Dealing with Anxiety

Have you felt stressed, uneasy and anxious recently? Maybe you are suffering with anxiety? It is a one of the most common mental diseases of 21st century. Life gets faster and faster every day, we do not have enough time for sleep, socialising, eating properly and having time for our favourite hobby. If we do not have harmony between our work and private life, one day anxiety may paralyse us and it may be hard to get rid of those bad thoughts.

It can be caused because of many reasons – from stress at work, lack of sleeping, unhealthy diet to childhood experiences, emotional and mental issues. Anxiety is a feeling of turmoil and thoughts of bad experiences that may not even happen, it is not only external but also internal. A person who suffers from anxiety is nervous, overreacts, paces back and forth or even suffers from somatic problems like stomach ache or headache and lack of concentration. If those things happen regularly, we are talking about anxiety disorder that needs to be consulted with a doctor. There are many different types of anxiety like existential anxiety, somatic anxiety and social anxiety. Anxiety is a very common disease, especially, among people who suffer from panic disorders or OCD. What can cause anxiety? Sometimes it is a genetic issue but can also be happening because of alcohol, caffeine, drug abuse etc.

dealing with anxiety

How to deal with anxiety?

Meditation works well for people who suffer from anxiety. First of all you will need to focus on a one object that will represent your anxiety. The next step is to define your anxiety in your head and objectively explain it to yourself – why it makes you so anxious – visualize and get rid of the drama. The most important thing is to understand how to move on from things that make you feel anxious. Try to breath regularly and mindful and concentrate on the positive aspects of your life.

Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)

Generally speaking, this is a talking therapy that helps people with dealing with anxiety. The therapy focuses on interconnection between your thought, emotions, feelings, experiences, experiences from the past and also your childhood. The main concept of the therapy is to overwhelm the problem and find the deep reason of the anxiety. It helps not only with anxiety, but also panic related disorders and things like OCD. The therapy includes about 20 sessions that last for between 30 to 60 minutes, usually once or twice a week. CBT also has some disadvantages. Firstly, you need to commit to the process and admit that you have that problem. Sometimes, you will feel a bit uncomfortable because of the fact that you talk about your feelings with a person you don’t know. All in all, it is one of the most helpful therapies and has proven to be very successful for lots of people.

dealing with anxiety


If you have been diagnosed with anxiety, your therapist or health professional may prescribe you with some medication. Anxiety medication is divided into two different kinds – long term and short term basis. Everything depends on the kind of anxiety you suffer with – you may need medicine for physical symptoms or psychological ones. During the therapy, you have to visit your doctor once every 3 month (2 times a month at the beginning). You may suffer from variety of side effects such as:

• diarrhoea
• dry mouth
• being sick
• dizziness
• headaches
• sweating
• low sex drive


This is another form of anxiety treatment. It focuses on the conversation between you and your counsellor. It helps you with understanding what causes your anxiety and what the main trigger is, teaching you how to cooperate with anxiety and how to deal with it.

dealing with anxiety

Once you are aware and accept you need to be helped, you will begin to understand that your anxiety can be treated. First steps that you can take in your life are simple and do not need any medication: get rid of cigarettes, alcohol, and unhealthy food. Go for a walk, meet your friends, go to the swimming pool, do not go to bed late and sleep at least 7 hours – 8 if possible. Do not start your day off by checking your smart phone – it causes stress and anxiety. Instead of watching TV, try to read a book or interesting articles, get rid of people who make you feel bad – toxic relationships only add to that anxious feeling you may have.

It is possible to overcome your anxiety issues with the right approach – discuss your options with your GP and find a way to move forward. Choose the option you feel will best work for you and if it fails try not to be too disheartened – try again using a different method.

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