Are you Heading to Heartbreak Hotel? 4 Warning signs you should Not Ignore

Is it possible to tell when your partner is cheating? Those micro mannerisms you suspect, that gut feeling, is there anything in it? You don’t need to be a behavioural specialist to know when something is off at home. When the cracks begin to appear in your relationship it is easy to be blinded by fear and worry meaning you are unable to take everything into account.

One thing you need to do for the sake of your sanity is not panic and try not to over react until you have facts, it can be heart breaking when a relationship breaks down – especially in this manner. You feel betrayed and broken – the person you thought you could trust and love has taken that good faith away from you.

Tell-tale signs will play on your mind so it’s important to establish facts, then decided your options for there. Needless worry can be exhausting and detrimental to your health. So what type of behaviour do you need to be looking out for?

is my partner cheating?

A change in mood

A sudden change in mood towards you could be a sign of somebody straying – it could also be a sign of depression or stress, so be gentle with your approach. Find out if something is troubling your partner and offer support before jumping to any conclusions. It could be nothing – they could be cheating, or they could be suffering in silence. For the latter – the last thing you should be doing is pressurising your partner of giving them needless stress.

Change in mobile phone habits

Have they always got their phone in their hand when they are with you – but take longer than usual to respond when you aren’t together? This could set alarm bells ringing and rightly so, maybe they won’t leave you alone ion the room with their phone or they leave it upside down just in case they receive something they don’t want you to see? All of these behaviours maybe be tell-tale signs something in your relationship is just not right

is your partner cheating?

Working late

Has your partner suddenly started to “pick up extra shifts” work late, or began working away from home more frequently – or maybe they never have before but a change in there “circumstances” has brought this on? Sometimes there is nothing in it – but it does give you food for thought. Before approaching your partner, ask subtle questions about their day, it could be innocent, they may be saving extra money for a romantic break or even better – a ring! We would strongly advise against you going anywhere near the notion of contacting the employer. Should this change be completely innocent you could jeopardise your partner’s career and livelihood. I guess if you have a gut feeling deep down its better to be honest and get your fears out in the open. Where there is no trust, a relationship will not have the foundations to stand on it so desperately needs to survive.

New style

Has your partner suddenly started making more of an effort? New haircut? Clothes? Scent? This could be them attempting to revitalise your relationship – or boost their self-confidence. It could also be a sign that they are trying to impress someone (other than you) any type of behaviour like this that seems out of the ordinary will make you feel uneasy if you already have suspicions.

is your partner cheating?

It is very important to be patient and think before making any accusations – make sure you are not jumping to conclusions and think about what has brought these feelings on, is there something deep rooted wrong – are you looking for a way out?

Taking into account there could be an innocent explanation to any of these behaviours – if you start to notice a few things that began to form a pattern it may be time to have a deeper more meaningful conversation about your partner’s behaviour, the relationship and where you see yourselves in the future. If something is going on – you would hope your partner had the decency to be honest with you. When a relationship breaks down it can be hard to stomach, especially when it comes to someone straying from you. You will feel responsible for their behaviour and doubt yourself. In life we tend to look inside when something goes wrong but it is very important to understand when somebody cheats, this is a problem with their behaviour and moral compass. Not yours. We are so quick to beat ourselves up over a relationship break up – especially under such devastating circumstances, just remember you are not in control of someone else’s behaviour and actions – only your own. Keep your head held high and know you did everything you could.

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