Sugar Rush: 3 Reasons To Cut down on Sugar Now

When it comes to meeting and surpassing your health and fitness goals the number enemy to your successes is probably sugar. Sugar causes a multitude of health issues.

It is thought that having the wrong type of sugar in your diet increases the risk of diabetes, obesity and heart disease greatly. We aren’t saying it isn’t ok to indulge your sweet tooth every once in a while, just try not to let it become a regular occurrence. You need to try to avoid foods that quickly affect your blood pressure, this is the most dangerous to your health.

The risks of sugar

Atkins recently wrote a list of 10 reasons why sugar is bad, now were not suggesting you should panic but this is pretty serious!

1. Sugar causes glucose levels to spike and plummet.
2. Sugar increases the risk of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.
3. Your immune function can be affected by sugar.
4. A high-sugar diet can lead to chromium deficiency.
5. Sugar accelerates aging.
6. Sugar causes tooth decay.
7. Sugar can cause gum disease, which can lead to heart disease.
8. Sugar affects cognition in children.
9. Sugar increases stress.
10. Sugar takes the place of important nutrients.

What are the types of sugar?

There are four main types of sugar. Glucose is the sugar in blood and dextrose is the name given to glucose that can be produced from corn. Fructose is the main sugar in fruit. Sucrose is what is known as granulated, or table sugar and HFCS is derived from corn starch.

The risks of sugar

So what can we do to cut down and what are the benefits?

Just add water

Cut out fizzy drinks and pop from your diet. You’d be surprised at the huge amount of sugar in one small can of coke. When you cut out fizzy drinks and replace them with something like lemon water your skin will clear, mood will lift and you will lose weight. This simple and effective lifestyle change also boosts your sexual performance, not only will you look and feel great but you will be able to perform in the bedroom like you have never been able to perform.

Fill the void

You will experience cravings, if you manage them effectively and actively seek to give your body what it needs, not what you think it requires – you will be on the road to success – by finding what works for you as an individual you will see how easy it is to replace toxins in your diet.

Cheat days

This will always come down to personal opinion – some of us believe we should treat ourselves occasionally – some of us find that giving in to temptation, however temporary is the slippery slope to total downfall. If you decide to give yourself the occasional cheat day you can treat yourself without feeling too guilty – there are protein bars, shakes, even yogurts that won’t ruin your gains – in fact some will even add to them!

Cutting down on sugar can mean the difference between success and failure when it comes to your fitness and lifestyle goals – with the correct knowledge and foresight you can achieve anything, remove temptation, count calories and try to take a more considerate approach to your nutritional needs. You will ultimately benefit in the long run from making small changes in the here and now.

The risks of sugar

Does sugar affect my mental health?

For those of you who are struggling with mental health issues, there is a link between your physical and mental health you may not be totally aware of. When you improve your overall physical health by making changes to your diet such as cutting down, or cutting out sugar all together you will see an improve in your mood. This will give you confidence that spills over into your work, and social life. When we feel better about ourselves we can truly live our best life – Just remember to consult a health professional before undertaking any drastic lifestyle changes.

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