11 Great reasons to Cycle and not Drive

Not only for the health conscious among us but also for those of us who really care about this incredible planet we inhabit, is it time do ditch the car and cycle more? With things like climate change being understood more and more each day and the damaging effect our actions as individuals has on the planet a lot of people have been looking into ways they can cut down on pollutants that damage the eco system and the earth itself.

One of the best ways to protect the planet for our future generations is to become more eco-friendly, by doing something as small as riding a bicycle over travelling by say car or bus, you will be doing just that.

Here we have some reasons why cycling is better for you:

cycle dont drive

The planet

1. Using a bike, you protect our planet! And minimise the pollution. Most people think….ohhhh it’s just me, a little person and one person alone cannot change anything. Yes you can – do not
underestimate yourself!!! If you want to change the world, start from within. This is not only healthy for the earth but generally for you. Moving, breathing in some fresh air and exercising
make’s you healthier. It’s a better option than just using your car. Riding a bike just makes you feel more positive, your brain works better and your body produces serotonin, dopamine, and
phenylethylamine that in turn make you happy.


2. Guys, it’s just cheaper. Your bike does not need any petrol, insurance, tax etc. If you are still not aware how much you spend on your car, you can use one of the handy calculators on the internet. Riding a bike does not include any additional problems or cost – it does give you some proper exercising opportunities and happiness that pours out of you from within. Of course, sometimes you need to check your bike over and clean it, that’s it. Moreover, you do not need to have money for a parking space! Parking a bike is way easier than parking your car….. Nowadays, you can place your bike on the roadside (secured) or in your workplace – there are even special cages for bikes. No problem.

In tune with your surroundings

3. Can you imagine a person who is riding a bike whilst checking Facebook or twitter on a smart phone? Ok, I know that some of you would probably be able to but let’s be honest – Riding a bike
gives you an enormous opportunity to escape the house, your problems, unnecessary conversations and things that are wasting your time. You can also see new things and explore your area, find things that you have not got the opportunity to do so before. Smartphones and small devices eat our time and we do not even realise how much (until we put them down for a moment)…. You will see things from a different point of view.


4. Cyclists make better lovers! The thing is, that regular cycling, will make you feel better, your energy levels will be higher and your body will look better too. Serotonin produced while riding a bike gives you a lot of happiness and increase your libido. That is why cyclists are better lovers and feel…younger. It’s an amazing thing. Sitting makes your body older and weaker. Think about the increased stamina!

cycle dont drive

Heart health

5. Riding a bike is good for your heart if you ride 30km per week, you will reduce your risk of coronary heart disease by 50%. And trust us, most people can do it! It is very easy. Turn off your phone and TV and start riding a bike.

Immune system

6. Riding a bike, as we said, makes you healthier and boosts your immune system. You will notice, after a while, that you do not catch any colds or infections. Nowadays, we are more likely to be couch potatoes instead of being active. Couple of years ago people were more active and did not have as many phones, cars and electronics at home.


7. Healthier brain. People who are active also have around a 1/3 more active brain. Adrenalin and endorphins are released, you do something for yourself, breathe more and your confidence is
stronger. Another opportunity is to socialise more: you can ride alone or with your friends or group. You can also meet a lot of new cyclists or just people in the park. Riding a bike is also very good for depression.


8. Lungs When you ride a bike and use the power of your muscles, you need more air. That is why you breathe deeper and more frequently. People who use cars, buses and commonly known public transport, they are more affected by air pollution. Recent study showed that pollution levels are different for the cyclist.


9. Sleep. We are taught very early on that exercising makes you feel tired and breathing deeply gives you better sleep. It is not only because of the breathing but also reduction of anxiety, depression, dark clouds in your head or overthinking your problems.

cycle dont drive


10. Pregnancy. If you ride a bike during your pregnancy, you may have an easier and less complicated labour, recover faster and your mood will be better. It can also protect your baby
because your body is healthier.

Weight loss

11. Losing weight while running, especially if you weigh too much can be painful. While cycling – your back is secured and while having a nice ride you can lose some weight. Most cyclists suddenly notice that they look better and a bit thinner after a while. It’s because they were having fun and not concentrating on the action itself – therefore losing weight comes as a wonderful little surprise.


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