Healthy Foods that aren’t actually That Healthy

Clever marketing can trick us into believing that certain foods are good for us when in fact they may be quite the opposite. Let’s break down some common myths and get into the top 7 health foods that are actually not very healthy at all.


Why Is soya considered a miracle product? Not because it’s a healthy food, not because it’s super vegan. It’s a miracle because it’s cheap. You can find soya EVERYWHERE. Soya is used as a cheap “filler” to make more food. Companies put less healthy food in cans and in food in general and put more soya there to just “fill the gap” and pay less. That’s why soya is used so stop eating soya products. Soya may not kill you but can strongly undermine your health. Why? Soya damages thyroid and endocrine function because a lot of hormones are put into soya while growing. Sensitivity of leptin in your body is disrupted and you can gain some weight. Hormones take part in your metabolic process and that is why you gain weight while “eating healthy’. Soya can also affect your sex life. Why? As we said above, soya can imbalance your hormones – also oestrogen or testosterone affects its balance. It also blocks your body from absorbing very important minerals: iron, zinc, calcium and magnesium. Even more, soya is the most dangerous allergen that causes inflammation.

health foods to avoid

Low fat and processed fat free foods

Whenever we see low fat products we think ooooh low calories I’ll take this one! Nope. Industries put a lot of sugar into these products. Check the label and then you will see that the product that has a “fat free” label has a lot of added sugar. Fat free and processed fat free products have two cons: one, they have a lot of calories, two – you will eat even more because “fat free” will make you feel even hungrier.

Why? Because they have a lot of sugar that boosts your insulin levels so soon you will be very hungry. So if you want to lose some weight, eat real food that has proper healthy fat like avocado or eggs.

Salad dressing

Low-fat salad dressings are a myth. When you see a fat free product, it means that fat was replaced with sugar. Usually, it is fructose that makes your leptin and insulin levels change. It is not only dangerous for diabetes but also for people who suffer from other chronic diseases.
So what can you use to make your salad taste better? You can use real honey, French mustard, butter, olive oil, vinegar, lemon acid. Vitamins like A D E and K melts in fat, if you exclude fat from your diet you may not absorb enough vitamins. Then you can feel weak and unhealthy.

health foods to avoid

Fruit juices

Do you know how much work is needed to create juice from some fruits? A lot of processing. Processes like pasteurising, pulverising, filtering, pureeing. After the whole process, the fruits are almost nothing like they were before. And then the magic happens and the food industry put a lot of sugar into the “juice”. In this kind of juice there is no longer any fibre that helps to keep you feeling full for couple of hours, no vitamins – but it does have a lot of sugar that may make you feel even hungrier. Remember, every single juice that is “made from concentrate” is not really juice, it’s just sugar.

Breakfast cereal

We all know about cereals, a major part of your favourite breakfast cereals is processed and a major part of all the good stuff that made up the original ingredients is ripped out of them
during manufacturing processes. Food industries will find new ways to show you that their product is the best and healthiest ever, but then they will add cheap ingredients into your food to earn more money all whilst they tell you that its best you can get. Make sure you check the back of the packet and pay attention to the “healthy” ingredients they use.

Organic food

When we see the word “organic” we always think that the food is amazing and super healthy for us. Unfortunately, it is said that as much as 90 percent of “organic’ food is just random food
that comes from different farms. That means that you pay twice as much or more (in some cases) for the same food that does not have a word “organic” on its label. Nowadays, food producers can do whatever they want to sell us junk food under a nice “organic’ name. Manufacturers use different names of substances to make us feel safe and healthy. Did you know that organic raw cane sugar they use is almost the same as regular sugar? It is not healthy at all and does not have any nutrition value. Those industries want us to believe that we eat healthy while they earn money from us, so it’s always best to read the labels.

health foods to avoid


We see many different variants of butter at the shop. We bet that you saw margarine. Stay away from it. Couple of years ago when internet wasn’t so popular people weren’t really aware of how bad it is for you. Nowadays, most people know that margarine is a killer when it comes to your health. It is full of industrial vegetable oil called trans-fat. Check the label and if the amount of that is lower than 0.5 grams per serving it can be called margarine but keep bear in mind – even that amount shouldn’t be there. It is probably better for you to enjoy normal butter, in moderation.


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