Penis Enlargement Exercise: The Benefits of Jelqing

Size matters, even if some people claim that it doesn’t. The size of your penis can make or break your confidence, so you wouldn’t mind if you were able to somehow gain a couple of inches.

If you`re familiar with Bathmate you know that you can increase the size of your penis. One penis enlargement exercise we’d like to focus on in particular today is jelqing. It’s an exercise that you can do for free in the comfort of your own home, and it’s simple.

So what are the benefits of jelqing? And how do you do it? You’ll find out if you stick around for a few minutes.

What Is It?

Before we talk about the benefits of jelqing, we should establish what exactly it is. Simply put, jelqing is a penis enlargement exercise which has been used for hundreds of years. Like some other exercises, it entails some stroking and stretching of the penis.

If a man “jelqs” for an extended period of time, he can improve the circulation of blood in his penis. There is, however, a proper way to do this, which we’ll talk more about later.

What Are The Benefits?

So why exactly would any man choose jelqing as an enlargement technique? We’ve already mentioned one benefit, but there are several benefits of doing so. Here are five:

Better Circulation

As we briefly mentioned in the last section, jelqing can improve the flow of blood in the penis. While this improved flow of blood isn’t the overall goal of the exercise, it can help men sustain their erections for longer periods of time. Further still, jelqing can also lead to harder erections.

Needless to say, longer, harder erections can be game changers in the bedroom. They go a long way towards pleasing both men and women during sex.

Increase In Penis Size

Jelqing is primarily a penis enlargement exercise. This means that the main benefit that men expect to get out of it is a larger penis.

As we discussed in the last section, jelqing helps improve the flow of blood in the penis. That improve circulation can make a difference when the penis is erect; the penis actually becomes larger as a result of the increased flow.

There is, though, one caveat. If you rely on this exercise, you won’t see any difference in the size of your flaccid penis. The results of jelqing are only evident when the penis is erect.

More Stamina and Control

We briefly mentioned that jelqing can help men sustain their erections for longer periods of time. As it turns out, there is another benefit of jelqing: It gives men better control over their erections.

This control can lead to better sexual experiences for both them and their partners.

A New Confidence

This is one of the more obvious benefits of jelqing. You want to feel good about what you’re doing in the bedroom, and you have every right to. It’s truly as simple as that.

Increases The Effectiveness of Supplements

Since jelqing is a natural, simple enlargement exercise, you can do it while you’re using supplements. In fact, it can increase the overall effectiveness of any supplements you’re taking.

In other words, you can enlarge your member a bit quicker if you combine the supplements and this technique.

How Do You Safely Do It?

rock hard
Jelqing has tons of great benefits, but there is a proper (and improper way) to do it. If you do it incorrectly, you risk permanently damaging your penis. The penis is, after all, susceptible to all sorts of fractures and burns.

If you want to reap the benefits and avoid the pitfalls, here are some steps you should take:

  1. Make sure that your penis is partially erect before you being jelqing. If your penis is fully erect, jelqing will be hard and uncomfortable for you.
  2. Grab some lubricant. You’ll be repeatedly sliding your hand down your penis, so you’ll want to minimize any friction.
  3. Always start at the base of your penis using an “OK” grip. Apply a tiny bit of pressure and slowly move your hand up the shaft of your penis. Your grip shouldn’t be weak, but it shouldn’t be strong that you hurt yourself.
  4. Stop when you reach the glans (the tips) of your penis. Now repeat the whole process as many times as you see fit.

The amount of time spent jelqing obviously depends on your preferences. That said, don’t overdo things (and always warm up by doing some slow rounds). If you spend too much time jelqing, you can cause serious, sometimes irreversible damage to your penis.

We’d also like to point out that dry jelqing is acceptable at times. A lubricant is always nice to have, but using a lubricant not practical in all situations.

Dry jelqing is particularly useful for men who want to spend less time cleaning up after a jelqing session. Perhaps, for example, they want to jelq in the shower and then make a quick run afterward. In any case, these men should be careful to loosen their grips a bit if they’re going to be skipping the lube.

Side Effects

We want you to enjoy the benefits of jelqing. Just in case, though, you don’t believe that taking the proper steps we’ve outlined is necessary, we’d like to go over some problems that might arise if you don’t:

  • Scrotum stretching may occur if you’re not careful. This isn’t ideal for men who aren’t looking for this type of enlargement. You can prevent this by using a lubricant.
  • Damaged capillaries are another side of effect of incorrectly jelqing. They’re usually the result of jelqing too intensely. While damaged capillaries usually don’t cause any long-term effects, repeatedly damaging them can become a permanent problem.

Having said this, make sure that you’re safely jelqing. It’s beneficial, but only if you listen to your penis when it’s telling you to stop.

Try Another Penis Enlargement Exercise

If jelqing doesn’t sound like it’s for you, you can try a different penis enlargement exercise. We offer penis pumps for men of all sizes. If you’re trying to enlarge your penis and are looking for something other than jelqing, this might be the solution for you.

For more information about our penis pumps, you can contact us. We’ll address any of your questions and concerns as quickly as we can.

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