Water Vapour Thermal Therapy?

Men’s health issues are on the rise and one of the hot topics is prostate health. Men are becoming more aware of the issues facing them and finally, it seems, they care coming round to the idea of asking for help when they need it. When it comes to issues involving the prostate it’s vital you get checked out as soon as you notice any symptoms, problems with your prostate can mean problems with your penis. Essentially, the prostate is a vital part of your overall sexual function.

How to check my prostate

What is the prostate?

The prostate is one of the most important parts of the male reproductive system and has an integral fibromuscular band that surrounds it. This tiny but powerful part of your sexual health lays on the pelvic floor, which takes part during the ejaculatory process. Thanks to the smooth muscles that the prostate is made from your body is able to expel semen during ejaculation. What is the function of the prostate? The fundamental function of the prostate is to be a tiny container for the fluid that carries your semen. This fluid is a bit milky it some cases it can be white (it also depends on what you eat and drink), and is a bit alkaline. What is even more interesting, we actually only produce around 30% semen, the other 70% are spermatozoa and seminal vesicle fluid. To be honest, every single bit of sperm plays an important role, even the alkalinity of semen is designed so it neutralizes vaginal tract acidity, and at the same time – extends the lifespan of sperm.

What are the most common disorders of prostate?

Enlargement, inflammation, infection, and cancer. Unfortunately, it is necessary to check your prostate at the doctors because having an enlarged prostate cause’s discomfort, pain, which usually occurs during sex and urination. Research shows one of the best solutions for problems with the prostate is a technique called water vapour thermal therapy. This amazing technique not only helps to cure any dangerous symptoms of prostate disorders but also protects your sexual functions as best as possible.

How to check my prostate

What is water vapour thermal therapy?

Water vapour thermal therapy is a slightly invasive technique those men who suffer from different prostate disorders, for example prostate enlargement and urination problems. A lot of men have urinary problems but they do not want to talk about it. Urinary problems are more common in men with an enlarged prostate. Why does it happen? When the prostate swells or becomes enlarged, the pressure that is put on the urethra causes problems with urinating and during sexual activities. Of course you can try other ways and treatments like medications, procedures and surgery (it is not said that they will help). But if you are looking for a more natural and less invasive solution then maybe water vapour thermal therapy is for you.

How does the water vapour thermal therapy treatment work?

This method uses water vapour to destroy prostate cells that put pressure on the urethra. This technique is performed by an urologist. The urologist uses a special handheld device with a retractable needle at the end. You don’t need to be scared….the needle is not very big and your doctor will gently move up the urethra so that it can target prostate tissue, once performed it will help your penis with functioning properly. There is also a huge generator that the device is plugged in. The whole treatment is about radiofrequency energy, clean water goes from the generator (at the base) to the handheld device. The last part of the process involves water being converted to steam that then goes through the needle. The needle is placed towards the chosen prostate tissue and then 9-second dose of water vapour is released. The doctor can place it on the different prostate tissues that require some attention.

How to check my prostate

What are the other benefits? To be honest, vapour thermal therapy has many different benefits:

• You do not need to take any medications or worry of their side effects. It is obvious that side effects can exist with prescribed medicines as medicines are chemically produced tablets, vapour thermal therapy is safe and natural.
• The whole procedure is done at your doctor’s via an appointment (urologist), so you should feel at ease.
• Improves your sexual and urinary functions.
• you do not have to stay at the hospital and feel uncomfortable

Water vapour thermal therapy is the best option for those men who want to take care of their sexual and urinal health with as close to a non-invasive option as possible. Nowadays, technology is getting more innovative every single day. All though this technique is relatively new – you should discuss all your options with a health professional before making a decision, just because something is new – doesn’t mean it needs to carry additional risks.

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