5 ways to Boost your Self Confidence

Self-confidence can form part of what many people consider a successful life. It helps you to express what you feel and think and it can help you get more from your life and feel more satisfied with yourself.

What is confidence in general? A lot of people who are confident are wrongly considered as people who are arrogant. But is it true? Being confident and aware of your self-worth should not be considered as arrogance, I guess this is down to how you carry yourself but it’s definitely possible to be self-confident and not branded as cocky and arrogant. People who know how to build their confidence are not afraid to take action, are not afraid to say what they think and are not afraid to have a different opinion.

Here we have five tips which help you to build your very own castle of confidence. Take a look at this simple list of self-help tips and begin the journey to a happier you today. It may seem daunting at first but as always the Bathmate crew will be here to hold your hand every step of the way.

learn to love yourself


The most important person in your life is you. Full stop. No, seriously, it is. Without you there is nothing. The sooner you understand that nobody will treat you better than you treat yourself the quicker this journey to self success will be. The first step is to start to feel good within yourself. It is not just about your body but also about being comfortable in your own skin, start by trying to rid yourself of negative thoughts. You need to know what you like to do, what opinions you have, what your hobbies are etc. You need to build a positive relationship with yourself, love yourself and treat yourself as the valuable person you truly are. Count your blessings but also understand nobody is perfect and you simply cannot be the best at everything so go easy on yourself when life teaches you a little lesson. Be polite, but assertive. When you do not agree with someone it doesn’t mean that you are rude or arrogant, It means that you know yourself and you are aware of what you consider right and wrong.


If you did something you are proud of, sing it from the roof tops! Being self-aware and knowing you have been successful at something convinces you to push on and achieve more. If you fail at something, pick yourself up and dust yourself off and move on. It’s important to reward ourselves when we have achieved something and to not beat ourselves up too much when we don’t, it’s a slippery slope. Negative thoughts can have a huge impact on your life and well being. This is a sure fire way to teach yourself to be more successful, happier and positive in day to day life.

self care is very important - bathmate blog


You care about your friend’s right? Start caring about yourself. Motivate yourself, stick a note on your mirror that says “you are the best”. It might seem silly but trust us, it’s not! Taking care of yourself also means that you need to check on your needs, relax, find some time for your hobbies, eat well, do some sport, travel, read books, spend time with friends. Motivate yourself as your own best friend – you do not want your friend to feel bad so neither should you! Read some books about psychology if you can. These kind of books open your mind and allow you to get to know yourself a little bit better. Do not be afraid of say no. If you want to be confident you have to learn to say no if you disagree with a situation or scenario.


A nice thing that you can do for yourself is to write yourself a letter! Write about the things that irritate you, what you want to change, and what kind of things you like about yourself. That is how you can quantify the things you want to change and gain confidence from the things you don’t. Divide your letter for four parts: things you can change straight way and work on them, things you cannot change instantly but you can still work towards them for the future, things you love about yourself and the things you dream about. Now think about how much energy you spend on unnecessary problems? Start to take care of the things you CAN change. Do not spend your time on stuff you will never change. Your life is too precious.

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Everybody has friends and acquaintances but not everybody has good friends who are happy people and motivate them. Instead of this, they limit you, so in turn you must learn to minimise interaction with destructive friendships. If you have friends who are always negative – get rid of them – as brutal as this seems and as hard as you may find it, In the long run you will benefit from this. People who criticise you in a constructive way are helpful, but negativity can be a destructive force. Being criticised in a constructive way is not the same as being judged because of your different opinions. Try to talk with people who want the best for you and try to celebrate your successes together. It is good for your mental health and it works towards building proper confidence. If you cannot get rid of people who are demotivating you – for instance nuisance family members, try to realise that their opinion is sometimes not objective. Do not think that something is wrong with you – be aware that people are different and try to focus on yourself.

Confidence can be achieved over time. Unfortunately you can’t just switch on a confidence-button, but a process of introducing positivity into your life step by step will help. Bathmate are sure that with these five tips you will start to be a more confident person, today. Like what you read? Why not subscribe now and have articles just like this sent directly to your inbox so you never miss out.


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