7 Fantastic ways to Get Fit (and make friends)

As you gear yourself towards getting fitter, eating healthier and becoming more active – we can paint a certain image in our minds. We prepare ourselves for a fight, a lonely journey nobody but ourselves can undertake. This is not the case, well not every time.

You see, it is possible to get fit whilst socialising! Loneliness can affect any of us at any stage of our life and can have adverse effects on our overall health. So what if we could get out there into the world make some new friends who share the same ethics as us, and get fitter at the same time! Here are some amazing sports you can get involved with that can also help you socialise and make friends.


5 A side football

5 a side football is great because it is a team sport, less competitive than full football and you can take part at any skill level. It is great for socialising as you will need to communicate frequently with your fellow team members as you bid to beat your opponent. With matches and tournaments happening most weekends it’s one of the most accessible team sports you can take part in. You don’t even need any expensive kit!


Squash is a high octane, fast paced sport. Normally played by 2 people it gives you the opportunity to really get to know your partner. You can mix it up by throwing in a few more players but something like squash does take a level of fitness so probably not one for a beginner. In terms of socialising it’s hard to find a more personal sport given the intimate nature and the size of court you play on.


Rowing requires everybody to be pushing and pulling in the same direction, this involves communication and understanding between every member of your team. Because it relies so heavily on a perfect understanding between everyone, it makes rowing a great sport for socialising. The overall team effort will bring you and your teammates closer together.



Playing netball has, in general, many physical and mental benefits for you. Doing sport lowers your anxiety and depression. What kind of physical advantages does netball give? Here we have: it leaves not only your body looking better but also makes your stamina stronger, your eye coordination is way better because you have to focus a lot during the game as well as your reaction time, playing netball takes care of your cardiovascular system, it also burns a lot of calories. Sport not only works for your body but also for your brain. Here we have some mental benefits: socialising – spending time with people and making new friends, your confidence is stronger, team work, Helps people to learn how to deal with adversity, through experiencing match loses or injuries, and brain power – you have to make quick decisions making you more powerful in your daily life.


Have you ever thought about hiking – Not only hiking, but sport in general, helps prevent you from chronic disease and also from premature death.
What are the advantages of hiking? You are not stressed anymore, it gives you a lot of happiness and confidence because this kind of sport requires strength. What else? We can say that hiking is kind of a cardio workout so it means that your heart works quicker and starts to get better, fitter and stronger. It lowers your blood pressure and cholesterol levels, one of the aftermaths, of course, is lower weight and body fat. Hiking also improves your bone density and flexibility.


Fellas, we are getting older but it doesn’t mean we cannot still be active! Golf is one of the types of sports that you can do until you drop. It is a low-impact sport. It does not cause you stress, you do not have to run, and your joints are not tired at all. From the other hand, now, when we are younger, golf needs us to walk a lot and carry a bag up and down the green. Moreover, when you play golf on a hilly course, you can burn almost 2000 calories per session. Isn’t that amazing?! It’s like fitness, you have to use whole your body to work out! But, golf also helps your mind. This sport is a brain sport, you have to create a strategy. This game forces you to think lot and focus on the game, it means that you focus in a good way and do not think about the negative issues in your life – it helps people with depression and anxiety.


It is not only a game played at the pub, but also a game that is good for your body and brain too. Darts relieves stress, you don’t think about your problems and you feel relaxed. It is like a breath of fresh air. It makes your brain work in a different way. Also, when you play darts with friends, it makes your friendship deeper, you can meet new people, socialise etc.
Moreover, darts are very good for your eyes coordination. You have to focus a lot to get to your goal. It improves concentration: Focus is key when it’s your turn to aim for the bullseye. A careless throw could be costly, so concentration skills are greatly improved when darts become a hobby.

Additionally, when you focus on the board, you have to focus on your perception, think about your body’s position etc. That means that you control your movements. It makes your body more focused, yes, your body, on what it does.


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