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5 A Day: 5 Fantastic Weight loss tips That Actually Work

With spring upon us and everybody’s thoughts switching to the potential of another incredible summer it’s easy to rush into some form of weight loss diet without doing the proper and correct research, well fear not. Here at Bathmate we have got all angles covered.

With the amount of health based content out there it’s difficult to get to the bottom of what really works when it comes to weight loss, this is partly down to misinformation and paid celebrity posts on social media advertising the amazing benefits to the latest health fad.

weight loss tips

We thought we would take all the leg work out of it and take a look at 5 simple and easy to effectively manage, or lose weight. That summer holiday you booked, amazing music festival and picture perfect wedding are just around the corner and naturally you will want to look and feel the best you possibly can.

Apple cider vinegar

You’ll need the good stuff, not the stuff you add to your chips or salad. Organic unrefined apple cider vinegar is thought to have a number of amazing health benefits. One is the aiding of weight loss. Adding a table spoon of organic apple cider vinegar to a glass of water first thing in the morning may help to burn the most stubborn of fats around, the dreaded belly fat. You can pick up organic apple cider online or in health stores. People also like to add other herbs and spices to their drink such as fresh ginger. This amazing drink with kick start your metabolism ready for the day ahead.

Cut down on alcohol

Yes, we know. Not the precious alcohol! The thing is alcohol is packed with sugars, carbs and calories. We’ve all had one of those nights where we overdo it. The problem with this is the amount of calories you can consume on a night of letting your hair down and enjoying yourself. Ever tried to drink a few pints of water during the day and struggled but 2 large wines, 3 shots and 2 pints of beer went down really easily? Well one thing to consider is that a pint of beer can be in the region of 200 calories upwards which is the same as an average slice of pizza, definitely food for thought. Cutting out, or at least cutting down on alcohol will benefit your overall health and help you lose weight faster, you will also save money and not have to suffer those hangovers from hell!

weight loss tips

Get active

Now this doesn’t even need to involve any expensive gym membership. For those of you just dipping your toes into the unknown world of health and fitness – even a brisk walk around the block will help. Exercising releases feel good chemicals in the brain that make you feel good. By moving about more you burn more calories! Why not stick on your favourite playlist and dance around your room like no one is watching?! You’ll have fun and get the blood racing! Exercise doesn’t need to be a soul destroying slog on the treadmill, it can be a fun and uplifting experience done from the comfort of your own living room.

Go green

Get as many green veggies and fruits as possible. Green tea is also fantastic when it comes to detoxing your system and losing weight. So here’s how it works, green tea contains no calories – it will actually speed up your metabolism and help increase the rate in which your body uses energy. Based on this research has shown that regular green tea drinkers are able to burn around 19 percent more fat, what’s more is even the caffeine levels in green tea assist in your weight loss mission. Lean, green and mean! Eating fruit and vegetables instead of snacking on sweets will see the pounds slide off in no time summertime. Fruit and veg do contain naturally occurring sugars so you will get all your energy from the right kind of place without the nasty sugar crash you can get from eating processed sugars. Follow these tips and you will be bikini body ready come summertime.

A champion’s breakfast

Eat a breakfast that is extremely high in proteins. Protein has been show to boost metabolism by around 80-100 calories a day! You can get protein from food such as beef, chicken, salmon, trout and eggs. If you are eating eggs – eat them whole with the yolk. Another incredible benefit of eating protein is it is believed to reduce cravings and obsessive thoughts surrounding food. After all – part of the weight loss battle will take place in your head, when we change our diet we crave foods we no longer eat. High protein and low carbs at breakfast will have you on the path to success!

weight loss tips

In summary

It is easy to see how making just a few small changes to our diets, how we view food and our attitude to exercise can have an amazing effect on our overall health. When our physical health improves – as does our mental health – this is down to us feeling generally healthier and more confident in our own skin. Providing you are wanting to lose weight for the right reasons you should feel fulfilled and like you have achieved something – you’ll be fighting fit and ready to take on any challenges the world may throw at you!

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