Wake up Call: 3 Interesting Alternatives to Coffee

Want to really wake up with a bang? You are in the right place! What’s the first thing you do on a morning? Most people feel they simply can’t function without there morning coffee. What about the other options you have?

How you start your morning can affect how the rest of your day goes, sometimes even the week! It’s important we wake up refreshed and ready to take on the day’s challenges, whatever they may be.

alternatives to morning coffee

So what are the alternatives?


That morning session may have a lot more benefits than you were actually aware of. Sex in the morning is a fantastic way to start off the day. Firstly, a man has a number of erections through the night – this is said to be the bodies way of keeping penile function at its very best by exercising the penis and flushing any harmful build up of toxins (much like how our award winning hydropumps function) so waking up with an erection is not only perfectly normal but also a great indication that everything is working as it should down there. So why waste it! Having sex on a morning releases feel good chemicals into our bodies, gets the heart racing and relaxes us. Did you know that sex can also help with building up your immune system? Something to consider in those winter months that may help you from catching a cold or flu. Sex can also build up your cardiovascular health and help reduce anxiety and pain. It really is a win win situation for everybody involved!

alternatives to morning coffee

Herbal tea

Herbal has a number of benefits, coming in a wide variety of flavours and styles there will be a herbal tea out there for everyone. Herbal tea is caffeine free meaning you can drink it without getting those dreadful “jitters” or “shakes” – depending on your reasons for drinking herbal tea you can see results such as weight loss, lower anxiety, increased metabolism and greater blood flow.

Let’s look at a few different herbal teas and why you might want to drink them.

Green tea – potentially the king of all herbal teas for its amazing health giving qualities, most of us have heard of green tea but are you aware of why it’s so good? Green tea can improve brain function and make you smarter, increases metabolism and helps you lose weight. There are also antioxidants in green tea that can lower your chances of getting certain forms of cancer.

Ginger tea

Ginger tea is a great way to start off your morning. Great tasting and packed with healing properties – ginger tea really does have it all. Known for reducing inflammation, kick starting your metabolism and helping prevent stomach cramps this herbal tea is a fantastic all rounder, did you know ginger tea was also certified kosher and vegan friendly? This is because it is made from ginger root and 100% natural.

Hibiscus tea

This sharp, fruity tea is similar to grapefruit or cranberry in flavour. Hibiscus tea is known for being full of vitamin C helping to keep you fit and healthy all year round.

alternatives to morning coffee

Cold showers

If you are brave enough, cold showers can be life changing. With countless health benefits it’s easy to understand why more and more people are ditching the coffee in exchange for this more natural way of starting the day. Cold showers jump start your metabolism aiding weight loss, speed up muscle recovery and help torn fibres to recover. It has been reported that cold showers can also help ease the symptoms of anxiety and depression. Cold showers also increase alertness, which is particularly good for those Monday morning meetings! You can also boost your immune system by taking regular cold showers. Ready to take the plunge?

For those of you wanting to cut down or eliminate coffee from your diet all together but worried about the change to your morning routine, it is easy to see that there are alternatives out there! It is possible to be ready for the day ahead without reaching for a strong coffee. By changing your diet for the better you will feel happier and healthier, especially when one of those alternatives includes having regular sex! Ready to cut down? We are…

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