Breaking Bad: 7 Reasons People do not Like you

We all have areas of our lives we would like to improve. The thing is, once you feel stuck in a rut, trapped in your ways it can be very difficult to make these changes. We almost need to reprogram our brains, learn new ways so to say. To do this we must smart small, break habits and move forwards. Everybody will have one or two things they can begin to change, so let’s start there. By starting small we can have the necessary steps in place and the regimen to make bigger life changing decisions in the future.

Let’s take a look at some habits we can break, especially ones that others may deem as on the slightly challenging side! After all, if we can change for the better (and be slightly less irritating to those around us) why wouldn’t we!

Bad habits you must stop now

Biting your nails

Ugh. First of all, it is highly unhygienic and pretty disgusting! Not only because you have tonnes of germs on your hands but you also touch a lot of things (and sometimes other people’s hands) during the day….can you imagine what those people may have been in contact with? What if they didn’t wash their hands? We do not want to scare you but in severe cases you can do irreparable damage to your nails they can end up deformed and look horrible. Nobody will want to shake your hand if they look so bad, which can be a nightmare in social situations. Biting nails also causes pain. Additionally, it causes also dental problems called malocclusion of the anterior teeth and stomach ache.

Biting your nails can be caused by stress. Your brain then connects the two things which is why you feel a bit better after biting your nails. If you feel the urge try to distract yourself – for example, have you thought about having a quick walk or going to the swimming pool? You can also try stop & grow biting enamel that is very bitter and will eventually help stop you from biting your nails.

Always apologising

Try to stop, when we apologise constantly it can have 2 outcomes, we destroy our metal health as we begin to believe we are always doing something wrong or we annoy those around us. We should only ever apologise when we mean it and it is necessary to do so – words hold power – choose them wisely.


Why does tapping make us so irritated? There are two reasons. First of all, you can be a person with misophonia. Those who suffer from it can become easily irritated by certain noises, normally called “trigger sounds”. Things like chewing with your mouth open during eating, tapping the table, tapping the surface of the table, lip smacking, pen clicking, typing, or often vibration of the phone can make people feel angry. A person with misophonia usually prefers to spend time alone and does not attend family and friend meetings or other social events.

Secondly, if you are the person who irritates people around them with chewing loudly or tapping the table, maybe it’s time to consider making a few changes? That kind of behaviour can be a sign of being stressed or deep thinking. You can exchange those habits and find something that makes you feel relaxed. You can buy yourself a stress ball and squeeze it while feeling stressed. Or get yourself a fidget spinner! Remember those?

Bad habits you must stop now

Over thinking

There are some people who suffer from psychological over thinking that affects their life and stops them from having a good time. Over thinking is connected with anxiety and fear. The cerebral cortex is said to take care of all of our thoughts and thinking. Try to break the cycle as it can be unhealthy moving forwards – don’t over think every single move, every word and action that has happened as this literally holds no benefit to your progression. Accept yourself, realise that you can’t be perfect and make everything around you perfect. Accept things as they are and understand that you are not able to change the past, only your future.

Always late

Being late is irritating especially when you work with people. You affect the whole schedule and other people’s working day and lives. Your life is also affected as you are always stressed because of the lack of organisation. The solution for this is easy wake up earlier and avoid distractions. Problem solved

Being negative and complaining

We know that it is hard to change in one day but spending time with a person who is always negative can be tiring. Imagine someone who negates everything and always creates that sad and miserable atmosphere all the time. Try to think in positive way. Instead of thinking that something bad will happen, try to think that everything going to be fine. Sit and think about your life. How much you achieved and then you will realise that it is not that bad.

bad habits you must stop now

Drinking excessively

OK, having fun with your friends on a Friday night is not that bad. But when you drink to run away from your problems, it is a bit scary. Alcohol affects your life, your relationships and your body. It affects your brain and your memory starts to function differently. You feel tired and unhappy – then you drink more because you feel guilty. Your skin looks horrible, grey, dry and old. Your body gets rid of minerals and vitamins, you can catch a cold more frequently as your immune system is weaker, and your bones are weaker too. If you drink because you feel like you cannot handle your life, ask for help, and try to exchange your habit for something healthy. Sport, meditation, or swimming.

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