Pain in the Neck?

Are you experiencing pain in your neck and running out of ideas? Pain affects us all differently but when it is something as immobilising a neck pain (restricting the use of your head) it really needs addressing and fast.

Pain can keep you awake at night and stop you performing to the best of your abilities throughout the day. With a wide range of treatment available including holistic medicines, physio based remedies and over the counter pain killers it’s best to know your options and the benefits of each treatment. Remember to consult a health professional before taking any medications and book an appointment to see your GP if the pain doesn’t subside.

how to fix a painful neck

1. As the older generation used to say, you need to take care of yourself and keep yourself warm. Because when you constantly keep your feet, limbs and back cold – it may cause you problems sooner than you think. For neck pain – keep your neck warm – you can use a warming bottle at night, wear a scarf during the day and have a warm shower in the morning. Remember to close the window at night….the temperature outside changes all the time and you can be very ill and might not be able to move your neck next day.

2. Remember about both your sitting and standing position at work. If you sit during the day at work, you should try to get use to sitting square at your desk with your bottom stuck to the back of the chair. It is called work ergonomics. Try to level your screen and place it in the front of your eyes. For every single hour of work, you should stand and move around a bit, move your neck also – this will keep it from seizing up and becoming painful.

3. Now look at your bedroom and ask yourself if your pillows are ok?? I know some people who, literally sit during sleeping because they have 10 pillows under their head. You should consider using one pillow that is recommended by physiotherapists. By having too many pillows under your head whilst you sleep you may cause your neck pain to worsen.

4. Work out a bit. The best option for those who have problems with back and neck is swimming pool. Only two times per week and you will feel loads better. also you can stretch your body at home, no need to buy a gym membership. Try to place your head on your shoulder. Hold it for 30 seconds, remember not to straining to make the stretch hurt but just using the weight of your head. Repeat on the other side. Another step is to look squarely over one shoulder then the other, 30 seconds on each side again. Repeat 15 times on every side.

neck pain

5. It’s not an unknown fact that a major part of people who train regularly do not stretch their back and neck at the gym. While lying on your back, sway on it from side to side in a gentle motion. Put your arms around your knees and place your knees on your chest. Then start to sway. The next thing to do is to put your tongue to the roof of your mouth and move your chin towards your chest while keeping the back of your head on the floor. Hold for 5 minutes and then lift your head up and forwards and repeat holding for a further 5 minutes.

6. TIP: Use a fitness stepper. Lay on it and place the top of your neck on the edge of the stepper. Then move it back and forward. This is a kind of massage that will relax the muscles you use every day.

7. Deconditioned muscles. Have you ever heard about them before? Everybody has blades between the shoulder. They need a bit of movement to remain active. Firstly, get a yoga ball, stand on your knees, lay on the front on the yoga ball, and move forward and backward slowly. This can also be known as pulsation. It will help those blades to work properly and start to get rid of your pain.

8. Not only elderly people but everybody should see a doctor called an osteopath. A lot of young children have problem with scoliosis that need to be taken care of. Also people spend a lot of time sitting nowadays, using their phones, laptops or just working in general. Older adults should also see a specialist before trying out any new exercises. Elderly people sometimes suffer from cervical or lumbar stenosis

neck pain

9. Maybe it is not very obvious but, your diet also affects your body. Change your diet if you feel the onset neck pain. We can actually get relief naturally from food sources. Magnesium helps relax tense muscles. So choose spinach, broccoli, avocados, nuts (to be honest, whichever you want), chicken, turkey, beans and cocoa.
10. Depending on the amount of pain, try heat pads, massage or painkillers and inti inflammatory relief such as paracetamol and ibuprofen.

11. Acupuncture: is an ancient Chinese medical practice that is based on inserting hair-thin needles into some of the major points of your body. These points are tied to energy channels in the body. In Chinese culture, every pain is caused by the energy blockade in your body. Finding a qualified acupuncturist is hard but worth it. Take the time to seek out a qualified, capable practitioner, a real one, near you. After two appointments you will start to feel the difference.

12. If nothing else helps – talk with your doctor about your options and the possibility of neck surgery. If your doctor does not see any other options and you have really serious problem with your neck or back, unfortunately, this will be the only option.


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