Penis Shrinkage in Sports: Team Bathmate at the Isle of Man TT


There has been a lot of research done surrounding the beneficial effects of exercise and it’s ability to slow the ageing process. Exercise also makes you feel better due to the release of the body’s feel good chemicals called endorphins. The better the blood flow to any organ the healthier that organ will be, good blood flow really does equal good health. Can all this exercise cause the penis to shrink?

team bathmateTeam Bathmate rider Davey Todd is taking part in this years TT race in the Isle of Man

The blood contains all the micro nutrients to keep the body in a healthy position. When you exercise you raise your heart rate, which in turn pumps more blood round the body, delivering all the good stuff in the blood to the places where it’s needed, This can result in it looking like you have a small dick! To take a look at the average male penis size click here.

The inventor of the World Famous Hydropump – John Oakes is a keen Supermoto Rider and has experienced that when you are riding aggressively the cardiovascular system demands the blood from all the areas of the body where the blood is not currently needed. “Now that’s bad news for the penis and leads directly to the phenomena known as sports shrinkage”.

Sports shrinkage or penis shrinkage is the term used to describe the effect that exercise has on the penis. During and after a good workout the cardiovascular system works hard to get oxygenated blood flow to active areas, and by doing so drains blood from other areas such as the genitals where it is needed less, this causes the penis to shrink.

Sports Shrinkage

The blood that’s normally contained in the penis can be put to better use during exercise and is therefore drained away to help the body power through the workout, causing the penis and scrotum to retract, or ‘shrink’.

There is also a secondary problem linked with racing – vibration. The vibrations that rise through the frame and tank can cause damage to the micro capillaries in the penis leading to reduced erection quality. Just think about the guys you see at the side of the road using a jack hammer, they end up with a condition called ‘vibration white finger’ this is where all the capillaries have broken down and no longer have the ability to hold blood. Definitely not something that you want to happen to your penis!!!!

The negative effects of Sports shrinkage extend as all the toxins contained in the groin are forced into a smaller area, therefore concentrating the toxins around your member. Every athlete knows the term sports shrinkage and we all accept this as a side-effect of exercise – what most may have not considered is that it may have a negative effect on our sexual health! These toxins, if left in place eventually lead to decreased blood flow as the blood vessels become clogged (provided they still work and haven’t been effected by the vibrations!) that lead to the penis and may have a negative effect on erection strength.

Research has shown Hydropumps will increase blood flow to the penis, flush all the toxins out of the groin area and fill the penis with nutrient rich blood returning the penis to its normal healthy state. Designed for use in the bath, shower or air for sexual spontaneity – Bathmate Hydropumps provide the perfect remedy to the effects of penis shrinkage after a long session in the gym or a hard days racing.

Bathmate may increase blood flow to the penis helping you maintain a healthy penis…

davey todd bathmate

Ahead of his race in the Isle Of Man TT we caught up with Team Bathmate Rider Davey Todd who had this to say about where he came from and where he`s going

Davey, For those who don`t know you – tell us about yourself

My names Davey Todd, I’m 22 years old from Saltburn in North Yorkshire and this year I’ve signed for Burrows Engineering Road Racing Team!

How did you get to where you are now?

All my life I’ve raced motorbikes and all my life its been my goal to race professionally. I started off racing motocross when i was younger then more recently using Supermoto as a stepping stone over to circuit racing then more recently, road racing. Its taken a massive amount of sacrifice and dedication but as i say, its always been my dream so I’ve put 110% into it and i think with that dedication and hard work anything is possible.

What are your aspirations for the future?

For the future I for sure want to be looking at winning TT’s and all in all being a successful racer but of course IOMTT wins is the ultimate goal for many.

davey todd quote

What has been your career highlight to date?

Ive had a few highlights in my career so far, of course representing Team GB at the Supermoto of Nations is something pretty special but the podium i got last year at Armoy in the Superbike race where i beat William Dunlop has gotta be right up there with them. Winning my first BSB race at oulton park in 2016 was pretty awesome too!

What is your favourite aspect of the sport?

I love everything about road racing, the racing itself, the risk, the reward, the community, the tracks, the organisation, the people… literally everything about it makes it the best sport in the world!

davey dave todd racer

Who do you see as your biggest rival at the Isle of Man TT this year?

Its tough to say who will be my biggest competition until we get there but for sure i want to be the fastest newcomer for starters so I’ve gotta be faster than Adam Lyon on the 600 and David jackson on the 1000 but its too early to say who’ll be my biggest rival… i guess just whoever is beating me! It`s worth noting this is probably the most dangerous road race circuit in the world and i`m immensely proud to be taking part.

Davey Todd is currently leading the British SuperMoto Championship. Team Bathmate are also taking part in Round 3 of the British Supermoto Championship at Lydden Hill in Kent Whilst Davey Flies the flag for Bathmate at the TT.

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