Me, Myself and I: Amazing Solo Sports that Get you in Shape

Sometimes it’s just better to get your head down and crack on, for those of you who don’t need any motivation your fitness regime can be much more effective when you train solo. No distractions, no waiting around, just good old fashioned training.

When it comes to your fitness goals some sports or exercises will work more effectively than others, so you can do alone, some require partners or even full teams to complete. For the purpose of this article we will be taking a look into the world of solo fitness and which exercises work best alone.

solo sports that are great for fitness

Training is an effective way to keep on top of your health, lose weight and live a happier fulfilled lifestyle. Being fitter also boosts sexual performance, meaning you can last longer in your time of need. When we train we can also experience something known as sports shrinkage, our award winning hydropumps counteract this phenomenon by pumping nutrient rich blood into the penis, to see the range in full click here.

What is an individual or “solo” sport?

Individual sports or solo sports are the activities or exercises that are played alone, without any other participants or competitors. Here we have a quick list of solo sports: bowling, skiing, cycling, golf, figure skating, snowboarding, swimming, surfing, weight lifting, javelin, shot put, pole dancing, high jump, triple jump, long jump, hammer throw, gymnastics, bowling, speed skating, diving, marathon, luge, horse riding and yoga.

There are many different team sports that help us with socialising and team work, but do we really need to compete all the time? Some of us like to spend time alone and individual sports are the best option for those of us who need to chill without people and just focus on our own thoughts. Some of us just prefer to be alone, especially, when you spend major part of your day with people. For instance after a long day at work you may not want to talk to anybody and focus on yourself.

solo sports that are great for fitness

What are the advantages of doing solo sports?

Firstly, individual sports develop and strongly encourage motor skills, agility, strength, endurance, and hand-eye coordination, physical and mental strength. Sports like solo sports are very good for your mental health because you learn and try to solve problems by yourself and teach yourself new coping skills. It makes you feel independent, confident, calm and extremely focused. In a sport like golf a player is responsible for every single action that happens around them. The player is responsible for his or her actions and the only person he/she can blame for is….he or her. Sometimes you will lose and that means that you will be responsible for your own disappointment and this will be a good lesson. Disappointment is a part of being a winner – it builds up your confidence, patience and self-esteem. While doing sport alone, you have a lot of time to think about your life, dreams and future plans. Exercise alone can also help you with finding necessary solutions you may need at work. Working-out alone allows you to develop yourself and make mistakes, because making mistakes is very important during the process of learning and developing yourself. You cannot be a master after the first training session, you have to fall a few times and learn to keep getting back up!

Shine Bright!

Secondly, individual sport gives you an opportunity to be in the spotlight! You, as a person who has chosen the individual sport, are responsible how you perform and push forwards. You cannot blame anybody for your loss, everything is on your toes. So that is why solo sports are so motivational. You want to be better and better every day. In order to succeed you must perform to the highest of your ability, what this does mean is – when you do finally succeed in your field everybody will know and appreciate that this success was self-made. It takes time and dedication to be a champion!

solo sports that are great for fitness

Think about it

Thirdly, solo sports give you so much space for your thoughts. You can “digest” actions and events that have happened. You can even have your own dialogue with yourself. It is a very healthy option for those who are over thinkers. For example, while horse riding you can notice the beauty of the nature around you, on the other hand, while weight lifting, you can get rid of stress and finally relax after your work-out. A lot of websites nowadays recommend socialising with people but do we really have time for ourselves? Do we have enough time to get rid of the everyday stresses life throws at us? Normally, we spend approximately 90% of our time with people and colleagues, so maybe it’s time to think about yourself.

And finally, nowadays there are a lot of people, including younger people who suffer from depression and anxiety. Individual sports are good for you because you do not need to spend time with others at the beginning and achieving small success every day will make you feel stronger and stronger day by day. Mental issues are very hard to solve, and even if they are not seen, they can have a huge impact on our life and exercise is a great way of getting back on the road to recovery.

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