Sun, Sea & Sex: A Guide to Holiday Romance

Believe it or not but everybody – OK maybe not everybody but most people, once in his or her life time, has experienced an amazing travel romance, a summer fling that you will never forget.

When we are on holiday it’s like things feel different, we lose our inhibitions. We are more talkative, open to socialising with new people and friendlier. Just because it is a new environment, nobody knows us, we feel like a brand new person. This new found confidence doesn’t come without risk though…

holiday fling

Safety First

So, first of all, think about safety when you are going out on holiday. Instead of taking everything with you just take some money and your ID. We recommend taking TWO evidences of your identity, like passport, driving licence or ID. Why? One you can take with you when you are going out for a beer, and one you can leave in your hotel room. It is very safe and even if you lose your ID in the town – you still can get back home.

TIP. The identity evidence you use to travel by plane should be left at the hotel room. You will have to come back home one day. Usually by plane. You know what we mean!

Next thing is to tell your friends BEFORE your journey, tell them where you are going to travel to, the hotel address and contact number this is to safeguard you in the case on an emergency.

If you want to be even safer, you can use Smart Traveller Enrolment Program to make sure that your friends will find you in case of any problems, you can also find proper information about every foreign country you want to visit.

Want to meet new people?

Where is the best place to meet new people and your potential new love on the road?

Hotel bar. Why? Because you can meet people who are like minded and looking for the same thing as you. When you go for a party outside the hotel zone, remember to just take the necessary things like your hotel key, some money and one of your IDs. The less you have with you at the party, the less potential risk there is for something to go wrong if you have one too many.

Visiting foreign country gives you also opportunity to get to know another culture. You need to remember, that sometimes you will not be able to read somebody’s behaviour not only because of the language barrier but also because of the different customs, manners and culture. Things that are funny in your country may not be funny for another one, as well as gestures that are different in other countries.

holiday fling

A new person can be cute, nice, talkative open, but you do not know somebody’s real morals and values. You need to be careful, try not to get into any situations that leave you vulnerable to harm. You do not want to wake up with no money and no phone in an unfamiliar place. It is not only about your personal stuff but also about the risk to life. Not to come across as too extreme but I bet you have heard about the many different ‘mysterious’ disappearances of people all around the world. Sometimes staying in public is better than going with someone you don’t know to his or her private apartment. Be very careful, do not drink anything a stranger has bought for you. Love and desire can be very strong sometimes and the prospect of having wild sex may seem appealing at the time but you will thank yourself for being sensible later. Trust us.


ALWAYS remember condoms. Always bring your own condoms and then you can be sure that they are not broken or damaged on purpose and are in date! Without them, you can catch wide range of sexual diseases:
• gonorrhoea
• hepatitis B
• herpes
• chlamydia
• syphilis
• warts
• Human papilloma viruses can also be transmitted through ORAL SEX!

………and get tested regularly, just in case.

When you travel abroad, you need to be aware of the laws in the country you are visiting. For example in the Middle East if you cuddling in the street, or enjoying a quick kiss on the beach and you can actually be arrested. If you are going abroad – respect other people’s culture and their customs.

Unless you are in a country where paying for sex is legal do not sleep with prostitutes or any person you have to pay for sex. First of all, you can have legal problems, secondly, a lot of people can be victims of the illegal sex trade. You are also putting your sexual health at risk, you may even get into a position where you are robbed and assaulted.

holiday fling

Summarising, the most important thing in your journey is the journey itself and getting to explore new, fabulous places. Sex is an addition, a supplement, a travel romance. If you meet someone and spend the night with them remember to enjoy yourself but take precautions to make sure you are safe – it may be an adventure or it could be the start of a new chapter in your life. You never know. The most important thing is to not promise yourself too much.

If you meet someone on holiday and end up sharing a night of passion good for you, it is a natural thing that you feel completely different on holiday. You may feel liberated, confident and ready for anything. Maybe you want to fulfil your deepest dreams and fantasies – including the sexual ones, just remember to stay safe and look after yourselves – you will need to return to reality one day, make sure it is with memories of a fantastic holiday and not the need to take a trip to the nearest clinic.

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