a larger bulb and enjoy increased internal pressure and mind-blowing stimulation.

Bathmate Vibe Bullet

Vibrating bullets are extremely versatile and discreet so they are an ideal partner for those who enjoy a discreet penis pump workout in the bathroom. In between pumps, use the Bathmate Vibe to boost arousal by titillating the erogenous zones such as the nipples, testicles and penis. This can help to increase the blood flow to your penis whilst helping to get in the mood too. The more aroused you feel, the harder your erection will become. As you massage your penis between pumps, adding some lubricant and a vibrating bullet into the mix can create some incredible sensations.

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