Anal Sex Myth Busting with Bathmate

Anal sex is a topic that causes a lot of controversy amongst couples. But, that’s because there is a lot of misinformation about the subject. For those who already have an opinion, whatever you choose to feel about anal sex is completely up to you. If you’re yet to explore this unchartered territory, a little education about anal sex may be the key to forming your opinion.

anal sex myths

In this article, we want to take a look at some of the anal sex myths that our readers may have heard and offer the facts. Granted, each and every one of us may feel a little differently about things and some things may work for some and not for others. However, debunking some of the biggest misconceptions about anal sex may help you to make the decision of whether anal sex is something that you and your partner want to try.

Anal sex is just for gay people

Anal sex is not something which is gender specific, nor is it confined to your sexuality. Anal sex is simply another form of sexual experimentation which can be enjoyed by anyone. For men, anal stimulation offers a direct route to the prostate gland which is also known as the P Spot. Stimulation of this gland can lead to a very intense male orgasm. However, this is something that lots of straight men enjoy as much as their gay counterparts. Many women also experience orgasm during anal sex so if something feels good, your sexuality and gender shouldn’t matter at all.

anal sex myths

Women don’t enjoy anal sex

This statement isn’t just incorrect, but it is disempowering to women who do enjoy other forms of sexual stimulation than vaginal. As a woman myself, I can assure you that anal sex gives lots of opportunities for orgasm. For example, did you know that the clitoris is actually shaped like a wishbone and contains over 9,000 nerve endings. Therefore, it has been speculated that it is possible to stimulate this super sensitive hotspot during anal sex. Foreplay and sex isn’t always about having an orgasm either. The anus is also full of nerve endings which feels delicious when stimulated.

Anal sex is painful

A lot of people associate anal sex with a bad experience that they may have heard about or experienced themselves. Therefore, it is important to remember that anal sex requires a lot of preparation, and this includes getting yourself mentally prepared too. As with anything that enters the body, there may be some resistance which is one of the reasons why it helps to be completely relaxed and have a lot of lubricant close to hand. Start off with something small like a finger or a beginner’s butt plug and take things very slowly. Once you’re feeling completely relaxed, you can always try something a little larger. The most important thing to remember that is if you do feel any pain, stop immediately and give your body a rest.

Anal sex is messy

Hygiene is one of the biggest concerns that people have about anal sex. However, it is very rare that anyone actually does poo during the act. It is possible for some faecal matter to transfer onto condoms, sex toys and fingers if steps haven’t been taken to clean out the anal canal. Luckily, this can be done by ensuring that you have a bowel movement before anal play and you take a nice warm bath or shower. Another way of ‘prepping’ the area before anal sex or anal play is by using a douche or enema. This device squirts warm water into the rectum and washes any residue from the anal canal, so it’s always squeaky clean.

anal sex myths

You don’t need to use condoms during anal sex

Fair enough, the risk of pregnancy is a lot lower with anal sex. However, there is still a risk of semen entering the vagina during other forms of foreplay. Using a condom doesn’t just protect against unwanted pregnancy, but against sexually transmitted infections too. Therefore, condoms provide the most reassurance if you are having sex with someone who’s sexual history you aren’t aware of yet. That’s not to say that this applies to everyone though. For some who have been in long term relationships and know their partner’s sexual history and take regular contraception, condoms may be something that they choose to forgo and that’s completely fine too.

Anal sex will stretch your anus

Another misconception about anal sex is that this type of sex will stretch and weaken your anal muscles. However, there is no evidence to suggest that this is true. As with vaginal sex, it is possible that the anus and anal canal will experience tiny tears during anal sex. This is perfectly normal and they should heal quickly. During anal sex, if you feel any pain or intense discomfort whatsoever, it is important to stop immediately. Always enter slowly and give yourself plenty of time to adjust to the sensation before deeper penetration. As long as you take the time to read the signals and use plenty of lubricant, the risk of damage is minimal and temporary.

Anal sex is exactly how it looks in porn films

Anal sex is very different to how it looks in porn films in that a lot of preparation and care is required before you can ‘launch’ into the act. As with any form of anal play, there must be a lot of communication between both partners and usually a lot more foreplay to help both partners relax. It may take a few different attempts before you manage full penetration and mutual pleasure, which is perfectly fine. As long as everyone is safe, happy and having fun!

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