Keep the Pounds in your Wallet and not on your Waist!

Stop making excuses! Yes, you! It is possible to get fit for very little, if not even for free! We like to make excuses when it comes to getting active. Joining a gym is too expensive, I don’t have the time etc etc.

So what about those of us who want to get fit on a budget? Is it possible? Of course! You can lose the pounds without spending too many of them.

We’ve taken a look into every aspect, from training kit to nutrition right the way through to your workout itself. By focusing and researching each area we have given you the definitive list of fitness essentials to get you moving for less.

If you made it this far you must be serious about your health, read on to find out more…

keeping fit on the cheap


don’t really need to spend hundreds of pounds to eat healthy and be fit. First of all – get rid of sugar and snacks from your house. It will help you to stop eating between meals. Secondly, try to drink more water or something like a herbal tea (green tea is amazing). Fizzy pop and soft drinks are jam packed with calories. Limit your alcohol intake – Why? 1. Because it’s expensive 2. Even one beer has a lot of calories. So – Strategy – For example, create a list of things you want to buy and buy just things from the list, no deviating! Cheap healthy options include Eggs, veggies, nuts and meat, sometimes even fish. If you eat three healthy meals per day, avoiding snacks between meals (that do not give you anything nutritious but make you feel that you need more and more food), you will see that your grocery receipt can be reduced greatly. Why? Because when you eat healthy, you eat less and you do not need any snacks just because your body is fulfilled and satiated. Giving your body exactly what it needs is the best way to lose weight, eat less and spend less money on grocery shopping.

keeping fit on the cheap


Some of us really cannot start living healthier because we still haven’t got the PROPER equipment, clothes etc. This may be a delay tactic whilst you search for the ‘proper’ moment…. But there is no proper moment. Everything is in your head. Nowadays, almost every shop has the section of sport equipment that gives you multiple opportunities to find something that is in your taste and is wallet-friendly as well. Super expensive sport clothes will not make you look better or become healthier. First of all, those clothes have to be comfortable and flexible, it means that during exercise you feel comfy whilst wearing them; they allow you to move without boundaries, easily. If you have the chance, try the clothes in a changing room – move around a bit and check if they are comfortable. Where can i find cheap sport clothes? In shops like Primark, TK Maxx, Sports Direct. My friend even found some yoga pants in Tesco for couple of pounds! So it means that it is possible to save some money on sports clothing and still look good. On the other hand, why not take a look around some charity stores – from time to time they receive brand new clothes which they resell at a fraction of the price! You can find really nice, unusual sport clothes for even lower prices in the shops we mentioned above.


I don’t have money for the gym. That is what we sometimes hear from our friends. So why not do a work out at home? It’s the easiest way! Firstly, you don’t need to leave your house, secondly, you don’t need to buy an expensive membership and commute to the gym before or after work. You can wear whatever you want at home and exercise. Then my friends will say that they don’t know what they should do! What type of exercises to choose, that it’s easier to go to the gym. How about YouTube classes? Instagram? DVDs? Books? There are millions of free work out guides available: from yoga and Pilates to weight-lifting and exercises that use your own body weight. Easy isn’t it? I bet that you remember your PE classes and stretching. First of all you have to warm up and then choose your favourite workout option from the quite literally hundreds and thousands available on you tube etc. In one of Bathmate’s recent articles we talk about cardio at home and body weight style training amongst other things – Proving there are many different options to work out at home.

keeping fit on the cheap

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