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Using your Bathmate

Using your Bathmate

Do I need to clean my Bathmate?

The short answer is yes. We take penis health very seriously. Part of improving your penis health through using Bathmate is ensuring you maintain your

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Using your Bathmate

How do I use my Bathmate?

Using your Bathmate should be a straight-forward and even a pleasurable experience for many. Find out more on how to use your Bathmate and achieve

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Using your Bathmate

If I order a Bathmate does it come with a Handball?

The handball is included in the Xtreme accessory bundle that comes with every Hydropump in the Xtreme series. Please note the Handball is not compatible

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Using your Bathmate

How do I register my P.I.D?

To register your P.I.D visit and follow the instructions this activates your 2 year manufacturers warranty.

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Using your Bathmate

What is a P.I.D?

P.I.D is a personal identification number found on the sticker of a genuine Bathmate Hydropump.

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