How to give a Woman an Orgasm She will Never Forget

Ahh… the female orgasm, often elusive and confusing to many a humble man. But thankfully, not impossible to achieve with the right technique. Over 65% of women are unable to achieve orgasm through penetrative sex alone, so knowing the best ways to give a girl an orgasm can turn any man from a bedroom dud, to a boudoir stud.

So, what’s the secret to giving a woman an orgasm?

Get to know the female anatomy

Lots of women are not built to get the stimulation that they need to orgasm from penetrative sex alone, they need other forms of stimulation too. There are lots of different ways that this can be achieved, but this article will focus on the clitoris and the G Spot.

The clitoris is the soft, fleshy button located just above the opening of the vagina (where you put your penis). The clitoris is extremely sensitive and when gently touched or
rubbed, it creates something called an external orgasm.

How to make a woman orgasm

The G Spot is a little harder to find, but once you do, you’ll always have your female partner coming back for more. To find the G Spot, ask your female partner to lie on her back. After asking her permission of course, apply lubricant to your finger and insert it into the vagina. Your hand should be palm up so that you can feel the front wall of the vagina. A couple of inches in, you will feel a spongy mass of rough tissue. If you can’t feel it, try moving your finger gently against the wall. The G Spot is easier to find when she is turned on because it swells. Once you locate the G Spot, continually stroking and teasing it can lead to a very explosive internal female orgasm.

When the clitoris and G Spot are stimulated together, this creates something called a dual orgasm. This is one of the most powerful and all-encompassing orgasms that a female can achieve. It’s also one of the reasons that dual stimulators such as rabbit vibrators are so popular amongst women.

Kissing is key

Erotic pleasure isn’t just about the physical stimulation, but the mind too. A great way to turn a woman on is with deep and passionate kissing. In fact, a 2017 survey of over 50,000 adults reported that deep kissing, oral sex and stimulation of the clitoris and G Spot made achieving a female orgasm much more likely. Is there any better reason to pucker up?

Get to know the clitoris

Clitoral stimulation is probably the likeliest method of getting a woman to orgasm. During sex, you should probably be stimulating the clitoris as much as possible to help to her climax. This may be as simple as shifting your body during sex so that every time you thrust, your pelvic bone rubs against the clitoris, or using a vibrating cock ring such as the
Bathmate Tickle which uses vibration to stimulate the clit during sex.

How to make a woman orgasm

Don’t scrimp on foreplay

Foreplay isn’t something that you need to get out of the way before you dive in. Foreplay is an important way of ensuring that your female partner is ready for sexual intercourse. Studies show that the best lovers are usually the ones who take their time during foreplay and make sure that their partner is completely turned on before sex.

Boost her confidence

A confident woman in the bedroom is far more likely to orgasm because she feels sexy and desirable. Buying sexy lingerie (in the right size, check her underwear drawer before purchase) can help a woman to feel confident and desired. Paying her compliments and telling her how beautiful she is will help a woman to relax and feel good. This in turn, can help to increase the chance of a female orgasm.

Use lubricant

Using a decent lubricant like the Bathmate Pleasure Lube can help a woman reach orgasm because it reduces dryness and can make penetration more comfortable for women. When you use your pelvic bone to grind against the clit, a decent helping of lube can help this to feel sensational! For those who want to up the ante a little, you can buy lubricants that magnify sensation to the clitoris by cooling the clit, warming it up or even adding a gentle tingle.

Change position

If your sexual position isn’t quite hitting the mark, don’t despair! A woman likes a man who can take charge in the bedroom. Simply move into a position that enables you to stimulate the clitoris better. Doggy position is great for clitoral stimulation because you can reach around to stroke the clit as you thrust. She can even reach it herself whilst you continue to stimulate the G spot with those lovely, deep thrusts. We highly recommend investing in a Bathmate Vibe Bullet to supercharge clitoral stimulation during doggy style, this sex toy helps to provide the clitoral and G spot stimulation required for a dual orgasm.

How to make a woman orgasm

Don’t forget the erogenous zones

The clit and the G Spot aren’t the only ways to get a girl off. Take some time to explore the other erogenous zones that make your girls knees go weak with desire. There are lots of erogenous zones on the human body, but the more common ones are the clitoris, cervix, vagina, mouth, neck, breasts, nipples and ears. Kissing, licking or stroking these pleasure hotspots are a great way to get your girl on the path to pleasure.

Experiment with sex toys

It’s no secret that there is often an orgasm gap between men and women, by that I mean that males can sometimes climax a lot earlier than females. This can lead to women feeling unsatisfied in the boudoir. Investing in a cock ring such as the Bathmate Shiver can help to close the gap by helping you to last up to four times longer during sex, whilst a textured cock ring such as the Bathmate Power Ring gently stimulates the clit during sex to help create a blended orgasm.

Ask her what she likes

Without communication, sex is rarely very good. The best lovers are the ones who listen to their partner and follow their cues, such as a guiding of the hand, or a whispered ‘that feels good’. However, sometimes you need to bite the bullet and have a conversation about the reasons why they are struggling to orgasm. Ask your partner what they like, and what they want from you in the bedroom. It could be that they have a favourite position that you haven’t explored yet, or they love the thrill of having sex somewhere unusual. Talking it out will give you a clear plan of action and help to understand what your partner needs.

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