How to Tan safely this Summer

We have a fascination with getting that perfect healthy glow but this pursuit of perfection can come with great risk to our health. We see tans as being markers for beauty but what are the risks? It’s imperative we look after our health, whether at home or abroad the sun poses a significant risk to our health in the height of summer. We need to protect ourselves whilst enjoying the weather. Here is a rundown of the most popular ways to protect yourself this summer whilst still catching a tan.

Sun cream

Choose a sunscreen with a safe SPF. The first and easiest solution is to use a sunscreen with a proper SPF (sun protection factor). Even if it is not very hot outside. Sun rays go through the clouds even if you do not see them and can affect your skin badly. Where can you find the information about how strong the sunscreen is? It has to be written clearly on the bottle. We recommend a sun screen of 30 SPF. Choose a sunscreen that protect you against both UVA and UVB sun rays.

Sun rays affect your skin and normally we do not even feel it, especially if the sun does not shine strongly. If you spend a lot of time in the sun you can get skin cancer. First of all, if you notice a weird shaped skin mark, a very dark one, you should go to your doctor and have a health professional check it. This can be the first sign of skin cancer and must be taken seriously.

how to tan safely

How to use sunscreen properly

Ok, so firstly, apply the sunscreen about half an hour before you go out and then repeat it every 2 hours. If you are going by the lake or sea you should definitely use a waterproof one.
Are there any other ways of protecting our bodies from sun?


This is not a very popular information but yes, your clothes can protect your skin. And this is how to check how effective your clothing is against protecting you from the sun. Place your hand inside a piece of the cloth and shine a light on the clothing and if you see your skin through the cloth, this means that it is not a good enough level of protection for you. Also, you should choose clothes that are long enough to cover your arms and legs. If you feel like you don’t have adequate protection, apply some sunscreen. Wearing a hat is also one of the things you can do to keep your face and head protected.

Sun glasses

Eyes are also affected by the sun. When you are buying pair of sunglasses make sure you check if they block 99 to 100% of UVA and UVB light. Then try not to forget them when you are out in the sun! Maybe store them in your car or bag.

how to tan safely


Yes, there are some foods that can protect you against the sun. The first of them is watermelon.


I am sure you know it has a lot of water inside but that is not the only reason it can protect you against the sun.
Lycopene, which is in watermelon, absorbs UVA and UVB rays. But be careful – this does not mean that after one glass of watermelon juice your skin will be safe because it can take a few weeks to activate. Lycopene works as a natural sunblock. It is thought that tomatoes can work in the same way.


Strawberries contain antioxidants and vitamin C that both help protect your skin from sun damage. They will also help you when you get sunburnt, because strawberries contain tannins which help you to get through the sun burn. But as I said earlier, try to avoid very hot weather. Another great food is blueberry. Blueberries are the kings of antioxidants that help clean your body of radicals. Radicals damage your skin when is exposed too much to sun and also stress.


Carrots are up next. They have a lot of beta-karoten (vitamin K) that protects your skin and makes it look better. Moreover, it protects you against sun burns and even skin cancer. After couple of weeks of eating carrots, you will notice that your skin has nice colour.

Green Tea

And finally, green tea. Everybody knows that green tea is an amazing superfood. It is good for your weight loss efforts, keeps you feeling hydrated and cool when it’s hot because it lowers your body temperature. Green tea contains catechins, which prevents you from many diseases and protect against sunburn and skin damage. When you get sunburnt, green tea is the best. It contains tannic acid that helps calm sunburn pain and antioxidants (EGCGs).

how to tan safely

To be honest, the best option is to avoid strong sun between 10am-almost 5pm. Those hours are the most dangerous for you and even if you have to go outside, stay under the trees, in shady areas etc. Especially, when you have sensitive skin.

On particularly hot days make sure you stay hydrated and rest in the shade at frequent intervals. Sun stroke is easily avoided provided you don’t get too carried away celebrating the sunshine. When travelling abroad take some time to acclimatise before heading straight to the nearest beach. During the festival season try to drink responsibly and within your limits, the same goes for when you are having a BBQ. Alcohol takes its toll on the skin, throw in the blazing sunshine and you have a recipe for disaster, don’t let it ruin what would-be a memorable occasion. It’s easy to get caught out but by remembering the fundamentals and protecting yourself against the harmful rays you will ensure you have a summer to remember.


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