3 Surprising benefits of Jelqing

We’re all searching for the holy grail of penis health optimisation. Not only that, but who doesn’t want to grow the size of their junk? Rather than try one solution, we recommend loading up with an arsenal of natural tools to maximise your tool. We prefer methods such as exercise, penis pumps and Kegels over risky surgery or pills.

Now, there’s an ancient method that’s having a resurgence: jelqing. This natural therapy technique is shrouded in mystery, but it could be the answer to your bulge-boosting prayers. Read on to discover more about the Middle Eastern rite of passage that has become a penis enlargement craze.

What is jelqing?

What Is Jelqing?

To jelq is, essentially, to ‘milk’ your penis. The practice is believed to date back to ancient Arabic civilisations, where fathers taught their sons who were about to come of age this method of wang extension. It’s a daily routine that you can incorporate before or after your workout or even in the bath. It hasn’t changed much throughout the years, and anyone with a dong can do it.

  1. Start with a hot towel or a bath to ensure the tissue in the penis is warmed-up and flexible. It also increases the blood flow to the area and gets you in the right headspace for a good jelq.
  2. Always use lube, and don’t be shy with it. Encircle the bottom of your semi-erect cock with an OK finger grip and slowly apply moderate pressure from the base to the tip.
  3. It’s important to remember this isn’t the same as having a wank; you’re only milking one way without pulling the foreskin back down. Beginners should only jelq when their penis is at about 50% erection. After a few months, you can work up to 75%, and an advanced jelqer can get up to 90%.
  4. Never jelq with a full erection and stop if you feel you’re close to cumming. Use your mind to control your arousal level and stop after around 150 reps. Warm down again with a cosy bath and deep breathing exercises.

What is jelqing?

1. Jelqing Could Help You Last Longer in Bed

When you’ve been with a partner for more than a year, things can start to flatline in the shagging department. You end up going through the motions in the same positions, and staying power can go out of the window. Or, if you’re single, you’re always looking for ways to improve your prowess between the sheets.

Either way, we could all benefit from holding off a little in that race to the finish line. Jelqing is thought to be helpful for guys with sensitive penises who might shoot their load too soon by building up resilience in your penile tissue. It’s also a simple case of mind over matter. As you learn not to get aroused during your jelq sessions, you gain increased control over your arousal levels which can help you to hold off the big O.

2. Get Your Jelq on for Extra Length

There are two schools of thought about how jelqing works to extend the male member. The most popular explanation is similar to the philosophy behind building muscle — that is, stretching the gland leads to micro-tears in the tissue. New cells grow to repair the penis, and over time, this could add up to extra length and girth.

The other explanation isn’t as well-known but has more of a scientific basis,tissue remodelling. This can be explained by what happens when you have braces. Over the course of at least a year, consistent pressure can change the anatomy. So, if you’re looking for a quick fix, this may not be for you. If you’re in it for the long game, you could see results over time.

What is jelqing?

3. This Natural Therapy Technique Increases Blood Flow

Remember, when you’re jelqing, never continue if you become fully hard or you risk damaging your precious crown jewels. Your member is already flush with blood, so stretching it could be harmful. When done correctly, the gentle massage moves the blood throughout your penile tissue. Better blood flow results in stronger erections. Some sources have claimed their erections even last longer after a continuous course of jelqing.

Jelqing is not believed to be harmful, it could be a useful trick to try. Not only will the potential extra length and girth bring you confidence, but it’ll also make for a more enthusiastic response from whoever is sharing your bed.

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