No Pain No Gain: 5 Secret ways a Personal Trainer Will Transform your life

Do you feel motivated enough to hit your training goals week in, week out? If not it may be time to consider getting a personal trainer. Whilst there is a cost involved, can you put a price on your health? Personal trainers have a wealth of experience and knowledge you can learn from, from nutritional advice to correct form whilst training – they have it all. If you struggle to motivate yourself in the gym this could be the key to unlocking your full potential and smashing those gains.

Personal trainers can advise on meal plan and even design you a tailor made training schedule to ensure you stay on track and hit all the targets you set yourself. Hiring a personal trainer can give you the edge and help you to get fitter in a shorter amount of time. They can also maintain your safety throughout the session ensuring you don’t suffer any injury that could derail your routine.

should i have a personal trainer?

We are here to take a look at the benefits a personal trainer can bring to the table when it comes to your fitness routine.

Diet and nutritional advice

One of the most amazing benefits of having a personal trainer is they have enormous knowledge in the field of dieting, they can change your life forever. First of all, a personal trainer will ask you multiple questions about your health in order to get a good understanding of your needs. He or she will also ask about your disorders, illnesses, and any diseases, in an aim to prepare the best diet plan for you. One of the best benefits of having a personal trainer is that every week you will be checking the results of diet together, reviewing your work out plan and changing it to get the best results. A personal trainer will always help you if you have questions, but the most important thing is that you have to stick to the plan and give 100 percent. When you work out properly and work out exactly as your personal trainer directed, you will achieve your goals very quickly.

Tailor made training plans

Here we have another fantastic benefit from having a personal trainer! He or she prepares tailor made training plans just for you. You can tell your trainer what kind of training you like or they can explain all the different ones properly and then you make a decision together on what is the best for you. A lot of beginners want to spend their whole time at the gym on cardio machines while a personal trainer will show you how beneficial weight lifting is. A personal trainer wants to maximize your results and save you time, showing you different styles of exercises and how to do them to the best of your ability. If you are a person who does not have much spare time, Bathmate recommend a personal trainer. Why? A personal trainer is focused on your goals and can ensure a training session is effective and doesn’t last longer than needed. Another advantage of a personal trainer, he/she will take care of you during exercises and help you to avoid injuries. Lifting weights needs to be explained properly because when you use a machine without any knowledge you can damage your joints or suffer from some very painful injuries.

should i have a personal trainer?


Being motivated during your first steps of being a gym goer is easy – you think about the great results, being healthy and feeling happier. But what happens next? Hard work and long term goals are not very easy to achieve that is why we become less motivated. This is very understandable. Everybody wants to achieve fitness goals so quickly and usually with as little effort as possible! Unfortunately, without effort you are not going to achieve any of your fitness goals. Being fit, healthy and happy requires hard work. Every single failure is a lesson and that should be motivating for you moving forwards. A personal trainer will explain everything to you and will help motivate you by showing that every single step forwards takes you closer to your goal. A personal trainer explains that long term goals need small, confident and sometimes painful steps.


Let’s face it. A personal trainer is going to provide the best support possible for you. Why? Your trainer has a lot of knowledge of sport and dieting that is why that kind of support is the best for you. He or she knows what they are talking about. A personal trainer always tells you objectively what your achievements are, what you can do more of and how to do it effectively.

should i have a personal trainer?

Help you to be a better person

A personal trainer teaches you how to set goals properly and work hard for your successes in life. It is always better to work out together instead of working out alone. Exercising together with a personal trainer is easier and motivating. A personal trainer will show you how to do everything properly and will be patient. You will be a healthier person with goals set and exercise properly. Exciting isn’t it? Personal trainers can sometimes be compared to lifestyle coaches that always encourage their clients to reach new goals and achieve something new every day. It’s also good to challenge yourself, its how we become better versions of ourselves!

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