5 Ways to Keep Your Dong in Tip-top Condition

Getting older is inevitable and comes with a long list of unwanted problems, but most men don’t think about the aging of their penises. Men assume their best little buddy will stay young forever. The fact is that your penis health is directly related to the health of your body. You need to think about the health of your penis now if you want a future filled with between-the-sheets activity. Not to worry, there are things you can do to improve your penis health, keeping him happy and young for many years.

how to keep your penis healthy

Healthy Diet

The healthier your body and mind are, the healthier your penis will be. To keep your penis looking sleek and young, be sure to eat healthy foods and stay in an optimal body fat range; obesity can increase your chances of erectile dysfunction by up to 30%. Studies show that reduced fat in the body allows for more testosterone and blood circulation, a double whammy of penis health. And as an added plus, reducing your belly fat can add length to your little man, making him look not so little.

Antioxidant-rich plant foods help increase blood flow and maintain penis health, and don’t forget the spinach for boosted testosterone and carrots for healthy sperm. Drinking plenty of water helps move blood around the body, helping your penis achieve sustainable erections efficiently.

Limit Tobacco and Alcohol

Smoking has been shown to reduce blood flow and shrink arteries, a recipe for bedroom disaster. Reduced blood flow causes damage to the erectile cells, creating a buildup of scar tissue. Scar tissue doesn’t get hard, so too much and your penis will curve. Peyronie’s disease is a condition where the penis has an extreme curve due to scar tissue buildup, causing erectile dysfunction. Extreme cases of Peyronie’s may require surgery.

Overconsumption of alcohol can play a huge part in erectile dysfunction, reducing blood flow to your penis. Also, alcohol reduces the production of testosterone, so over time, your libido will take a hit. So, drink in moderation, boys.

Safe Sex

STIs are a common occurrence with sexually active men, and the best way to prevent getting an STI is to practice safe sex. Using a condom is always a good idea, but if you and your partner don’t want to use condoms, make sure you are both checked beforehand. Some STIs can be treated, but others are for life, so be sure to take the proper precautions when bumping uglies.

how to keep your penis healthy

Regular Sex

Despite how common erectile dysfunction is, there are things you can do to keep it at bay. One of the most important things you can do to keep your little soldier in working order is to keep him active. A study published in the American Journal of Medicine found that men who have intercourse at least once per week are at reduced risk for erectile dysfunction. Men who have sex less than once per week reported twice as many cases of erectile dysfunction. The adage of “use it or lose it” appears to be true.

Exercise and Sleep

Exercise has been shown to increase blood circulation and overall cardiovascular health. The Harvard School of Public Health found that men who regularly exercise are less likely to get ED than inactive men. Getting a good run a couple of days a week will go a long way toward keeping your penis healthy for years to come.

Getting enough sleep is a must for men who want to remain healthy. Lack of sleep is linked to a variety of health issues that can begin to hurt your sex life in the years to come. You get several erections while you sleep that help boost blood circulation and allow the penile tissue to receive more oxygen. Sleep is your number one friend when it comes to a healthy penis. Sleep deprivation is linked to chronic erectile dysfunction and the overall aging of the penis. So, do you and your downstairs buddy a favor and get some quality shut-eye.

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