12 Ways to be More Positive

‘Be more positive’ – we hear this a lot from people who are around us, especially when something is bothering us and it is supposed to act as some sort of magic remedy for our bad mood. So, is it really that easy to be positive? Is this something that you can learn or can you just turn off your worries and problems and not think about them anymore? Pessimism, as research shows, affects not only our thoughts but also our bodies. This article presents you with twelve simple ways that you can improve the quality of your life and help you to become more positive. Before we get to the merits, one has to ask the question: what is being positive?

Being positive is focusing on your actions, pursuing your goals, living in peace and harmony with yourself and accepting yourself and sending good energy out into the world. The process of becoming positive and implementing habits that will make it easier for us is actually not that difficult once we begin to train our minds to behave differently, by taking this one step at a time you will be closer to your goal in no time!

Here are 12 positive habits to teach yourself now

12 ways to be positive


You will feel better immediately and it costs nothing! The only side effects is a ripple of happiness that you are sharing with the world. The smile triggers positive associations among people and also releases the hormone of happiness known as endorphins. In addition, we look younger and our interactions with other people become much more positive.


Nowadays, we are hearing that more and more people are suffering from chronic sleep syndrome, which causes a decrease in well-being and an increase anxiety and feeling blue. The right dose of sleep should allow you to have a positive look at yourself and your life. Sleep is soothing and regenerating, which unfortunately has been forgotten. Research indicates that 7-8 hours of sleep is enough for our body to recover and prepare us for the day ahead.


When we reach for the phone right after waking up, our stress level’s increases rapidly and, unfortunately, the rest of the day passes with this same attitude. It disturbs our inner peace and is also very destructive. A better solution is opening the window and breathing in fresh air, drinking a glass of water with lemon or walking in the countryside. This positive habit plays a big role in our lives and in addition it is also worth watching less TV or spending less time browsing facebook because it can kill your positivity and waste precious time – instead of why not train your brain and do something creative?

12 ways to be positive


It is not about winning the triathlon or the New York City Marathon, but to start the day in the right way with some in house exercise! Try push ups or squats, running on the spot or stretching. A positive mind also finds its source in yoga, which exercises not only our bodies but also our minds. Instead of switching on the phone immediately after waking up, do a series of your favourite exercises – it will make you feel positive and taking care of your body will also give you confidence. It is also worth thinking about visiting the gym or participating in sports activities, it is associated not only with a positive impact on our psyche, but allows you to meet new friends and get to know yourself better.


It sounds quite simple but there are many things that we blame ourselves for and it does not allow us to be happy, positive people. Reconcile with things and people that you cannot change, also with what happened, with what others say about you and with the fact that it is not the end of the world that you may not be able to do something. We learn from our mistakes and your collection of life experiences is and can be beautiful with the right outlook. That’s how positive people think, they always focus on the pros of every situation. Think that your glass is half-full not half-empty.

12 ways to be positive


We often meet people boasting that they do not eat meat or carbohydrates or have just started a new crazy diet. We live to taste life and not to deny ourselves of everything. Diet is not a period of time but a lifestyle. Eat what you like and combine it with the proper amount of physical activity. Denying yourself your favourite dishes has a bad effect on your mental health and does not allow you to live positively. Eat a piece of chocolate if you want to – it releases endorphins and makes you see the world in a more positive way. Try to cook something from your own recipe or cook something that you always wanted to try! Food is amazing just remember to enjoy things in moderation…


Make yourself a morning ritual that will make you feel special. It can be an aromatic coffee, a walk, working out, a few pages of your favourite book, a tasty breakfast or even a warm bath. Your day will be much better and your positive mental attitude will allow you to enjoy life even more.


Personal development is one of the most important factors affecting our positive mind attitude. Reading the best books, learning to play an instrument, learning a foreign language, exploring the secrets of a new cuisine gives you a reason to be proud of yourself. It makes us positive and thus we discover that spending time creatively only benefits us. One of the parts of the famous Maslov’s pyramid is personal development means that you are taking care of one of your basic needs.


Don’t be too hard on yourself, we all have bad days. Take a look at went wrong, analyse it and move on. If you keep telling yourself you are bad at something or always get it wrong this can have a really bad affect on you mental health. Tell yourself something enough and you start to believe it. Positive people learn to let go of things they can not change and move forward from the past.

12 ways to be positive


The key to being positive is to enjoy the small things in life such as taking photos, the smell of a quarter-pounder, the sun or the birds singing. People with a positive mind are happy because of the little details that give them pleasure. When you think this was you will be ready to celebrate great successes and enjoy life.


It is not about getting rid of toxins from the body but about getting rid of toxic friends. It is difficult to finish friendships or relationships if you really care for them but try to answer the question. Are you the only one who is taking care of this friendship? Does it affect you destructively? After meeting, do you feel worse and without energy? If so, it’s time to get rid of toxic people from your social circle. Your mind will be very appreciative and start to be positive and clean.


Saying no when someone else’s request is beyond your abilities is just fine. Very often, people react badly to our refusal and consider it malicious. Nothing could be further from the truth. Refusing something because it violates your space is healthy and makes you take more care of yourself. It is an example of a positive mental attitude – taking care of yourself and your space is making you more confident and positive and in turn happier.

To sum it up, do not put off being more positive until Monday you can start implementing these small changes in your life today. Try the aforementioned 12 positive habits to get your mind in a more positive space!


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