8 Orgasmic Sexual Positions you Need to Try

Being male enhancement specialists and makers of the world’s first IPX7 rated fully waterproof and USB rechargeable vibrating bullet we are well aware of how important an incredible sex life is to you.

Sex is a healthy part adult of life and lots of wonderful benefits, from the calories you burn during your pleasure fuelled workout to the overall sense of well-being sex can be a great way to not only stay in shape but to de-stress from the day to day hassles in everyday life.


We have looked at the best positions based on performance, penis shape and size before but with the romantic nature of the festive season we find ourselves in we thought we would bring you a definitive list including some of the best known and more familiar positions to the downright and well quite frankly kinky, more experimental positions. Why not tally up how many of the top 8 sex positions you have already tried and see how your friends score.

1 Missionary – one point each! Missionary sex will be well known to most of you, the man places himself on top of the woman whilst they engage in vaginal sexual intercourse. Whilst pretty mild when it comes to getting it on the intimacy provided whilst facing each other may heighten the sensation for both of you.

missionary position image

2 Doggystyle – the Doggystyle position will provide the guy with the ultimate view whilst having the potential to provide more pleasure to the woman, especially when she engages with men who have a slightly curved penis. Doggystyle involves the female facing away on all fours whilst the male penetrates from behind.

doggy style image bathmate blog

3 The spoon – a great way to enjoy morning sex aaand avoid morning breathe! Waking up with an erection is a great sign of a healthy body with good blood flow and circulation – so why waste it? With both partners laying on their side in the spooning position you can engage in wonderful morning sex and start the day off in the best possible way.

4 Capricorn – No, we’re not talking star signs or tarot cards! To perform this position the guy sits down with his legs apart and the girl gets on all fours facing away, the guy can grab the girl’s buttocks and guide them both towards earth shattering orgasms. A great experimental position for those of you who wanting to up the ante ever so slightly.

5 The lotus flower – Now this may sound new – but you have probably already tried it, if you haven’t we’ll explain how you can participate in the lotus positon now, have the guy sit cross legged on the floor – now lower yourself onto the guy wrapping your legs around his pelvic region and your arms around his chest. It’s exciting and intimate – plus a little experimental for anyone wanting to try something new.


6 The waterfall – total head rush! Stimulating because not only will the nutrient rich blood rush to the tip of your penis keeping your guy super hard it will also hit your head too, this will alter the sensations you feel at climax giving you incredible orgasms. Probably a position for the healthier and more nimble guys it involves the guy moving his back towards the edge of the bed before leaning totally back off the edge, the woman can then straddle the midriff of the guy that remains on the bed. Very experimental and very naughty!

7 The love seat – the love seat can provide extra stimulation to the G spot, so a great position for the ladies – it’s like Doggystyle but for the women, it gives them complete control over the situation. The guy sits upright on the bed or on a chair allowing the woman to face away and back up, arch her back and push her buttocks into the guys groin area. A great way for the guy to give up control during sexual interactions.

8 Get a leg over – great for outdoors sex or general quickies – you both stand up and the girl raises one leg and wraps it around the guy’s buttocks and pulls him close. Can get pretty tiring pretty quickly but done right it will hit the spot for both of you every time. It’s an amazing position for the ladies as she will have control over angle and thrusting – great for the guys as they support their woman in her leading role. Pros – ease of penetration, cons – takes skill and lots of energy!

Are you thinking of introducing any of these positions into your sex life? Experimenting with toys together is also a brilliant way to bring you closer to each other as you explore your bodies in a totally new away. Pleasure is everything and can help form the strongest bond between couples.

With a healthy sex life you will most probably have a happy home. Do something romantic – Christmas is just around the corner so there is no time like the present. Show each other how much you care and give them the time of their life, pick one of the positons off the list and have some fun together!

Make time for each other, set the scene and try cooking your partner’s favourite meal. Finish a perfect evening together in the best possible way, in the bedroom…

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