Measuring Up: Guess Where in the World Men Have the Largest Penises

If you’re like most men, there’s one question that occasionally often pops into your mind: How does my penis compare with others? We have the answer, and it may surprise you a bit.

More surprising, however, might be the discovery that, as far as your sexual performance and sex life is concerned, there are bigger priorities to keep in mind.

what is the average penis size?

Here’s how penises around the world measure up.

Target Map provides a colour-coded map of penis sizes around the world so that there’s little confusion about where in the world men have the biggest penises. Conversely, the map shows you in which countries men have the smallest penises.

According to the map, the men in the following countries have the largest penises in the world, with a length ranging from 16.10 to 17.9 centimetres (6.34 to 7.04 inches).

  1. Ghana
  2. Gabon
  3. Jamaica
  4. Haiti
  5. Nigeria

By contrast, the following countries host the men with the smallest penises in the world, with a length ranging from 9.30 to 10.50 centimetres (3.66 to 4.13 inches).

  1. India
  2. Sri Lanka
  3. Thailand
  4. Malaysia
  5. South Korea

The following countries are home to the largest penises in their respective continents.

  • Africa: The Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • Asia: Russia
  • Australia: Australia
  • Europe: Italy, Hungary
  • North America: Mexico
  • South America: Ecuador, Peru, Chile

what is the average penis size?

Your penis size is probably within the normal range.

According to another study, the average length for an erect penis is 9.16 centimetres (3.6 inches). At this point, it’s important to note that the sizes of most men’s penises are within the normal range, a fact that should be encouraging for men who struggle with anxiety that they may have a small penis.

Because of these anxieties, some men suffer from body dysmorphic disorder, a mental illness that can result in anti-social behaviour, depression and, in the most severe case, suicide. The portion of males that has an unusually small penis is just over 2% and an even smaller percentage of men have an abnormally large penis.

Penis size doesn’t matter as much as men believe.

A 2015 study published in the journal PLOS One asked sexually active women about their preference for penis size for a one-night stand and long-term relationship. For a one-time encounter, their average preferred size was a length of 16.26 centimetres (6.4 inches) and a circumference of 12.7 centimetres (5 inches). The women’s average preferred size was 16 centimetres (6.3 inches) long and 12.19 centimetres (4.8 inches) in circumference for a long-term relationship.

Granted, these size preferences are only above the average penis size — but only slightly. A comparable study published in BMC Women’s Health found that women’s preferences prioritise girth above length when it came to sexual satisfaction.

Many men have a flawed perception of how much the size of their penis impacts the quality of the sex life they share with partners. As a result, these men’s confidence and body image suffer because they’re too self-conscious about the size of their penis while flaccid or erect.

Sadly, some of these men suffer emotional problems and anxiety-induced erectile dysfunction. The good news is that working with a therapist can alleviate anxiety related to penis size. Seek help for diagnosable conditions such as erectile dysfunction.

Here’s what matters when it comes to your sex life.

To take your sex life from lackluster to phenomenal, there are many fixes that don’t involve the size of your penis. Your partners — and, more importantly, your penis — will thank you for trying the following cures.

  • Exercise together. Vigorous exercise activates you and your partner’s sympathetic nervous systems and triggers sexual arousal.
  • Use lube generously. Lube adds comfort and enhances pleasure.
  • Kick bad habits. Reduce alcohol intake and quit smoking. Excessive alcohol consumption and cigarette smoking harms your sexual health.
  • Be mindful. Be fully present in the moment by blocking distractions around the room and in your mind.
  • Touch, kiss and cuddle. Do these things even when you don’t necessarily want sex to take the pressure off and watch your sexual relationship become more satisfying.
  • Use toys. Get more intense and satisfying orgasms by topping up your kinky menu with fun toys such prostate massagers, cock rings and masturbation sleeves.
  • Experiment. Venture into unexplored areas of your sexual relationship by carefully trying new sexual activities and new ways of doing sexual activities you like.

Keep in mind that improving your sex life involves more than making your penis firmer and lasting longer. Take steps to improve your overall mental and physical health because they both tie into your sexual health.


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