Sexy Halloween games you Should Play with your Partner

Halloween always brings out two types of people, those ‘big kids’ who love everything spooky and love to dress up, or the party avoiders who hate the over-Americanised hype which has encompassed All Hallows Eve over the years. If Halloween isn’t your thing, it doesn’t mean that you should miss out on all the fun.

After all, you can always avoid the Trick or Treaters by locking the front door and enjoying a private Halloween party with someone spookily special. Once alone, add a little sex-factor to your private party by playing some super sexy Halloween foreplay games together.

Need a little inspiration? Allow us to assist.

Adult Halloween games

Morticia /Gomez Says…

Nobody speaks the language of love quite like Morticia and Gomez Addams. Their wanton lust and complete disregard for whomever is made to feel uncomfortable is well documented in the Addams Family TV Show and movies. For fans, create your own sexy spooky foreplay game in the style of ‘Simon Says’ but with just the two of you playing. Taking it in turns, female partners will say ‘Morticia says… take of your shirt (or whatever you want to say), and male players will use ‘Gomez’. If one of the players plays without the beginning of the phrase being use (same as Simon says), they lose their turn and the other player plays twice. This game is great for starting off slowly and getting you into the mood. This game is also helps your partner to gain a better insight into the things that turn you on because you’re are the person giving the instructions.

*Please remember to respect the consent and boundaries of your partner whilst playing*

The Spine Tingler

Nothing sends chills up and down the spine quite like being tied down and blindfolded. This game requires trust, props, a great imagination and a waterproof bedsheet because it can get very messy. But, if sensory play is something that you enjoy, this is the perfect game for you. Before the game begins, write a short story depicting a situation in which a person is kidnapped and held captive by evil spirits. However, all is not lost! As the evil spirits leave the house to seek out more unfortunate victims, friendly ghosts quickly intervene to undertake a rescue mission. However, the only way to free the victim from their constraints is through the power of pleasure!

With each different ghost you can have a different technique or prop in which the spirit seeks to ‘free’ your partner. For example, using ice cubes can illustrate a technique used by one spirit. As you run it over your partners body, warm wax can also be dripped and massaged into the skin to provide a contrast of sensations. Depending on how messy you’d like to go, you can use different foods to tease and lick your partner, spanking paddles, ticklers, your fingers, tongue…. Anything really! As you also set the rules, it can be one, two, three or more orgasms which mean that your partner goes free.

After that, its your turn!

Adult Halloween games

Costumes On!

Everyone knows the importance of foreplay. But still, most of us will admit that it is something that we still don’t do enough of. Costumes On! is a foreplay game which encourages longer lasting foreplay and combines it with some healthy competition. Starting with just your underwear, take it in turns to pleasure your partner for one minute. After a minute has passed, they must put an item of clothing (or their Halloween costume on) so it is like a reverse strip tease. As your partner adds more clothing, you will need to think of more inventive ways to get to those all-important erogenous zones.

The first person to beg for sex, is the loser!

The only rule in this game, is no oral sex! Instead, find other ways to make your partner literally beg for sex. The longer the game lasts, the harder and more fun it becomes.

Sexy Truth or Dare

This game requires a little preparation beforehand. Write out a selection of truths and dares and place them in hollowed out pumpkin. Have a selection of props available such as sex toys, massage oils and a blindfold and incorporate them into your dares too. Take turns to take a piece of paper out of the pumpkin to reveal your hidden desires, darkest fantasies, sexiest stories or take part in a spine tinglingly pleasurable dare.

Adult Halloween games

Blind Man’s Buff

Another old classic, but perfect for Halloween because it can be played in the dark. Strip completely naked, remove any obstacles and turn out the light. Seek out your partner in the dark and use your hands to guide your way around your partners body, aiming to pleasure them using just your hands and lips. Because you aren’t confined to the bed, this game is great for exploring different angles whilst darkness heightens your other senses. Once you find yourself coming close to orgasm, slip away from your partner and encourage them to find you again. This technique is called ‘edging’ and helps to prolong and intensify orgasm.

Cast the Die

For this game you’ll need dice and a piece of paper. For each number between 1 and 12 you need to write down a sexual act. It could be that one partner performs oral sex on another, or that your kiss your partners neck for a given length of time. To make things a little more exciting, one of you is evens and the other one is odds.

The game isn’t over until you have done all 12 acts.

Mirror, Mirror on the wall…

This sexy Halloween game is extremely simple but effective. Take off your clothes and face each other. One of you takes the lead whilst the other must mirror their actions. For example, if you decide to masturbate, your partner must also touch themselves whilst never taking their eyes away from you. If you kiss your partners neck, they must kiss your neck. This game is perfect for dropping subtle hints about the things that you’d like them to do to you in the bedroom.

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