Does smoking harm your penis?

Negative Effect Smoking on Penis

As an ex-smoker, I get it. During my years as a smoker I loved the first morning cigarette with a strong coffee after breakfast. However, as I got older I saw the effect that smoking had on my grandmother, after smoking just seven cigarettes a day, she sadly passed away after contracting lung cancer.
I’m not here to lecture you, your smoking habits are your business. However, the reasoning behind the choice of article is to provide you with an unbiased account of the effect that smoking may have on your penis.

The effect of smoking on your penis

It will come of no surprise to learn that smoking seriously damages your overall health. After all, health warnings are emblazoned on all cigarette packaging and tobacco products sold in the UK. According to the experts, smoking cigarettes can damage just about every part of your body. The numerous chemicals found in cigarette smoke harm the lining of your blood vessels and impair their ability to function. Therefore, it’s hardly surprising that since smoking can damage your blood vessels, your heart, brain, kidneys, and other tissues throughout the body, it may also have a negative effect on your ability to achieve and maintain an erection.
The damage caused by smoking to your penis is caused by the effect of cigarette chemicals on the blood vessels in the penis. As you may know, an erection is a result of the blood chambers in the penis expanding and filling with blood after receiving signals of arousal from the brain. Erectile dysfunction is often caused by poor arterial blood supply to the penis. Despite feeling arousal and sending signals to the penis, a poor supply of blood means that you may find it difficult to achieve an erection. For younger men, the most common cause of for erectile dysfunction is smoking. That’s not to say that erectile dysfunction isn’t caused by other factors. However, experts claim that this is the most common cause. For those who worry that they have caused permanent damage to their penis, try not to worry because I do have some good news.
The sooner you take charge of erectile dysfunction, the sooner you can work towards finding a solution to reverse it. Erection problems are very common and may be treatable with specialist help. You may find it embarrassing, but seeking advice from your GP and seeking a referral may help to pinpoint the cause of the problem and help to pinpoint an effective remedy. It is also highly likely that you will be advised to give up smoking as quitting can help to reverse some of the damage caused.

Can vaping cause erectile dysfunction?

Electronic cigarettes are a battery powered device that is often thought to offer a better alternative to cigarette smoking because they do not contain tobacco. However, because vaping is still a very new habit, there are no long term studies available that can document the harm caused by vaping or the effect that vaping has on the penis. According to some experts, there is little evidence to show that vaping causes erectile dysfunction. However, many vaping juices do contain a chemical called nicotine which has been repeatedly shown to impair your ability to maintain an erection after long term use. Therefore, it is possible that studies in the future may conclude that vaping can contribute to erectile dysfunction.

Reverse erectile dysfunction naturally

In order to achieve an erection, there are two chambers inside your penis that fill up with blood when your brain sends sexual arousal signals. Erectile dysfunction or impotence, is characterised by your body’s inability to achieve an erection, or an erection is too weak to conclude a sexual encounter. For those suffering from impotence, there are several steps you can take to reverse erectile dysfunction without resorting to creams or medications.

Stop smoking

This may sound obvious. However, many people don’t realise that stopping smoking can actually reverse erectile dysfunction. Stopping smoking leads to increased blood flow to the penis, the result of this is stronger and longer lasting erections. Stopping smoking can also lead to more energy and better stamina, which is ideal for those who want to become a stallion between the sheets again.
Use a penis pump to help achieve and maintain an erection
A penis pump, like the Bathmate Hydromax X30 works by using water rather than air pressure to gently draw blood into the penis. An air tight cylinder is placed over the shaft of the penis and hand compressed to create suction. As you relax, the penis will start to become engorged and erect. Experts recommend that you stop pumping after 10 to 15minutes. However, you can use a Bathmate power ring after use to ensure that you maintain your erection for even longer. As with all sex aids, it is recommended that you practice with the products before use so that you can really get to grips with the product before the big event.

Avoid drugs and alcohol

Drugs and alcohol are renowned for their ability to affect the body parts responsible for getting an erection. Giving them up before getting down and dirty may help you to produce a stronger and longer lasting erection.
Experiment with sex toys
Sex toys aren’t just for women. Experimenting with sex toys can help you to understand the needs of your body more whilst others, such as a penis pump or a cock ring, can help you to obtain an erection and stay erect. For those who struggle with premature ejaculation, a penis sleeve can help to build stamina in the bedroom and improve your staying power.

Try relaxation techniques

Sexual arousal begins with the mind. If you’re anxious, stressed or nervous, this can result in an inability to achieve an erection. If this is happening a lot, speak to your GP and ask them to refer you for some help. In the meantime, try relaxation techniques such as meditation, listening to music or even taking more walks to clear your mind. Speak to friends and family about the day to day issues bothering you instead of letting things bottle up as this can help to reduce stress.

Lose excess weight

Excess weight puts a lot of pressure on your body and can lead to many debilitating health conditions. Men carrying excess weight are also more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction. However, studies have shown that losing excess weight can reverse erectile dysfunction.

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