It’s not that Personal – How to stop Overthinking Everything

Are you an over thinker? Do you take everything personal, even when that wasn’t the intention? Don’t worry, a lot of us are guilty of over thinking and it can have a disastrous effect on our physical and mental health. Is there anything that we can do to deal with our over active imaginations? In short yes – but first of all let’s have a look at why people may over think a situation or an event that has happened to them.

how to stop over thinking

Why do we over think things?

Now as with most things the reasoning behind our nature to over think a situation will vary from person to person, it is thought that we may over think for any number of reasons – or maybe even a combination of one or more things. Most people over think because they are worried about the outcome of an event, some people will over think because they are unable to prioritise between the things they have going on in their busy lives. Maybe you feel like you would change something that happened in your life but are unable to do so – this can lead to you playing out the situation over and over again in your head. People also over think when they feel they have failed or cannot accept the truth about something no matter what the reality. Either way over thinking is something that can consume a person and make any anxiety’s they may have much worse.

One thing that we need to understand is that the majority of the time it’s not meant to be a personal attack, sounds easy for us to say, doesn’t it? But trying to detach ourselves from a situation when it isn’t personal is a good thing to do. It allows you space to think clearly and overcome any issues you may have and move forwards with a solution – when we believe everything is personal it can leave you feeling deflated, unenthusiastic and unable to solve a problem. Taking everything personally can be exhausting, but it is possible over time to change our mentalities and look at the situation that faces us from a more positive stand point.

how to stop over thinking

So what can be done if we over think everything?

You have a number of options available to you, over thinkers tend to quite empathetic people so understanding why you over think is the first thing you will need to do before you address how you can manage this behaviour.

Thought process and triggers

Think back to the last situation that made you think too much, then the one before that. Is there a pattern emerging? If there is you may be able to spot certain triggers or thought processes that make you over think. From here you can manage or where possible avoid these situations all together. Learning what triggers us is one of the best ways we can manage our feelings and emotions.

Organise your life

Sometimes we over think due to our life feeling out of control – you can limit this feeling by getting your house in order. If you have outstanding jobs that need finishing – whether this be at home or at work, try to set a time frame to complete them and stick to it. Tie up all those needless loose end that hang over your head, you will feel much better for it, after all, you can’t over think something when it no longer causes you an issue. Minimise the things that overwhelm you, break larger tasks into small manageable jobs that you feel you can get done, it will all add up. When you need to , take a short break – it will help keep you calm and in control.

how to stop over thinking

Get out more

For those of you not crippled by your over thinking and anxiety’s it may be a good idea to become more active, a brisk walk around the local park will do you the world of good – with a fresh, clear head and all those feel good chemicals being released introducing exercise into your routine is an amazing way to deal with your mind and its constant over thinking! A few other benefits from getting outside and enjoying your surroundings are a healthier happier you, increased blood flow and circulation. You will also notice changes in your appearance and feel more comfortable in your own skin. People who exercise tend to have better quality of life overall.

By taking into account that this will take a while – you may be able to re-programme your brain and begin to stop over thinking every situation. If you are struggling talk to a health professional about what can be done, you may need medication or counselling if self-management has failed in the past. Take small steps towards your end goal and don’t beat yourself up too much if things don’t always go to plan. You will get there in the end! Over thinking can have untold effects on your health so as soon as you recognise an issue, do your very best to address it.

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