Ten of the Best: Top Ten Pleasure Products of 2019

2019 was a huge year for Bathmate. Not only are our award-winning hydro pumps still flying off the shelves worldwide but we also launched Bathmate Pleasure, an incredible new range of powerful sex toys and sex essentials. Now that the year is ending, we wanted to spend a little time reflecting on our best sex toys and pleasure products of 2019.

Hang onto your hat’s folks, it’s going to be a bumpy ride!

Bathmate pleasure

Bathmate VIBE Training plugs

With three stages to choose from, the Bathmate VIBE Training plugs were the perfect beginners butt plug this year. The set provides graduated body safe plugs with tapered tips for easy insertion and combine it with a firm bulb, so it applies the perfect pressure on the prostate or against the vaginal walls. The VIBE bullet can be slipped easily into the ring of the butt plug so you can up the ante and experience some much coveted anal stimulation. Choose from ten customisable vibration patterns. Once you become accustomed to one of the lower training plugs, you can upgrade to a much bigger size.

Bathmate Pleasure Lube Travel Packs

Travel in style and never get caught short with the Bathmate Pleasure Lube Travel Packs. This condom friendly lube is conveniently packed into a tear open sachet so was the perfect travelling companion for those on the go in 2019. These convenient sachets are also wallet sized so they can be slipped into your pocket before a big night out. This lube is suitable for anal and vaginal sex and the gentle water-based formula is safe to use with most of your favourite sex toys.

Bathmate HydroVibe

Our Bathmate cock pumps are world leaders in that they consistently deliver the best results for those seeking a firmer, harder cock. But just because your penis has been enjoying intense workouts this year, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have a little fun whilst you pump. Attaching easily to your Bathmate Hydro pump, the HydroVibe stimulates the water inside the pump, which in turn bubbles deliciously against the shaft. As the water strokes you to an amazing climax, you benefit from increased blood flow to the penis, powerful endorphins and a more enjoyable workout. As with all Bathmate VIBE’s, choose from ten speeds of pure pleasure.

Bathmate pleasure

Bathmate Anal Toy Wipes

Keeping your anal sex toys as clean as a whistle was easy in 2019 with the Bathmate Anal Toy Wipes. Each pack contains six easy to use wipes that simply glide over your anal sex toys and remove any residual bacteria from play. Our wipes are completely skin safe, compatible with most sex toys and free from alcohol and parabens. The convenient carry pack is great for those who love to travel!

Bathmate VIBE

Small but mighty, the Bathmate VIBE is a unisex sex toy that delivers powerful pinpoint stimulation at the touch of a button. USB charged, there are no frantic searches for batteries or unfortunate let downs with this pocket rocket. Ten modes of vibration caress you to an incredible climax whilst the soft purr of the VIBE is ultra-discreet. The Bathmate VIBE is also compatible with lots of our other Bathmate Pleasure Products so it’s the perfect product to add to your 2019 sex toy collection.

Bathmate Prostate VIBE

2019 has certainly been the year of the prostate at Bathmate. Our hugely popular Bathmate Prostate VIBE promised superior prostate massage and toe curling perineum stimulation. According to customer feedback, this is a product that certainly delivered what was promised. Powered by ten speeds of customisable pleasure, this waterproof prostate massager can be used by both beginners and experts alike. For best results, pair the Bathmate Prostate VIBE with the Bathmate Anal Lube.

Bathmate HydroXtreme Pumps

It goes without saying that the world’s best-selling Bathmate hydro pumps are amongst our favourite pleasure products of 2019. However, we think that the Bathmate HydroXtreme3 Pump is a product worthy of a special mention. Specifically designed to help increase the size of a micro penis, the Bathmate HydroXtreme3 has been created for those with an erect penis size of 3 inches and under. This cock pump ensures that each user benefits from the same maximum pressure that those using a correct sized pump enjoy. As with all bathmate Hydro pumps, regular pumping can help you achieve permanent gains to the size and girth of your penis. The Bathmate HydroXtreme3 Pump comes with a carry case, measuring gauge and loads of useful accessories.

Bathmate pleasure

Bathmate Hydrorocket Douche

Maximising personal hygiene this year was easy with Bathmate Hydrorocket Douche. Simply fill the douche with warm water, place on a flat surface and give it a gentle squeeze. As you enjoy the sensation of a deep internal clean, you become fully prepared for mess free anal sex or prostate massage. If you prefer, attach the Bathmate Hydrorocket to a suction cup hanger to ensure that it stays right where you want it to. After use, the detachable nozzle can be washed out to eradicate any hidden nasties.

Bathmate Anal Lube

Because the anus and anal cavity are non-lubricating, getting the right kind of lubricant is extremely important. The Bathmate Anal Lube is a lubricant that is thicker than a standard lube, so it provides a cushioning effect and increases comfort during anal sex. Because the formula is water-based, it is kind to the skin and safe to use with condoms and all different types of sex toys. A handy pump bottle eliminates wastage, so you certainly get more for your money with this product.

Bathmate Control

Lots of people want to last longer in bed, but not everybody wanted to use pills or numbing creams to delay orgasm. Unlike other delay creams, Bathmate Control doesn’t remove all sensation. The gel formula simply tones it down slightly so you still experience great pleasure, but you have more staying power between the sheets. With an all natural formula, Bathmate Control is kind to skin and safe to use with condoms. For best results, apply 30 minutes before play and experience results lasting up to four hours!

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