Christmas Spirit: Which Alcoholic Drink is Best for your Health?

Party season is in full swing, the drinks are flowing and good times are being had all round – but for the more health conscience of you, is it possible to have a good time whilst keeping an eye on your overall health? Alcohol will do a number of things to your body and will affect both your physical and mental health.

The festive season is about letting go, having fun and enjoy time with your friends and family. Nobody likes a spoil sport – wouldn’t it be good to be aware of your options though? To understand which alcoholic beverage would be the best option for your body? Those of you who already have your eyes on January and that brand new gym membership may want to get ahead of the curve before the rest of us get our new year’s resolutions in.

Christmas drinks

You can still have fun whilst being health conscious, it’s about knowing all the information and understanding your limits. Having a healthy social life will also help you keep an overall balance in your life. Enjoying a party or two over the Christmas period and into the New Year is part of adult life – it’s how we unwind with like-minded people and prepare ourselves mentally if not physically for the year ahead.

We all go out from time to time, having the best intentions at the start of the night to drink responsibly and remain hydrated but more times than often things can go a little of course and we can get carried away with the festivities. By looking at calorie intake, alcohol percentage and ingredients we can make more informed decisions next time we hit the bar.

Currant Malibu

– An option for those who love Malibu but this is a lot less sugary. The best harmony between sweet rum and acidic currant and lime. 50ml of vodka, 50 ml of Malibu, black currant juice and lime juice – 270 kcal.

Angry Dog Shot

– A shot of vodka (50 ml) with raspberry juice and 3 drops of Tabasco – Sweet and spicy – 130 kcal.

Christmas drinks


– Drink made from tequila silver, lime, orange liquor or agave juice (triple Sec BOLS or Cointreau) usually served with salt on the rim of the glass. If you prefer sour drinks and less calories – this is the drink for you – 130 kcal.

Tom Collins

– Very simple and a less calorific drink. Classic and tasty. Gin, sparkling water, lemon juice and sugar – 100 kcal.


– Something for beer lovers. Drink made from gin, cider, orange bitter (angostura, i.e., aperol) – 300 kcal.

Vodka, lime and lemonade

– A great all-rounder this Christmas, LIGHT AND REFRESHING. A firm favourite amongst the ladies but how does it fair up? Calories wise you are looking at an average of 150kcal.

Christmas drinks

Are any of these tipples taking your fancy? With a little knowledge of what you are putting into your bodies you will find it easier to stay in control at the office party. Drinking water in between alcoholic drinks will lessen the damage done on your body and you’ll feel a lot better for it in the morning.

Are there any non-alcoholic options?

Of course there are non-alcoholic beers, a few good options would be Carlsberg, San Miguel, big drop pale ale and Marks & Spencer’s low alcohol Czech lager. With these drinks you will lose the alcohol but keep the amazing flavour.

Punch bowls

You’ll need to load up on fruit, ice and sugar. Punch bowls are a great way to a stress free self-serve drink. Simply chuck all your ingredients in a large fish bowl style container, garnish and serve to your party guests! Refreshing and easy – great for the kids too.

Margarita mocktail

As above – minus the booze! Margaritas are delicious and for those of you searching for a non-alcoholic adult cocktail this will tick all the boxes. Add a little grapefruit and almond in place of the tequila and serve cold!

Blueberry Moscow mule

You’ll need fresh blueberries, lime (juiced) 1 teaspoon of sugar and a small ginger beer. This is a classic – refined and full of flavour. How very adult of you! It’s possible to cut back on the booze whilst loosing none of the fantastic flavours these cocktails have to offer.

Happy holidays ladies and gentlemen – enjoy yourselves – stick within you limits and look after your health where possible. Don’t drink on and empty stomach and stay hydrated with plenty of water throughout the night. Don’t spend half of your time hungover, plan for the days ahead. Enjoy the company of friends and family and spread love and happiness everywhere you go. Remember some people may choose not to drink alcohol over the festive period for personal reasons, do not pressure anyone into doing things they are not comfortable with – concentrate on your own actions and the rest will fall in to place.


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