Drink it up: 8 Glasses a Day helps the Penis Play

The internet is full of schemes and scams designed to help people getting quick at the expense of the consumer, these cleverly designed marketing ploys can often target our deepest insecurities, our looks, weight, shape and size, even our mental and physical health.

And for the guys, if you asked them what they are most insecure about it often comes back to the one thing. Their penis. Whether it be shape, size or performance based. Studies have shown the average penis size to be around 5 inches and most men lasting around 6 minutes during sexual intercourse.

does water help with e.d?

When it comes to sex, erection strength and quality is everything, if you are suffering from erectile dysfunction it’s sometimes easier to do your own research online rather than talk to an actual professional. The thought of having to discuss your issues with another person face to face can be daunting, we get it. The problem is, you may be buying a placebo or worse something potentially fatal to you.

A GP or health professional will be able to begin the process of understanding why you are suffering from E.D and what to do next, they will also be able to offer natural solutions such as penis pumps or diet.

Diet plays a huge role in erectile dysfunction, before you go and buy expensive dodgy pills online consider this. Are you drinking enough water? Yes, water, most people are not aware of just how beneficial water is when it comes to sex.

So how does water help with erectile dysfunction? Read on to find out more!

Water is incredible, we’ve said it a thousand times, and well probably say it again. People normally do not appreciate benefits of drinking it but water can give you even more benefits than you thought possible. Men do not tend to link dehydration with ED. To reach orgasm, your body processes have to work hard together and function properly. If one of those processes does not work properly – Houston, we have a problem! Beginning with the nerves in your penis, blood, and mood, and culminating in hydration. Everything from the nerves around the penis to the blood pumping through the body is necessary for an erection. If one of the body’s processes does not work, erectile dysfunction may appear.

does water help with e.d?

What are the signs of ED?

Trouble getting an erection, keeping an erection, and lower libido. You can also feel anxious because of the problem or embarrassed.

Why water is connected to ED?

Drinking enough water is important for our overall health and your sexual health forms part of it. Water is a part of every single process in our bodies so naturally, water is part of the erection process. Have you ever checked how much water you drink? Probably not. So, in general, the more water you drink, the more blood cells and plasma you have, and better the blood flow through your veins, arteries, and even your penis too. Water also helps your blood to transfer oxygen and one of the reasons why ED appears in your life is that red blood cells and plasma cannot get enough oxygen and nutrient rich blood to maintain the erection. There is also an important hormone called angiotensin – it is a hormone that causes blood vessels to constrict or tighten and as a result, it can cause an increase in blood pressure, and it prevents adequate blood flow through the body (and your penis as well). Unfortunately, high blood pressure does not help but also damages your blood flow because of making your vessels and arteries harder and narrower. If our blood flow is damaged, the sensation in the penis is also reduced. This can ultimately lower sexual desire for obvious reasons.

Now, what are the signs of dehydration?

To be honest, if you feel thirsty – you are already dehydrated. What are the other important syndromes? You do not go to the toilet regularly, darker-coloured and smelly urine, dry mouth and tongue, you may feel dizzy or confused. If you do not deal with the initial signs of dehydration you are at risk of the following: heatstroke, seizure, low blood volume shock, muscle cramps, kidney stones, infections, kidney failure and urinary tract infections.

Of course there are other causes of erectile dysfunction beginning with clogged blood vessels and high blood pressure, heart disease, high cholesterol, obesity, as well as, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, sclerosis, medicines, smoking, drinking, drugs, scar tissue around pelvic area, sleeping disorder, prostate cancer or its enlargement, depression, anxiety, stress and other emotional or mental health problems.

does water help with e.d?

What can you do if ED occurred once and you are scared?

Ok let’s not panic. If it happened once, it doesn’t mean that it is a SERIOUS problem. Sometimes it can be down to tiredness, stress or as discussed – dehydration. Unfortunately, some of us experience ED as a sign of an underlying condition like heart disease. The best option for you is to get information from your doctor who will diagnose any symptoms properly. A trained medical professional will be able to discuss any issues, advise you moving forwards and offer various solutions.

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