Which Work Out will Work Out for You?

Working out doesn’t need to be a chore, training ourselves to be fitter, stronger and more active is the number 1 way to stay in shape and live our best life. But from beginner right the way through to advanced – it can take some navigating to find out what work out regime works out best for you!

One of the reasons people fail in their new fitness regimes is because they didn’t pick a work out that fit into their daily lives. Training needs to form an integral part of your life if it is going to benefit you. By becoming more active you will feel better in all aspects of your life, as your body begins to change and improve over time so will your confidence and outlook on life. Your improved body image and those feel good chemicals being released by your brain will give you a boost that leaves you ready to take on whatever challenge life has to throw at you.

the best work out

So what’s out there for you?

Beginner’s routine

First of all you should motivate yourself and think about exercising as a hobby and lifestyle change instead of a necessity. That will motivate you even more and you will not feel forced to go to the gym or exercise.
Try to stretch at the beginning of your session. It will make your body ready for your work out. Next step is to warm up – Make sure you do this properly it really does help! As a beginner your body is not use to the exercise you are about to participate in, don’t injure yourself before you even get going! For beginners, Jogging is a good choice or even a short fitness class. You probably didn’t know but even something like gardening or a brisk walk are nice options for a beginner, why not get stuck in to the weeding or dig a few holes! Every single type of exercise that boosts your energy levels means your body will look better and, what is most important, you will be healthier and feel more positive.

Try to do some cardio work for 4-5 days a week as a warm up. After this, your next step will be strength training – 3 times per week with at least 1 day recovery. The best option is TBW – this stands for a total body work out. It means that your whole body works out during one session. When you think you are able to do more, just increase either the weight or the number of repetitions. TBW is the most effective work out – generally, you only need 1 exercise for one muscle group, doing between 1-5 sets of between 5-12 repetitions for that particular exercise.

Remember that the more repetitions you do per one set, the fewer sets you need. The best option is to create 2 different sets of TBW and do them every second time you are at the gym. For example: 1st one – deadlifts, bench press, pull-ups, 2nd one – squats, shoulder press, seated cable rows. It is also recommended that at the end of your work out you do some flexibility training – 20 minutes to make your muscles relaxed and avoid any aches and pains next day.

the best work out

Intermediate and advanced

The thing is that both intermediate and advanced work outs look very similar to each other but slightly more extended. When you are at a level of intermediate and advanced routines you can allow your body to work out more, have longer training sessions as your body is used to working out. Cardio sessions are longer, you can also add things like riding a bike to and from your work out etc.

Sets of exercises have more repetitions and consist of heavier weights. Your body got uses to working out and you might even begin craving for it! If you are not a beginner anymore, try to get some more knowledge under your belt regarding dieting and exercising together and the impact it will have on your lifestyle. Now you can change some exercises for more effective ones, you can choose the best diet plan and see what makes you feel better and your body stronger. Working out is a lifestyle for you, a part of your daily life.

the best work out

Here at Bathmate we have some crucial information for you from the guy’s in the know – Moderate frequency!

What does it mean?

Each muscle group should be worked out between every 3rd and 5th day. How about the volume? Big muscles should be trained 60-120 reps per week maximum while smaller groups get 30-60 repetitions. Try to differentiate your work outs. Free weight, body weight and machines, also try compound and isolation exercises. The more you know the more you exercise and try new things!

Diet is important too, you may need to alter your diet to maintain optimal performance both before and after your work out. Recovery can be equally as important as the training session itself! Here’s to health and happiness! You have to be aware that your diet is health, don’t attempt to starve yourself as you won’t work out properly, your body will not get 100 % from your work out. In one of our articles, Bathmate wrote about the best way of counting your calories and how to plan your diet, that article can be found here.

Which level are you? Remember not to rush into anything, take your time and stretch! For those of you just starting out you will need to ease yourself in to avoid any potential injury. Have fun!

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